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‘Posh’ sandwiches that I can freeze.

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teabagwoman Sun 24-Sep-23 09:00:28

Sorry to bring up the C word but, these days I have to get ahead of myself. Our family tradition is to go to the panto on Boxing Day followed by tea at my house. I’ve always prided myself on putting on a good spread and am loath to give it up but various disabilities make me slow and last minute rushes impossible. I know I will be tired after a lovely C day with the family and I’m wondering if there are any nteresting sandwiches that I can make in advance and freeze. Any advice will be gratefully received.

NotSpaghetti Sun 24-Sep-23 09:13:42

I haven't frozen sandwiches but wouldn't want to do it for long in case of freezer burn.

Can you freeze the other things and have a delivery of ready-made sandwiches on the day? If you book them now (or as soon as available) with one of the big supermarkets they will probably have a "slot".

Houmous freezes well, so do cakes, you could have frozen sausage rolls and flans too. Pop them in the oven as soon as home from the theatre...
Cucumber, carrot and celery sticks can be prepared the day before. Bread sticks are usually enjoyed by children.

Sandwiches aren't the only option though to be honest...

NotSpaghetti Sun 24-Sep-23 09:15:24

Just realised this is boxing day.
I would rely on flans and pizza, sausage rolls etc. You may not get sandwiches on boxing day - noelr want to chop carrot on Christmas day!

NotSpaghetti Sun 24-Sep-23 09:18:41

I have just checked and several supermarkets do boxing day deliveries.

Redhead56 Sun 24-Sep-23 09:43:52

Tinned salmon ham tuna chilled in fridge or cheeses easily opened served with chutneys crisps etc Bread on hand spread as required with the addition of salad in bags to garnish. Its not difficult and it will be fresh when required and there will be less waste. I couldn’t imagine eating sandwiches that had been frozen it does not sound appetising.

Grandmadinosaur Sun 24-Sep-23 09:49:34

I seem to remember on one of Mary Berry’s programs she was doing a prepare ahead buffet. With the sandwiches she cut them in to fingers and covered them with damp grease proof paper on a baking tray and then a clean tea towel and left in the fridge.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 24-Sep-23 11:56:14

I would go down the sausage rolls/quiches baguettes with cheese and pickles route or even left over meat from Christmas sliced and have crusty bread with it.

Alternatively I would prepare ( a week or so earlier) a huge chilli or bolognaise sauce and freeze it, thaw it out on Christmas day, zap it when you get home, serve with crusty bread or cook spaghetti or rice which only takes 12 minutes to cook.
Vegetarian options are also available….

pascal30 Sun 24-Sep-23 11:56:55

I would get lots of dips, some protein ie tuna, cheeses, meats..have a couple of large baguettes that can be quickly heated in the oven.. a big salad .. and let everyone help themselves. I think frozen sandwiches would go soggy..

Pittcity Sun 24-Sep-23 13:11:03

I usually rely on the part baked bread on Boxing Day. Bung it in the oven and put out cheese, ham, salad and other leftovers. Everyone makes their own sandwich.

Theexwife Sun 24-Sep-23 13:29:49

I don't think sandwiches freeze well, however, you could make one now and try it to see what you think.

Westcoaster Sun 24-Sep-23 13:41:11

I often used to make batches of sandwiches and freeze them for work and DD’s lunch. Nothing posh though, mainly ham/cheese/tuna I think, as that freezes well.
Extras like pickle and salad could be added in when they’re thawed.

On the the other hand, there are so many options in the supermarkets at Christmas, I would probably just buy in some lovely platters and enjoy a stress free day.

Callistemon21 Sun 24-Sep-23 13:47:44

How old are members of the family?
If there are children old enough you could get a production line going in the kitchen when you return from the Panto. All the fillings ready in the fridge in advance, sliced bread, soften the butter in the microwave, get one buttering, one filling and cutting into fingers or triangles and another plating up.

Other foods, platters etc, could be in the fridge ready to serve.

Don't try to do too much yourself, it's your day to enjoy too

Sago Sun 24-Sep-23 13:57:46

Loaded jacket potatoes freeze beautifully, bake, scoop out and mash with butter cheese then replace in skins and freeze.

M0nica Sun 24-Sep-23 14:05:40

Do everything else ahead of pantomime day and freeze it and leave sandwiches as the only thing you need to do on the day.

Visgir1 Sun 24-Sep-23 15:59:34

What about Breads with a big cheese board with Meats, Pickles,Nuts, Grapes.
My go- to platter quick and easy, less stress too.

Namsnanny Sun 24-Sep-23 16:23:12

Test the frozen sandwich idea out now, ahead of time.
Or use part baked rolls and jkt pots + quiche, and other pastry finger foods. Salad chutney cheese Bob's your uncle
BTW I'm sure people would love to help out
Happy Boxing Day 😊

teabagwoman Sun 24-Sep-23 16:26:22

Thank you all for your ideas. Like Westcoaster I’ve frozen batches of basic sandwiches successfully so was wondering if I could freeze something more interesting for Boxing Day. However I think the cheese/ meat/ pickles etc with baguettes is probably the way to go.

Callistemon21 Sun 24-Sep-23 16:26:29

Yes, if you want to go ahead with the frozen sandwich idea, test it out with different fillings.
Egg goes rubbery, tuna orc salmon might be soggy, cold meats or plain cheese ok but boring!

Personally, I wouldn't and I'm sure your family will help on the day.

Hetty58 Sun 24-Sep-23 16:36:10

teabagwoman, why don't you do 'tea at my house' the way I do it? I just put everything on the dining table, then my sons and daughters butter the bread and make the sandwiches as requested.

They'll have salad, crisps, dips etc. too and I don't mind getting that ready in advance. My eldest grandson makes the tea and coffee - and I'll cut up the cakes. We always do it that way.

teabagwoman Mon 25-Sep-23 06:03:29

You’ve got it very well organised Hetty. I think part of my problem is that I don’t like needing help. Time to accept the fact.

Norah Mon 25-Sep-23 19:12:24


You’ve got it very well organised Hetty. I think part of my problem is that I don’t like needing help. Time to accept the fact.

I don't care to have others help either.

I'd lay the table after breakfast. Make a lovely soup before departure, could be left out to room temperature and heated an arrival home. Some quiches/tortes baked off during breakfast, to serve tepid (as we prefer). A tray of veg, fruit, olives, pickles all in cling film in fridge. Fresh hearty bread to slice at the moment, rolls. Leftover puddings, sweets, biscuits. Easy and done.

Aveline Mon 25-Sep-23 20:19:19

My Granny used to freeze sandwiches. They were awful! Somehow they were damp and soggy yet very cold.

tobyianathekid Mon 25-Sep-23 20:46:55

I really would advise against freezing sandwiches. The thawing messes up everything especially the bread.

CanadianGran Mon 25-Sep-23 22:33:39

We have made the platters of deli meats and cheeses, then have nice buns sliced ready to go. Condiments laid out so people can put together their own sandwich with ease.

A crock pot with something warm, like mac and cheese, or chili might be nice if you are just coming from outdoors.

Callistemon21 Mon 25-Sep-23 22:45:15

Boxing Day!

Cold cuts, salads, pickles, cheeses, olives, hummus, French bread (can be frozen and crisped up in the oven), butter.

No need to make sandwiches.

Trifle and Christmas cake.