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grannyrebel7 Sun 03-Apr-22 15:39:44

I want to make a cake for my DS's birthday when he visits next weekend. I'm not very adventurous in the kitchen and haven't made a cake for about 10 years. Any suggestions for something quick & easy please?

Teacheranne Sun 03-Apr-22 16:49:09

Mary Berry lemon drizzle tray bake - very easy recipe and delicious! The only tricky bit is drizzling the syrup on once it is cooked as it runs off the cake so you need to put a tray underneath the cooling rack to catch it and pour over again.

H1954 Sun 03-Apr-22 16:53:04

Mary Berry vistoria sandwich............everything into the mixing bowl, beat for two minutes and it's ready for baking. Jam and cream in the middle and a dusting of icing sugar......what's not to love!

lixy Sun 03-Apr-22 16:53:51

I dress up a sponge with raspberries or other favourite fruits between the layers. Seems to disappear quite fast so must be OK!
Would also vote for a Mary Berry recipe. There are lots available online and her recipes are reliable.

Urmstongran Sun 03-Apr-22 16:54:17

Something like this? A traditional Victoria Sandwich.
I wish I could bake.
Just imagine - no preservatives, just butter, eggs etc.

If I ever fancy a slice of cake I get one from one of our local cafes. One guy has delicious cake on display - he told me his aunt bakes them (not many) and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

toscalily Sun 03-Apr-22 16:59:27

Regarding the lemon drizzle if you line the cake tin with baking paper you can drizzle the syrup over the cake in the tin, easier to lift out with the paper and then cut into squares/oblongs, less messy. Any of the cakes using the all in one method are quick & simple, make as a tray bake or in two sandwich tins, use his favourite flavour and decorate accordingly with some bought decorations.

PECS Sun 03-Apr-22 17:01:17

Look up Ottolenghi's Almond & Orange cake... my go to fail safe cake.

mumofmadboys Sun 03-Apr-22 17:03:45

Mary Berry boiled fruit cake always good

Grayling Sun 03-Apr-22 17:10:46

This cake is a favourite with my family. The easy bit is that ALL the ingredients go in a large bowl and are mixed with electric mixer and the icing requires no effort - just pour it over. I sandwich it with buttercream icing and a layer of raspberries and decorate the top with raspberries. It is quite rich but that's why it tastes so good!!

Esmay Sun 03-Apr-22 17:36:16

All the Mary Berry recipes are great I've had some failures from Nigella .

Betty Crocker is good too and my all time cheat - a Victoria Sponge from Iceland opened and stuffed with strawberries and raspberries - same as lixy's idea !

I decorated the top with sieved icing sugar sieved over a dolley .

No one guessed .
I hid the packet .
Reminded me of those Birds Eye Chicken pie ads from years ago .

Visgir1 Sun 03-Apr-22 17:56:31


Mary Berry boiled fruit cake always good

Yes.. Boiled fruit cake foolproof.

grandMattie Sun 03-Apr-22 17:57:31

Mary Berry uses the all-in-one method for most of her cakes. Very easy…

Daisymae Sun 03-Apr-22 19:17:14

I have an old recipe for Mary Berry's lemon drizzle and it says to pour the lemon juice and sugar while the cake is in the tin. Saves any drips!

grannyrebel7 Mon 04-Apr-22 18:56:22

Thanks for all the suggestions - think I may go with the Victoria sponge.

Shandy57 Mon 04-Apr-22 18:59:23

I was just going to say lemon, both my late husband and son always loved it.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 04-Apr-22 19:00:02

Mary Berry chocolate fudge cake………delicious.

arya12151 Tue 12-Apr-22 09:57:47

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Shandy57 Tue 12-Apr-22 19:28:10

What did you make? My son now likes Victoria sponge, apparently!

CanadianGran Tue 12-Apr-22 19:47:44

Yes, always eager to hear results...hope it turned out nicely.

annodomini Tue 12-Apr-22 20:12:49

It depends on your DS's tastes. My DS2 is vegan, so it's risky to bake for him; the other DS is a qualified chef (though otherwise employed now) so it would be a waste of time to cook for him. When they were kids, I made my take on Black Forest gateau with chocolate victoria, black cherries and a little Kirsch.

arya12151 Thu 14-Apr-22 08:46:42

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arya12151 Thu 14-Apr-22 08:48:21

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JaneJudge Thu 14-Apr-22 08:50:16

victoria sponge is my favourite

Mapleleaf Fri 15-Apr-22 22:21:07

Goodness me, a message deleted on a thread about cakes. I can only imagine they were trying to advertise something!

Mapleleaf Fri 15-Apr-22 22:22:40

I hope whatever you decided to bake turned out well, grannyrebel7. Lots of good ideas were suggested 😁.