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Should beans be part of an English fry up? Should Yorkshire puddings be served with any roast?

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Sago Thu 28-Sep-23 10:24:11

I don’t think beans should go anywhere near a traditional English breakfast, all that sugary sauce spoils the flavours, and tinned tomatoes should be illegal on a fry up!

Also it seems to be increasingly popular to serve Yorkshire pudding with any roast, when the beef is resting and the magnificent puddings come out of the oven is a glorious moment.
I think they should be preserved for beef only……having said that if someone else prepared them and served them with lamb for instance then I would feel city bound to eat them😉.

4allweknow Sat 30-Sep-23 13:00:12

No beans with breakfast and Yorkshire with beef only. Had it served with roast chicken, yuck!
Think restaurants started serving Yorkshire Pudding with anything with the word roast on the menu to make you feel full whilst cutting down on portion size of the main items.

SallyatBaytree Sat 30-Sep-23 13:00:21

What a middle-class problem in our (reasonably )wealthy society!!! How many people in the world would eat anything with anything just to stay alive.
Aren't we lucky to have the choice ??

sweetcakes Sat 30-Sep-23 13:16:16

Well I've had a roast dinner in a Yorkshire pudding wrap and it was blooming delicious.
And as for beans it really doesn't bother me whether I have them or not. @SallyatBaytree totally agree with you.

Treetops05 Sat 30-Sep-23 13:56:31

I hate beans so agree totally, but my son starting asking for Yorkshire pudding every Sunday after taking up Rugby aged 6. The rugby didn't last, but the Yorkshires' did.

One of his Uncles persuaded him that David Cameron was intending to prevent them being cooked outside Yorkshire, and he wrote to No 10 to complain. He got a lovely reply too ;)

missdeke Sat 30-Sep-23 13:59:56

Baked beans and tinned tomatoes are sacrilege on a full English breakfast. Yorkshire pudding belongs with roast beef, but I will eat them if put in front of me with any other dinner. But if I was served a full English with beans on the plate the whole lot would go back until they got it right.

Mojack26 Sat 30-Sep-23 14:08:29

No right or wrong in my book! Have what you want and with rules..just enjoy!

Aveline Sat 30-Sep-23 14:56:52

missdeke- spot on. Me too.

orly Sat 30-Sep-23 15:03:10

I don't do baked beans in a breakfast fry-up but have you ever tried tomato fried bread made with the juice from tinned tomatoes? It's yummy!
As for Yorkshire pudding - only with beef or with sausages in a home made toad-in-the-hole.

Gundy Sat 30-Sep-23 15:22:00

I eat anything I feel like for breakfast - often times leftovers from dinner the night before: lasagna, a stir fry, pot roast w/potatoes, cold pizza, Chinese food… anything goes. It sets me up for the day.

But there is nothing like a good proper breakfast when I go out or have time at home - eggs, bacon/sausage, hash brown potatoes, fruit, throw in a pancake, waffle or toast. It’s a big deal for big occasions.

Could eat beans any time of day. Never had a Yorkshire pudding - will have to look it up. Never had one when I was in England, London either. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I must have missed out.
You eat what you want!
USA Gundy

Beautyandthebeast Sat 30-Sep-23 15:28:16

Scottish fry up lassie here, definitely beans for me and Yorkshire pudding with roast beef xxxx

MRGUDER Sat 30-Sep-23 15:30:18

My Nan used to make us Yorkshire Pudding with homemade Raspberry Vinegar. Delicious.

Normally only have cooked breakfast when out shopping or hotel - and have beans AND tomatoes with breakfast. Why else have fried bread then to soak up the juices.

Yorkshire Pudding with all roasts AND mint sauce in the YPs with gravy.

3nanny6 Sat 30-Sep-23 15:31:36

I don't do the full English breakfast any more mainly due to cutting back on the calories so no more bacon or fat sausages even fried eggs. I used to eat all that and yes it was nice. Some weekends when I want something filling I will do some beans with mushrooms and grilled tomatoes plus toast and a dash of ketchup. Lovely sets me up for the day. Yorkshire pudding goes down well in my house and my son insists on my home made although if he is not home I will do one of the shop frozen variety ones. Yorkshires can go with any roast dinner for me and TBH I have gone off roast beef a bit anyway. I am getting hungry now and thinking about what to have for tomorrows Sunday lunch,

Gundy Sat 30-Sep-23 15:32:23

Egg batter Popovers are the American equivalent to Yorkshire Pudding. I just read up on it. Popovers are made in a special very deep cup muffin styled baking pan. Of course you can make the batter in a single baking dish but then we call it a Soufflé.

