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Govende – a game of wordplay, puns, leaps of thought and trivia - GAME 2

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biglouis Sat 21-Jan-23 10:28:16


What is wisdom?

A type of document used by wizards to help cast their spells.

What are documents?

BlueBelle Sat 21-Jan-23 12:19:43

So did I start a new one about 7 am this morning BigLouis
Don’t know what happened to that

Retread Sat 21-Jan-23 15:44:18

( BlueBelle it’s there, but you forgot to ask the question, so let’s go with this one).

Documents are mints that the doc prescribed for your digestive issue.

What is an issue?

TillyTrotter Sat 21-Jan-23 15:52:33

An issue is oblong with a silent ‘t’ and it catches a sneeze.

What is a sneeze?

Auntieflo Sat 21-Jan-23 15:58:37

The release of a nasal obstruction.

What is an obstruction?

biglouis Sat 21-Jan-23 16:12:24

Sorry - I did look in games to see if there was a new one!


Something you would not want in your toilet as it can get unpleasantly smelly

What is smelly?

BlueBelle Sat 21-Jan-23 17:09:16

No problem BigLouis 😃
So I did retread 😵‍💫

Smelly that’s short for a small belly something we all want
What is something ?

Wheniwasyourage Sat 21-Jan-23 17:24:51

Something is the present participle of the verb to someth.

What is a participle?

biglouis Sun 22-Jan-23 02:24:50

The top bit of an icicle which is a spike of fozen water

What is a spike?

Retread Sun 22-Jan-23 04:53:09

Spike is an American canine cartoon character.

What is a character?

Juliet27 Sun 22-Jan-23 06:23:33

A vehicle Top Gear would use - a cross between a car and a tractor

What is a tractor

biglouis Sun 22-Jan-23 17:20:42

Tor is a browser for the Dark Web where you can trac(k) down criminals to do your bidding.

What are criminals?

MrsKen33 Mon 23-Jan-23 05:44:28

Dirty finger nails ?

What is dirty?

BlueBelle Mon 23-Jan-23 07:16:09

Dirty happens when someone who should know asks if you want tea or coffee and you go ‘duh tea of course’
What’s someone ?

Wheniwasyourage Mon 23-Jan-23 10:56:24

Someone is the first sum in the list, followed by sometwo and so on.

What is a list?

Juliet27 Mon 23-Jan-23 11:49:36

It’s the way you walk when you’ve had one over the eight.

What is eight?

biglouis Mon 23-Jan-23 13:02:44

Eight is the number of legs used by four drunken people doing a conga dance.

What is a conga?

Retread Mon 23-Jan-23 15:29:20

A conga is a human centipede.

What is a centipede?

Doodle Tue 24-Jan-23 10:39:58

Centipede is what you spray on the carpet to cover the smell of the dog peeing on it.

What is carpet?

Squiffy Tue 24-Jan-23 11:43:06

A car pet is a vehicle that you’re very fond if.

What is a vehicle?

Doodle Tue 24-Jan-23 13:40:36

Vehicle is a v shaped icicle

What is shaped?

Retread Tue 24-Jan-23 14:04:10

Lots of things are shaped, both tangible and intangible - our bodies, our minds, surfboards, the keel of a boat ...

What is a tangible?

TillyTrotter Tue 24-Jan-23 18:03:43

Tangible is a tangled giblet - the T has escaped to the beginning of the word - and you make gravy from them.

What is gravy?

Squiffy Tue 24-Jan-23 18:26:57

A churchyard is very grave-y and can feel spooky in the dark.

What is spooky?

swampy1961 Tue 24-Jan-23 19:19:52

Its just a way of saying Oops backwards!!

What is saying?