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Which sausage rolls are best?

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vickya Sun 08-May-22 11:55:00

From the like button posts I saw this and wondered as other person in the house has a sausage roll, heated in the oven, daily for breakfast which ones gransnetters like.

" the people who like Greggs Sausage rolls all support and agree with each other, and the people who think they are the work of the devil also support and agree with each other." by volver

For in house #1 has always been Greggs but we don't live near a shop and we get alternate deliveries each week from Morrisons and Tescos. One used to have Ginsters, which were apparently good but not as good as Greggs, and one had Walls, less good.

Then a while back Tescos Finest started their own and they were as good as Ginster, and then Morrisons got special best and they were as good as Ginsters too.

All those better than Walls and bottom, worse than Walls, were Asda finest. Greggs still are the best as the pastry is so fresh.

Lower even than Walls at the bottom are any Supermarket own except those mentioned. Prices vary and sometimes Ginsters were £1 and Finest etc more.

Also some packs have one big one, or 2 big ones, and then one is ok for breakfast, and some are 4 small ones in a pack. Then it takes 3 to make breakfast so you need 3 packs in the weekly delivery and some stored in the freezer, Ginsters from the Co-p on a walk, or or Russlers breakfast muffins or pancakes, which cost more.

Personally I have porridge smile And in sausage rolls it is the pastry I like best and filling not too strong a taste. Good pastry smells so nice.

SiobhanSharpe Sun 08-May-22 12:02:24

Sausage rolls for breakfast?? I'd have indigestion all day.
I can just about put up with one small one (plus a large drink) at a reception or party.
I might like them but they definitely don't like me.

Blossoming Sun 08-May-22 12:04:17

I’m afraid I seldom eat them, and usually only if part of a buffet. There is a bakers in Settle that sells the most wonderful sausage plait. I think they add sage and onion to the sausage meat.

vickya Sun 08-May-22 12:05:09

Siobhan, I quite like one for supper with potatoes and veg and often have a Linda McCartney one as I quite like the taste and one is low in Weightwatcher points. A nice Greggs is fine too, meat or vegan.

Mildmanneredgran Sun 08-May-22 12:06:31

Well, I haven't seen the original post, which makes my post kind of irrelevant, but my local butcher makes their own most absolutely wonderful sausage rolls, fresh and warm. All gone by 11.00am! I was brought up never to eat in the street (now there's another thread) but I have to say once or twice a sausage roll has actually not made it home .....

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 08-May-22 12:09:27

I like my own home-made! I always make a few dozen at Christmas.

travelsafar Sun 08-May-22 12:34:34

Homemade are best. It's so easy with ready made pastry. Nothing like the smell of them cooking and eating fresh from the oven. Only make at Xmas and special occasions. They always get eaten first!!! 😋😋

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 08-May-22 12:45:30

I make my own. Wouldn’t want one for breakfast.

Hellogirl1 Sun 08-May-22 12:51:51

We have a small bread and cake shop in town, I believe it`s part of a small chain, called Curtis`s, and their sausage rolls, made on the premises, are delicious, 5 small ones for £1.

Nanawind Sun 08-May-22 12:55:38

Our local newsagents have a small delivery each day of sausage rolls.
They are lovely not to much pastry, lots of filling.
If you are not in the shop buying by 8am they are all gone.
DH only gets a paper on a Saturday so we feel lucky if there is any left.
Agent won't order more and won't tell you where they are made.
It's the same with the pies.
But I can't imagine having one for breakfast. Maybe elevenses.

Sweetpeasue Sun 08-May-22 12:55:47

Home made with puff pastry definitely best, though I usually only make them at Christmas. DH loves Greggs (after mine, of course!) so for Greggs fans can I say that Iceland do oven ready Greggs ones to pop straight into oven.

volver Sun 08-May-22 12:58:01

I'm a vegetarian. Haven't eaten a sausage roll in 30 years. Macaroni pies, now...

Carry on.

vickya Sun 08-May-22 13:11:58

Sweetpeasue sadly our freezer is only half a fridge freezer so no room for many from Greggs. I think home made would b lovely but we are not able to do much cooking.

paddyann54 Sun 08-May-22 13:30:40

My late mum used to make cheese rissoles with macaroni cheese as the filling surrounded by a lovely crisp crumb .
I cant make them..I try every few years I think I wont let these beggers beat me BUT I never get them right .Always a bit dry or stodgy and once too far in the other direction when they were so wet they fell apart taking them out of thepan.
I wonder if they are something older grans on here might have a recipe for and pass on.
My own sausage rolls are great .by the way,but I try NOT to make them as they are the devils work when I'm on a diet

buffyfly9 Sun 08-May-22 13:36:43

Homemade is by far the best, I know it's just another job to do but if you make a big batch you can freeze them. I always make Delia Smith's Vegetarian sausage rolls out of her Christmas recipe book. Even meat eaters can't get enough of them when I put them on a plate! We have had Greggs vegan ones, they are ok and better than a lot of bought frozen ones. Otherwise buy all butter puff pastry, skin some good sausages and go from there. Yum.

Jaxjacky Sun 08-May-22 14:40:27

My friend makes the best with fenugreek seeds on the top and I’d eat one for breakfast, I’ve been known to eat leftover cold curry at breakfast time, a sausage roll would be a doddle.

Aveline Sun 08-May-22 15:04:12

M&S have a wonderful selection of sausage rolls of all kinds. I have to walk resolutely past them all as I love sausage rolls so much. They are the true food of the gods! 😋

Daddima Sun 08-May-22 15:04:39

This fellow does a lot of good taste tests -

Baggs Sun 08-May-22 15:13:28

According to Minibaggs in her teenage years: Greggs. Best in the World!

62Granny Sun 08-May-22 15:19:05

I know you said you didn't have a big freezer OP but you can buy a 4 pack of frozen uncooked Greggs sausage rolls in Iceland ( the supermarket not the place) haven't tried them or the unfrozen variety so can't comment on quality sorry. They cost £2.50 for a pack of 4

Serendipity22 Sun 08-May-22 16:28:54

Sausage roll/s for breakfast ! Errrr not for me, but each to their own... We are surrounded by Greggs so i have only eaten theirs BUT now i have discovered a wonderful, revolutionary thing called READY-MADE PASTRY, i am going to make my own.


Joseanne Sun 08-May-22 18:48:55

DH went to the Ginsters factory in Callington on business once. He is sure he remembers hearing that they made the pasties for M & S, so maybe the sausage rolls too.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 08-May-22 19:18:01

It's a life changer Serendipity. I cannot believe that I used to make my own pastry. Life is too short. No pun intended.

vickya Sun 08-May-22 19:33:43

The link

tested Greggs from Iceland and Aldi ones and Aldi were half the price and tasted and looked the same!

ShropshireMiss Sun 08-May-22 19:36:45

I like the freshly cooked one in the bag from the co-op bakery department.