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Monday: Miss MaryDoll’s Marvellous Maths Mayhem.

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Marydoll Mon 08-Jun-20 08:59:22

Good morning all, remember, no spoiling the fun, by posting the answers!

I will be back at lunchtime and again late afternoon to award the apples, otherwise I would be on here all day. grin
Please be patient and feel free to carry on without me.

The dogs are, husky, poodle, terrier.

Charleygirl5 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:02:15

Totally and utterly beyond me- good luck girls- you are on your own today, only the headmistress is overseeing you so please be good.

Bathsheba Mon 08-Jun-20 09:13:53

Mawnin Miss and Miss Charley. I've pee emmd by arnsa.

Pursnalee I karnt see how krossin a huskee wiv a puddle wud kreeait a terreya. It wud be a mungrul, I fink.

Bathsheba Mon 08-Jun-20 09:14:30

*my arnsa

Pittcity Mon 08-Jun-20 09:17:03

I'm not cleening up all that dog poop on me own.... Help!

Pantglas2 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:29:18

Mournin Miss an orl the gurls😃I’m not layte I gotten stucc in a jam 🍓tee hee! I bean maykin sum fore owr Haffernoon Tee an I nead volerntears to mayk sum cayk an skonns 🎂🍰

Puzzler61 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:29:27

Gud mawnin awl. Wot ar awl thees dogs doin in de klassrum?
I hoep dey awl stays frendly. I ad a bite on me bum wunce from a dog. I dunno wy it got angree, I ony wanted to bowow ‘is bown .🦴

Oopsadaisy3 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:39:39

Good Morning everyone and what a joyous Monday it is!

I’m fairy adept at cakes Pants and whilst doing so you could teach me how to speak and spell properly ? I told Miss that you have kindly offered.

I will make Butterfly cakes in flowery wrappers, I’ll bring cake forks and napkins , shall I?

Puzzler61 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:40:45

I have pee emmed Miss about the 🐶 .
I kan maek skonns to go wiv yoor lubly jam Pants. My boyfren lieks my skonns - sumtimes he saes dey maek gud balls cos dey ar hard nuf to bownce.

Bathsheba Mon 08-Jun-20 09:47:26

Ooh skowns an caiks! Yummee! We knead to av sum kweem too. Ile bwing sum in dis arfanoon. An meremba evvreewun, de kweem gose on de skown furs, afore de jam.

Pantglas2 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:52:43

I fink Oopsadaisy issa purson wot cud tel uz ifn the jam gose furst or secund coz she’s posha dan uz an has problee ad Etiket Lessuns🤔

Squiffy Mon 08-Jun-20 09:58:07

I fink yor rite Pants an i bet Oops duzent mix dem up lyke wot wun ov de wel nown shops is dooin two stop de arglement.

Pantglas2 Mon 08-Jun-20 09:59:26

We cud plae Fech wiv yore skonns an Miss’s doggees Puzzler 🤾‍♀️🤗

Squiffy Mon 08-Jun-20 09:59:48

I fink de doggy puzel iz two hard four mi feebel brayne an i got to tayke Spuggy home coz shee duznt lyke dogs, dey fritens her.

Puzzler61 Mon 08-Jun-20 10:04:51

I fort Spuggy was a doggy? Squiffy

Marydoll Mon 08-Jun-20 10:11:52

Hi again and after this, I definitely won't be back until later.

Bathsheba gets the golden apple. (The weather's lovely here! wink)
Pittcity 🍎
Pantglas 🍎
Puzzler 🍎
Oopsadaisy 🍎

Well done all of you!

Puzzler61 Mon 08-Jun-20 10:14:00

Thnks Miss!

Callistemon Mon 08-Jun-20 10:15:35

Finking, Miss
Back later!!

Squiffy Mon 08-Jun-20 10:16:21

No Pants, Spuggy iz de littel cat i swoppt mi norty dog four!

Puzzler61 Mon 08-Jun-20 10:33:21

Aww it woz me wot asked, I no wy Spuggy is skaeerd now 🐈

Pantglas2 Mon 08-Jun-20 11:01:21

Wherr is Doodle - ope she’s knot mizbeayvin beyind de bykeshedd.....🚲 or loytrin wiv intent⛺️.....

Bathsheba Mon 08-Jun-20 11:05:43

On a epsowd ov The Kwown, the kween woz avin scowns an kweem an jam, an she pooted the kweem on furss. So ifn iz gud nuff fore er, then iz gud nuff fore awl ov uss. (an I no it woz Claire Foy reelee, but dey prolly did sum reesurch wink)

Bathsheba Mon 08-Jun-20 11:07:39

Ooh fanks Miss fore de Golun Appul! I done mined not avin wun to eet toodae, kos dis wiw av pryed ov plais on mine dwessin taibl an I wiw pollysh it evvree dae!

Pantglas2 Mon 08-Jun-20 11:15:19

I done av a dwessin taybl in mi bedrwm Bathsheba, I’ve gotted a torlboi......😇😜 wot elps mi mownt my Stiffgits!

Doodle Mon 08-Jun-20 11:32:35

Ello eberywun. pants yous not sposed to menshun d sg wurd. Miss Charley wyl get cwoss. Is d torlboi d wun I sawed yous wiv lass wek? D wun wiv spots an fwoppy air?

I wub doggies. squiffy sowwy spuggy woz fritted.

I kan mak skonns two. Iz lik lots of cweam on mines.
oops yous ickle cak soun luberly. Wots a napkin? Is it an ickle piwwow wot yous sleep on. An why duz we need forks? Iz knot diner time. I jus eet myne skonns by opining mynes mouff and stuffing dem in 😊. Is dat der kowect ettiket?