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FOOD Shortages England

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Bea65 Wed 25-Aug-21 18:47:57

Having just been to 2/3 named supermarkets..we do seem to have empty shelves...perhaps inner Cities are more affected.. idid post a British Spuds thread as the potatoes were in date but had tocut away most of this Brexit/shortfall of drivers/pandemic...seems we are seeing fallout in big cities

tippytipsy Thu 26-Aug-21 06:57:49

In an emergency Shandy you could try shredding paper for a substitute cat litter. Or even shovel in soil from the garden.

M0nica Thu 26-Aug-21 07:05:41

It's all those immigrants that everyone wanted to go home after Brexit - they went home - and now look at the mess we are in.

Calendargirl Thu 26-Aug-21 07:07:46

Tinned tomatoes might be short as someone I know who has a home there (Spain) says the tomatoes have suffered with blight or similar disease, and consequently poor crops.

Curlywhirly Thu 26-Aug-21 07:12:33


It's all those immigrants that everyone wanted to go home after Brexit - they went home - and now look at the mess we are in.

Exactly. What a complete mess.

Katie59 Thu 26-Aug-21 07:19:56

Migrant labour leaving has left lots of gaps in the workforce, the government expected UK workers to fill the gaps. In many cases the work is simply refused as in the case of harvest workers. For truck drivers, training is not quick or easy, forget under 21s or anyone with a poor driving record you can’t get insured, that reduces numbers greatly.

Granmarderby10 Thu 26-Aug-21 07:21:33

I’ve been noticing shortages at shops like Wilkos hardwear since the first lockdown. What ever the cause was then it is still affecting stock. I’ve looked at cookwear /pans/washing up wear and the choice just is not there but they haven’t bothered to leave a message on the shelves or put one over the tannoy to explain/ or apologise for the gaps. Seems like they don’t care so I go elsewhere.

Maudi Thu 26-Aug-21 07:34:01

No shortages of fruit and veg in Cheshire went to Aldi and Lidl in fact lots of UK produce which pleased me because I always try and buy British. Did notice a few gaps in the freezer section but as I don't eat meat or poultry only fish now and again not a problem. Also went shopping with my daughter to Waitrose no gaps there, lots of stuff reduced as well.

Maudi Thu 26-Aug-21 07:35:56

M6 motorway jammed with lorries.

Lincslass Thu 26-Aug-21 07:39:47


It seems there are also worrying shortages of medicines in some areas.

I'm noticing most of our supermarkets have smaller quantities of items rather than actual gaps, although the cat food shortage is still evident. Aldi has been short of tinned tomatoes and when I looked at the green beans there yesterday (which were British rather than Kenyan) they were very sad specimens with badly marked skins. It suggested problems with harvesting them as well as transporting them.

Found some lovely British runner beans in Tesco yesterday, fresh and not soft. Dobby beans as well but prefer runner beans. Plenty of tomatoes, tinned as well as fresh. Some spaces on shelves, mushy peas there were non.

Jillyjosie Thu 26-Aug-21 07:48:18

I live in a small town on the edge of the Cotswolds, all three major supermarkets showing lots of empty shelves. I noticed yesterday the big gaps in the veg section and cat food has become a serious problem.

I second Monica, some wanted to get rid of 'all those immigrants' and now look where we are. It was predicted!

M0nica Thu 26-Aug-21 07:49:24

For the last month Waitrose has been devoid of own brand salad cream. We have been reduced to buying Heinz, too thin, too green in colour and too vinegary.

Whether this is due to a lack of lorry drivers, factory workers, farm workers or COVID I have no idea.

teabagwoman Thu 26-Aug-21 07:52:31

Having to have flexible menus here in Northants but no great shortages so far. Christmas may be “interesting” but I’m going to put my head in the sand for a bit longer.

I suspect a lot of overlooked workers, like lorry drivers and care workers, are going to be much more appreciated now and about time.

Beckett Thu 26-Aug-21 07:57:20

The only empty shelves at my local Sainsburys are for snacks (crisps etc.). Plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, loo rolls, kitchen rolls etc. I wonder if some shops are deliberately holding back stock so they can say there is a shortage and raise the prices

Jaxjacky Thu 26-Aug-21 08:25:25

My friend, who’s a butcher, told me yesterday both the Polish and Italian suppliers they use are concerned they’ll be left with surplus stock as they can’t arrange transport to the UK.

Gwyneth Thu 26-Aug-21 08:32:22

Haven’t noticed any shortages here so far in the North East. I just hope people don’t start stock piling again. I remember seeing photos of all the food that was thrown away. Awful waste.

Granmarderby10 Thu 26-Aug-21 08:35:17

Lincslass ? mushy peas…could be time to hunt down those dried ones and put them in to soak. ? I wonder if they can be frozen? After cooking I mean.

Mapleleaf Thu 26-Aug-21 08:36:37

Seems like some people are trying to start panic buying off again. There was a similar thread recently. Just stop it.

lemongrove Thu 26-Aug-21 08:43:23


Doodledog Should we give our suggestions on what to do with your Turnips?


lemongrove Thu 26-Aug-21 08:44:21


Seems like some people are trying to start panic buying off again. There was a similar thread recently. Just stop it.

I agree.... but appealing to people’s better instincts rarely works.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 26-Aug-21 08:46:46

I’ve been finding mushrooms are scarce at Tesco lately, sometimes none at all. Frozen peas too. I must try looking for turnips once Doodledog’s book has been published. Perhaps she will let us know where we might buy signed copies. I’m sure a signed first edition will be a terrific investment.

glammanana Thu 26-Aug-21 08:48:09

I wonder how many people still have stocks of toilet paper after the the last episode of panic buying ?

lemongrove Thu 26-Aug-21 08:48:24

Mawbe ? thanks, that pic gave me a laugh!

GrannyGravy13 Thu 26-Aug-21 08:52:34

I went to a big Sainsbury’s yesterday (Essex) there were a few sparsely stocked shelves, the reasons given were staff holidays and staff isolating.

Germanshepherdsmum several varieties of mushrooms and frozen peas were available.

Panic buying will lead to a free for all in the shops and as usual it will be those on low incomes (hand-to-mouth) who will suffer, whilst the I’m alright Jacks rub their hands in glee admiring their stocked cupboards and freezers, disgusting on all levels.

Mapleleaf Thu 26-Aug-21 08:58:51

You’re probably right, lemongrove. I just get so frustrated by unnecessary stirring, I suppose. It seems rampant these days in so many areas. Certain people just love doing it, don’t they, and among the main culprits are certain elements of the media and social media.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 26-Aug-21 09:03:05

Agree Mapleleaf and lemongrove