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Cherry clafoutis

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Witzend Sun 21-May-23 11:05:52

Does anyone else love this? I first made it in France when there were masses of small red cherries* on BiL’s trees. Better with fat black ones, of course, but I’ve since made it with both tinned black cherries (well drained) and frozen ditto, which I found in Sainsbury’s.
Luscious fat black U.K. grown cherries are too good for cooking! And the season’s all too short.

*Too small to stone, so we had to teach ‘Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor…’ to nieces visiting from Singapore!

Blondiescot Sun 21-May-23 11:09:52

Oooh yes please!

NotSpaghetti Sun 21-May-23 11:16:06

Yes. I've never called it that though when I've made it as it's a "bung it" pudding here (if I have a lot of cherries ever). Have made similar with other fruit (more often than not, plums).
Also nice with almonds and/or madeira if no kirsch or rum.
I'd have called it "cherry pudding" or similar. It would of course never be quite the same twice!

Grandmabatty Sun 21-May-23 11:17:27

My mum used to make this a few years ago. Sadly she's not able anymore. I absolutely love it.

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 21-May-23 11:20:43

Oh my - yes please. I hadn't thought of using tinned cherries, but it's a great idea.

Vanillasky Sun 21-May-23 11:23:30

Mmmm j'adore 🍒
You can do it with raspberries too.

Witzend Sun 21-May-23 11:27:31

Some recipes I’ve seen include kirsch, but personally I prefer it without- just cherries and batter.

Siope Sun 21-May-23 11:27:32

I love clafoutis. I make a rhubarb version too.

NotSpaghetti Sun 21-May-23 11:30:40

Oooh rhubarb grin

BlueBelle Sun 21-May-23 11:33:26

Never heard of it it sounds very posh

Witzend Sun 21-May-23 12:07:53


Never heard of it it sounds very posh

Not posh at all, just a layer of cherries, with a simple batter mix on top, shove in the oven.

Redhead56 Sun 21-May-23 12:15:18

Matte Tebbits recipe with white chocolate sauce is delicious.

BlueBelle Sun 21-May-23 12:27:10

Never heard of cherries and batter mix either Witzend perhaps I m in the wrong part of the country is it prevalent somewhere ?
I ve not seen it on a menus or anything

MiniMoon Sun 21-May-23 12:29:08

I make it with blueberries. Cherry clafoutis is one of my favourite puddings.

Vanillasky Sun 21-May-23 12:31:08

It's from the Limousin area where cherries are grown in abundance. The batter is soggier than English batter.

Fleurpepper Sun 21-May-23 13:17:22

Love Clafoutis, my Godmother used to make it always when I visited. But I will only make it in season- when the black cherries are ripe and plentyful. For me, eating such things in season makes it so so special- and something to look forward to.

And no, not posh at all- simple peasant fare- where cherries abound. Can make it with soaked prunes too.

Vanillasky Sun 21-May-23 13:19:03

Can make it with soaked prunes too.
That sounds a bit like far. Have you made that?

Fleurpepper Sun 21-May-23 13:19:59

Yes, Far Breton- same thing.

Llamedos13 Sun 21-May-23 13:29:51

This is a new recipe to me, I just looked it up and plan to make it later today.It looks delicious

Vanillasky Sun 21-May-23 13:30:22


Yes, Far Breton- same thing.

With Armagnac.

Jaxjacky Sun 21-May-23 13:33:24

I too used to make it if France Witzend with fresh cherries, I find the frozen ones rather tasteless, but tinned work, as do blueberries. Rhubarb is a great idea Siope, I’ll try that, thanks

AreWeThereYet Sun 21-May-23 13:58:19

Love clafoutis but I've only ever made it with fresh fruit. I'll have to try some tinned or frozen.

Fleurpepper Sun 21-May-23 18:35:29


Never heard of it it sounds very posh

Most famous foods from around the world, that may sound 'posh' elsewhere, are actually peasant food, using what is growing for more or less free locally.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 21-May-23 18:40:21

I think that it is better made with morellos tbh as tinned fruit lacks the flavour of fresh fruit.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 21-May-23 18:45:46

I made cherry clafoutis many years ago and it was delicious. The only downside is that I made a tremendous mess when preparing the cherries. I got lots of teeny, tiny half-moon shaped cherry-coloured spills on the kitchen tiles.

It took forever to clean them all off. When I thought I'd got the last of them another appeared. For weeks later I kept spotting them, "Oops, there's another!" I thought I'd never get rid of them. Needless to say, I only made them once but the evidence remained.