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I love the smell of Tiger Balm in the morning OR The JOYS OF SUMMER

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Bags Fri 27-Apr-12 08:12:58

Definitely summer when the garden beastie bites start to itch and the Tiger Balm is in constant demand! Did some hedging yesterday and some of the wee critters whose homes I was disturbing got cross wink!

Definitely summer when, even though the outside temperature was only 2.7°C when I got up at six, by seven thirty it had gone up by three degrees. And it's still going up under a summer sky.

Definitely summer when I can do a stint of mowing one day and a stint of hedging the next and my chest doesn't hurt later on smile sunshine.

glassortwo Fri 27-Apr-12 08:26:52

Tiger Balm always reminds me of our time in Singapore, my Mum thought it was a wonder ointment. In fact we spent many a visit to Tiger Balm Gardens which was full of Chinese statues, some of which we found a little scary, but that was 40 years ago grin

Its still there

grannyactivist Fri 27-Apr-12 10:10:34

Tiger Balm is all that kept me going during my visit to Thailand when my legs were so swollen the skin began to split. If not for the magic ointment I think my legs may just have exploded!! shock

Bags Fri 27-Apr-12 17:22:55


jeni Fri 27-Apr-12 17:49:31

Never heard of it. What is it?

Butternut Fri 27-Apr-12 18:12:39

Special non-doc. ointment with a fabulous smell!

soop Fri 27-Apr-12 18:37:30

...and a comforting warm-inducing sensation. smile

The glorious sunsets are about to begin, sending us rushing outside like demented wotsits, camera poised, to capture the moment, and add the image to an album of colour-flooded skies spanning eight years. It's difficult to get enough of a good thing. sunshine

Bags Fri 27-Apr-12 18:41:49

Our CUCKOOS have arrived. They're blethering up the hill right now smile.

Sumer is icumen in
Llude sing cuckoo
Bloweth med and groweth sed
And springeth the wood noo.
Sing cuckoo.

Beginning of the first poem in The Oxford Book of English Poetry.

soop Fri 27-Apr-12 18:47:40

Before I leave, just wish to let you know that we have purchased a very pleasing sturdy, brown paper album, with tissue for protecting mounted photos, on eBay. The second Wee Man keepsake album is about to take shape. smile

Night night. Sleep tight. x

jeni Fri 27-Apr-12 18:47:56


nanachrissy Fri 27-Apr-12 18:52:25

Do we have to go to bed now??

glassortwo Fri 27-Apr-12 19:33:33

I cant go to bed yet I just got here grin

whenim64 Fri 27-Apr-12 19:35:25

There you are glass. Nice to see your grin! grin

glassortwo Fri 27-Apr-12 19:40:10

grin grin grin

Butternut Sat 28-Apr-12 08:18:30

OK, so where is this Joy of Summer
When the beasties bite
And Tiger Balm soothes and calms?

Lush greens and grey skies
Make an odd couple,
With no sunshine to lengthen and warm the days
And ease our winter limbs.

Flags of purple and yellow dandelions
Incongruous with their showy colours
Stand bright and hopeful
In between clumps of nascent hollyhocks.

So come on, where are you Summer?
Enough with the rain and damp
And wood burners still alight
These late afternoons!

Bags Sat 28-Apr-12 08:43:34

butty, it's here in Scotland! Nya-boo! 'Bout time the weather map was inverted for a while! wink grin

Butternut Sat 28-Apr-12 08:58:56

grin grin B!

glassortwo Sat 28-Apr-12 09:59:45

We have sunshine this morning too, bags I will stop it here so it does not escape any further South for a change grin

soop Sat 28-Apr-12 10:56:13

glass So pleased to read your message. Enjoy the sunshine and a special (hug)

soop Sat 28-Apr-12 13:30:05

jeni and nanachrissy...I didn't take to my bed until almost midnight. It's just that I log off late afternoon and wished to say a polite night-night smile
Butter love you poem.
Dandelions are in abundance. The gorse, too. Hundreds of primroses. Clumps of marsh marigolds. Golden sunshine, accompanied by a chilly, mischievous breeze. smile

Butternut Sun 29-Apr-12 18:39:06

Well, it is a wonder
When a day can start with glowering, skidding skies
Pushed along with such cross winds
And rain that doesn't fall but sharply angles
To pierce nooks and crannies
Sharp, cold and bullying.

And it is indeed a wonder
When a day can change,
Just because it's Spring
Into a bright, still sharp day of wet fullness
Lush and heavy with wet,
Shimmering with showered green
All around
And the sky is blue and the sun is shining low
In this afternoon of change and hope
For more, and more and more
Of life.

Bags Sun 29-Apr-12 19:00:50

I love that, butty! smile

Annobel Sun 29-Apr-12 19:06:21

Butter smile sunshine

artygran Sun 29-Apr-12 19:50:35

That took me back, glass - we spent many happy times pootling round the Tiger Balm Gardens with DS in his pushchair....must look out the photos! But I have never used the ointment - perhaps I ought to get some for old times' sake!

soop Mon 30-Apr-12 11:10:55

Butter A beautiful, atmospheric poem. {flowers]