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Corrupt A Wish (2/3/24).

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Ali08 Sat 02-Mar-24 12:18:12

Someone makes a wish ie:
I wish I had a new car.
You can grant the wish, but you have to corrupt it, like:
Wish granted, but it has no wheels.

My wish is -

I wish I had wings.

crazyH Sat 02-Mar-24 13:14:58

Wish granted but I have clipped them

I wish I had a flat stomach

NotSpaghetti Sat 02-Mar-24 15:58:59

You have - but your bust has moved down to replace it!

I wish my house was easy to clean...

Squiffy Sat 02-Mar-24 16:32:43

Wish granted because it’s now been emptied.

I wish I had a cake to eat.

lixy Sat 02-Mar-24 16:39:52

Ooops, mistook the salt for the sugar when I made it - sorry.

I wish this evening's meal would cook itself.

Gwyllt Sat 02-Mar-24 17:16:00

You might not get what you liked to eat

I wish the dogs would put their dishes in the sink when the had finished

JamesandJon33 Sat 02-Mar-24 19:28:48

They probably put them straight into the cupboard after licking them clean.

I wish I was more energetic

AGAA4 Sat 02-Mar-24 19:34:35

Wish granted but now you have to run a marathon every day for a week.

I wish I had a cat.

Gwyllt Sat 02-Mar-24 20:42:03

Wish granted welcome to the world of being a feline's slave

I wish I could find the end of a rainbow

Wheniwasyourage Sat 02-Mar-24 21:36:19

You’ve found it, but someone else got there first and dug up the pot of gold.

I wish there wasn’t so much dusting to do.

Gwyllt Sat 02-Mar-24 21:41:20

Don’t wear your glasses when doing housework The dust just disappears

I wish someone would invent a toilet seat that lifted itself up when a man approached

Wheniwasyourage Sun 03-Mar-24 09:46:11

You invented it, but all the men around were planning what I can only describe in public as a sit-down session, so you made a lot of men very uncomfortable!

I wish I could find the kitchen scissors.

henetha Sun 03-Mar-24 11:09:16

Don't find them, you might cut yourself.

I wish huge clouds wouldn't appear just when I've hung the washing out.

lixy Sun 03-Mar-24 19:17:38

Wish granted, huge clouds will not appear, but frogs fall from a cloudless sky.

I wish pigeons would stop pooping on my garden fence.

Wheniwasyourage Sun 03-Mar-24 22:02:34

Your wish is granted. They no longer aim for your garden fence as your washing is a much better target.

I wish I could remember what it was I meant to put on the shopping list for this week.

crazyH Sun 03-Mar-24 22:06:22

Wish granted - I am mailing you a ‘memory card ‘

Wish someone will carry me upstairs and tuck me in bed

Wheniwasyourage Sun 03-Mar-24 22:17:37

Thank you, crazyH. Your wish is granted - unfortunately you have been put to bed in a neighbour's house, so you might have some explaining to do...

I wish someone would make me a cup of coffee.

nanna8 Sun 03-Mar-24 22:37:30

Wish granted but it is made from chicory and I have no milk.

I wish someone would clean the kitchen floor tiles

Gwyllt Sun 03-Mar-24 22:45:19

Your wish granted shame about the rest of the kitchen

I wish that knifes would sharpen themselves

AGAA4 Mon 04-Mar-24 09:40:51

Wish granted but now they're looking quite evil.

I wish I could fly

henetha Mon 04-Mar-24 10:19:20

Well I can and it's not all it's cracked up to be. I often get travel sick up there. But if you really want to, I'll wave my magic wand.

I wish my oven would clean itself.

Glorianny Mon 04-Mar-24 10:34:29

It has but it's left you a note complaining about the state of the hob.

I wish clothes didn't need ironing.

henetha Tue 05-Mar-24 10:34:53

Well they don't really. They hate being ironed. It hurts.
Just do folding and patting.

I wish weeds would not grow in my garden.

Ali08 Tue 05-Mar-24 20:21:49

Wish granted, henetha, but now they grow in your bathroom instead.

I wish I could eat nuts.

Gwyllt Tue 05-Mar-24 21:47:56

Wish granted but now you are a monkey

I wish the bins would wheel themselves down to the bottom gate