JaneJudge Sat 30-Sep-23 15:37:18


I'm a Yorkshire lass and love Yorkshire pudding. We have it with any roast or stew/casserole etc. I think the frozen ones are rubbish however. This is a proper one!

that's amazing smile

I cooked a breakfast this morning and we had sausage, bacon, fried egg (though ds had scrambled), hash browns, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato and baked beans (sorry grin ) it was lush

Yorkshires with anything. Love toad in the hole too

AreWeThereYet Sat 30-Sep-23 16:03:09

We love a fry up for breakfast - sometimes for dinner even. Any combination of hash browns, potato scones, sausages, fried bread, bacon, mushrooms, black pudding, eggs of some description, beans, toast. Depending on what is in the fridge/freezer at the time. But not egg and beans at the same time 😁

With a roast is either Yorkshire Pudding or baked suet but always Yorkshires with beef.

Each to their own and I enjoy reading what other people like to eat, and sometimes the reasons why.

Gwyllt Sat 30-Sep-23 16:35:35

Come to think of it had Yorkshire pud served with sugar and lemon like pancakes. Yorkshire naturally

dizzygran Sat 30-Sep-23 17:51:38

We don't eat red meat very often so have yorkshire puddings with any other roast meat. My GC love them so there always lots of them - especially with the Christmas lunch. Baked beans are full of protein - and are a free food on Slimming World poached eggs and beans on toast is a healthy meal as is a jacket potato with baked beans. Choose the low sugar/low salt ones.

Kathmaggie Sat 30-Sep-23 18:21:23

Well I am certainly in the minority- I don’t like Yorkshire pudding, toad in the hole or pancakes! Batter just doesn’t do it for me! My MiL used to make suet pudding with her roasts, a Devon thing I think, the same reason to fill up tummies! Love beans tho, great comfort food full of protein and fibre - not for breakfast tho.

suelld Sat 30-Sep-23 19:30:06


No and no.

Beans on toast for breakfast - yum.
Beans getting my bacon all beany - yuk.

Yorkshire puddings Only with roast beef and a decent size or more than one, not the piddling little bun tin effort you sometimes get.

And don't get me started on the ubiquity of gravy - why slosh brownness over every roast meal? It should be a discreet pool inside one of the yorkies with roast beef.


Beans for breakfast …no.
But all else I totally agree with Ailidh - particularly the gravy comment.
If there MUST be gravy it better be a good tasty pale one…but I prefer all my roasts without and can really then enjoy the roast and accompaniments.

Chacon a son gout…exactly

ordinarygirl Sat 30-Sep-23 19:55:25

I'm fine with baked beans (I don't like brown or red sauce as some people do) but what is important to me is mushrooms. I judge a hotel as good if it serves mushrooms for breakfast and bad if it doesn't.
Never understand the need for yorkshire puddings although good when filled with vegetables. An old school friend eats them with jam and custard

DrWatson Sat 30-Sep-23 20:00:52

For FoxyGloves - and that "Yorkshire pudding . . . .Delicious on its own with gravy!". Years ago we had a short break in Yorkshire, and I think we had half a day at the aquarium in Hull, then came back and stopped for an evening meal at Kinsley Greyhounds, which I'd been recommended to try. We ordered a starter, and a main course (some sort of roast I think), but after the starter, the waitress brought us each a plate with 2 giant Yorkshire puds, filled with gravy. I said, no, sorry, we didn't order them, and she said, "Oh, everybody gets them luv, get em down ya". We were pretty full by the end . . . .

N4nna Sat 30-Sep-23 21:03:34

Beans…. Only on toast!!!

Yorkshire Puddings… with any roast 😊

Linda48 Sat 30-Sep-23 23:30:28

I love beans with my breakfast but hate tinned tomatoes. We always had our Yorkshire Puddings with gravy before the rest of our Sunday dinner which was never beef. These days I never cook a Sunday dinner for the 2 of us but am quite happy to eat a Yorkshire pudding with any roast dinner as long as there's plenty of gravy 😋

Gundy Sun 01-Oct-23 01:09:06

Making a correction on my soufflé comment above. Soufflés are a different kind of egg batter than popovers or yorkie puddings.

If you put your batter into a single baking dish or skillet and into the oven - then you’re making *what we call a Dutch Baby*… a pancake of sorts that inflates when you bake and deflates when you take out of the oven.

Right? Am I getting close to describing what may be a Yorkshire Pudding?
USA Gundy

MrsKen33 Sun 01-Oct-23 06:39:56

Beans are now a part of the ubiquitous ‘ All day breakfast’ , which is an anomaly in itself.
Beef comes with , Yorkshire puddings and horseradish sauce
Chicken with bread sauce and lamb accompanied by mint sauce. That is the was it was, and I believe should be.