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Should beans be part of an English fry up? Should Yorkshire puddings be served with any roast?

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Sago Thu 28-Sep-23 10:24:11

I don’t think beans should go anywhere near a traditional English breakfast, all that sugary sauce spoils the flavours, and tinned tomatoes should be illegal on a fry up!

Also it seems to be increasingly popular to serve Yorkshire pudding with any roast, when the beef is resting and the magnificent puddings come out of the oven is a glorious moment.
I think they should be preserved for beef only……having said that if someone else prepared them and served them with lamb for instance then I would feel city bound to eat them😉.

hulahoop Sun 01-Oct-23 11:01:56

We have yorkshire puds (homemade) with any roast ,also corned beef hash, and beef stew love them. Like baked beans with breakfast or on toast. Oh likes Yorkshire puds with sugar.

Hetty58 Sun 01-Oct-23 11:08:48

I'm vegan - so don't eat dead animals - but I do enjoy beans (home cooked, not tinned) at any time of day - along with Yorkshires, made with the 'juice' of tinned chickpeas as an egg substitute. Both go with almost anything else, I find.

leeds22 Sun 01-Oct-23 11:41:29

Ah, if only I could make a decent Yorkshire pud. We only have them when we go out for Sunday lunch - with beef or lamb.

My Mum made a good Yorkshire pud and any left over from the main course was eaten up with marmalade on top; I can't say I fancy that any more.

M0nica Mon 02-Oct-23 07:25:19

Gundy yes you are, although unlike a soufle a yorkshire pudding does not deflate much after leaving the oven as the batter has baked crisp and holds its shape, even as it cools

here is a link to a good basic Yorkshire pudding recipe

madeleine45 Tue 03-Oct-23 07:07:53

I hate baked beans in any case and they would not appear on any breakfast I served. I can see why it is tempting to have yorkshire puddings with other meats as , when cooked properly they are so good. However my father, as a definite yorkshire man, expected the yorkshire pudding to be served first with the lovely beef gravy, followed by the meat and vegetaables . He hated an over filled plate with the pudding put on top or whatever. We once went for a special treat to a well known pub?restraurant on our way to visit our grandmother for sunday lunch. We ordered the beef of course ,and when the waiter came out with the plates with the yorkshire pudding on top of the rest of the roast ,my father politely , but firmly, told him to take them away and serve it properly with the yorkshire puddings first. This he did do, and my mother was embarrased and said "Oh Harry ...." etc , but you see she was from Lincolnshire so she didnt understand!! I have made many a yorkshire pudding over the years for family friends , and have lived abroad and welcomed many people to try our favourite meal. Sadly I am now a widow and live alone , so rarely do a roast on my own . You cannot get a good roast with a tiny piece of meat. My pet hate is to g o out to a pub for sunday lunch and be served the horrible dry thing that purports to be a yorkshire pudding, but it has not been freshly made but is some frozen rubbish. So I look around to find a good local pub where they do their own good cooking and not only try to go there for the sunday lunch but also try to go there on other occasions to encourage them to keep going.!! When my great aunt was quite old and living alone she used to make a yorkshire pudding and she would have half with her beef and the other half she would eat with sometimes a little syrup drizzleed over it or lemon and a little sugar. As she said , well it is like having pancakes isnt it? Oh dear this is making me feel very hungry and dont think the plate of cereal I am about to eat will give me much pleasure today!!

Ali08 Sun 08-Oct-23 04:36:28

My aunty used to make Yorkshire puddings and when cooled off a bit she would trickle golden syrup over them.
Very yummy.
This was just them on their own, not with a roast or anything!

Gundy Tue 10-Oct-23 00:18:33

Thanks M0nica for this recipe! It is exactly the American version of Popovers! I guess I’ve been eating Yorkshire Pudding myself every now and then. Delish!
I love Gransnet!

grannydarkhair Tue 10-Oct-23 07:43:52

As a child, the only time I had Yorkies (my late brother’s late wife always called them this), was when Mum/I visited my late brother/family who lived in Stoke. We never had them in Dundee (no idea why), but in Stoke, I wanted them with every meal, they were so delicious (home made obviously).
I still love them with any roast, especially beef, but only if there’s lots of gravy to go with them.
As for beans, I enjoy them in various meals but not in a cooked b’fast. My perfect b’fast has heaps of mushrooms and tomatoes, plus the usual bacon and sausage,

RosiesMaw Tue 10-Oct-23 10:32:15

Has anybody north of the Border mentioned fried fruit cake?
Along with square sausage that was known to feature in some hotels in a full Scottish

jocork Mon 18-Dec-23 21:40:01

My mum was a domestic science teacher and was very particular about things being correct. YPs only with beef! At Christmas some of our relatives liked apple sauce rather than cranberry but she refused to serve it on its own. She baked it in the oven on top of a dish of beetroot as an extra veg. No-one touched the beetroot, just scraped off the (rather pink) apple sauce. She just couldn't bring herself to serve something that wasn't the correct accompaniment!

Blossoming Mon 18-Dec-23 22:13:47

Yorkshire pudding with sausages and onion gravy is delicious.

Allsorts Mon 18-Dec-23 22:16:55

Eat what you like. I always have Yorkshire with sausages, only have baked beans on toast, rarely. I love proper gravy, so have it with most cooked meals.

Blossoming Mon 18-Dec-23 22:18:28


Has anybody north of the Border mentioned fried fruit cake?
Along with square sausage that was known to feature in some hotels in a *full Scottish*

I think that’s what I know as sliced dumpling Maw. I’ve eaten it fried with breakfast or cold with hot custard as a pudding in various places.

nanna8 Mon 18-Dec-23 22:26:19

We never have a full breakfast at home, only when we are on holidays travelling. I’m not a morning person and the thought of a breakfast like that makes me ill. We rarely have Yorkshire puds here - the version we have are little individual puds which are often rather revolting. Nothing like the ones my Yorkshire mum used to make.