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Best Sausages.

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Lilypops Sat 02-Oct-21 18:02:02

Recommendations please for decent sausages. The ones we have had lately are tasteless , or got very thick skins. , which ones have you liked. ?

Aldom Sat 02-Oct-21 22:10:40


I avoid sausages apart from maybe once or twice a year. They are full of chemicals and offal not fit for human consumption

Not the sausages I recommended!

lemongrove Sat 02-Oct-21 22:39:56

After trying loads of different ones, we have opted for Jolly Hog, they really are good.

Lilypops Sat 02-Oct-21 23:04:22

Thankyou sausage connoisseurs. I will give some of these a try. Didn’t like Richmond. They had no taste at all and very light inside. Morrison’s had tough skins.
Our local butcher used to make his own pork sausages they were delicious but he retired and closed his shop

Saimon1232 Sun 17-Oct-21 18:21:59

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humptydumpty Sun 17-Oct-21 18:25:30

NotSpaghetti as a fellow vegetarian I'd be very happy to hear your recommendations!

MissAdventure Sun 17-Oct-21 18:25:56

I used to smoke cigarettes every day.
Sausages must be hard to light up?

TerriBull Sun 17-Oct-21 18:26:11

I like Waitrose Chorizo sausages. I like spicy sausages, so love Merguez but haven't had them for ages.

Floriel Sun 17-Oct-21 18:30:48

Musks Newmarket are just the best I've ever had, but unfortunately you can't get them everywhere. They do a mail order service but you have to buy quite a lot. Might be worth it for Christmas though and they do freeze well.

Wheniwasyourage Sun 17-Oct-21 18:33:02

The trouble with sausages made by a butcher (at least those around here) is that they are not all the same size, which can cause problems when sharing them out! Our only supermarket is Tesco, and I get Heck 97% pork ones there. If there are none, I would get Tesco's Finest ones.

Curlywhirly Sun 17-Oct-21 19:33:21

Love sausages, and yes I know they are not good for you, but if eaten in moderation, I can't see the problem ?. We have tried all sorts, but our favourite are Asda (yes, better than M and S, Sainsburys and our local burchers); they are from the Extra Special range (2 packs for £4.00) and are really meaty. They have various flavours, but the Cumberland and Lincolnshire ones are the best.

Eviebeanz Sun 17-Oct-21 19:42:06

Everyone in our house loves Richmond meat free sausages although we have never been keen on any other type of Richmond sausages.

LadyGracie Sun 17-Oct-21 19:42:56

Sainsbury pork or Cumberland. No lumps.

MissAdventure Sun 17-Oct-21 19:43:44

I eat those too.

MissAdventure Sun 17-Oct-21 19:44:30

I meant the Richmond meat free.

Redhead56 Sun 17-Oct-21 20:20:20

I am not a fan of sausages but I bought Asda extra special leek cheddar and red pepper. They are gluten free no grisly bits thin skin my DH loves them baked in the oven.

Granmarderby10 Wed 20-Oct-21 16:03:58

Co-op chipolata sausages.
Nice and smooth and just right for a breakfast sandwich with (optional but recommended) fresh finger rolls from our bakers shop + HP of course ?

timetogo2016 Thu 28-Oct-21 10:41:11

Local butchers in Penkridge,he`s on the main road opposite a very old pub/Heck and Aldi`s low fat are really nice too.