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Fennel Wed 07-Jul-21 19:53:14

I love this programme. I sense that Monty Don is becoming weary and wants to slowly move out and pass it on to someone else. Adam Frost?
I would miss the dogs though.

J52 Wed 07-Jul-21 20:01:13

I find Adam Frost’s Thames estuary dialect grating. Last week he advised a mulch of 50mm equivalent to 1-2 inches. Not in my maths it isn’t! But I’m being petty!
I would much prefer a combination of Joe Swift and Carol Klein.

aggie Wed 07-Jul-21 20:07:30

I prefer Adam , Carol grates on me and Adam is ok but not my cup of tea

WharfedaleGran Wed 07-Jul-21 20:09:28

Yes, I’ve been sensing the same thing… there’s a time to move on and Monty may be reaching that. I like Adam but also find his accent a bit sharp. But then I find Carol, who in every other way I like, and love that an older woman is given such a high profile, a bit shrill and over dramatic at times. All that whooping and shrieking and waving of arms! They’re all great gardeners though smile One thing I’ve really enjoyed is the focus on “ordinary” gardeners and viewers gardens, showing such diversity. I’ve learnt so much from the rich tapestry of presenters we’ve had these past fifteen months!

Casdon Wed 07-Jul-21 20:24:59

I hope you’re wrong, I’ve been missing Monty, his dogs and garden. I prefer Joe Swift to Adam Frost if he does go, but I really hope not. I like Carol too, she’s very knowledgeable if a bit OTT, and I also like Rachel de Thame.

Fennel Wed 07-Jul-21 20:30:23

Me too WharfedaleGran.
The programme is called Gardener's World and we're seeing gardeners all over the world. As well as unexpected gardeners here. Like those two disabled sisters - lifts your heart.

Greyduster Wed 07-Jul-21 20:37:28

Joe Swift and Rachael de Thame - yes please. I like Carol Klein but her enthusiasm is a bit wearing after a while. Sorry to see Monty go? Nope!

cornergran Wed 07-Jul-21 20:49:58

Oh greyd how could you not be sad to see Monty go? Anyone with those wonderful dogs has to be all good surely? smile

Washerwoman Wed 07-Jul-21 21:12:46

Monty will always be my all time favourite ,but yes he does seem to be stepping back more. I actually really like Adam and think his garden is absolutely lovely in a very different way to Longmeadow so I would happily accept him as the main presenter.
Carole has recently had a series on Channel 5 on great British gardens and she was much calmer than on GW,and more enjoyable for it.

Callistemon Wed 07-Jul-21 21:23:17

I should be sorry to see M9nty go and hope he continues even if he's not the main presenter.

I remember Percy Thrower - my father rarely missed a programme.

Callistemon Wed 07-Jul-21 21:25:17

I'm surprised that Adam Frost still has such a strong Essex accent as he moved to Devon in his mid-teens.

Now, a Devon burr would be lovely.....

Grandmabatty Wed 07-Jul-21 21:49:25

I like Arit, Adam, Nick and Joe but my favourite is Monty. I loathe Carol but I don't know why.

Nannytopsy Wed 07-Jul-21 21:58:16

Not Carol pleeeze! Too manic. Adam is very relaxed.

Daisymae Wed 07-Jul-21 22:03:25

I like Adam, feel that he's a real gardener. Monty Don has been annoying me for years I find him sanctimonious, recycling a pot one week and jetting all over the globe the next! I think though that Geoff Hamilton was the best presenter.

Fennel Wed 07-Jul-21 22:06:06

I never noticed Adam's accent. What's wrong with it?
You don't want to hear mine!

Flexagon Wed 07-Jul-21 22:15:57

I too miss Geoff Hamilton. Do people think GW has to be anchored by someone from his or her own garden? I was thinking about other professional gardeners that I like. Matthew Wilson is a favourite as is Chris Beardshaw and Dan Pearson who we don't seem to hear much from nowadays.

Casdon Wed 07-Jul-21 22:30:45

I do think it is better to do GW from the main presenter’s garden, as they are more invested in it, it brings a personal touch. Having watched Montys garden develop over so many years I think I must be invested too! I watch Beechgrove on Sunday morning as well usually - it’s good, and from a gardening techniques perspective just as informative, but it lacks the love a presenter has for their own garden.

Fennel Thu 08-Jul-21 15:56:18

A good point Casdon. I was amazed by the garden with the huge collection of irises - a real labour of love over many years.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 08-Jul-21 17:35:13

I too think Monty is gradually stepping back. I hope he’s not ill. I agree it’s nice to see the presenter’s own garden and it’s heartening to hear about things that went wrong. I like Adam who also has a relaxed style and a lovely cat. I enjoy Carol’s enthusiasm and she’s always smiling. I rarely enjoy the viewers’ films but really admire the lady who does everything with her feet, possibly a Thalidomide victim but so cheerful and unstoppable. Yes I remember the wonderful Geoff Hamilton, and also my Dad watching Percy Thrower!

JaneJudge Thu 08-Jul-21 17:38:34

I like all of them smile I wonder when Rachael will come back? I know she has been quite poorly hasn't she, so thought they might bring her back slowly?

I loved the bloke who rubbed his body with all the weeds grin

MoorlandMooner Thu 08-Jul-21 17:44:31

Rachael was on the Hampton Court coverage. It was so good to see her back looking incredibly well and enjoying her beloved roses.

We've been saying for weeks that Monty seems to have lost enthusiasm for the whole thing. I've been a huge fan of his for years but feel it's time for new blood. Adam has such energy and knowledge so he's my first choice. Love Beechgrove too and enjoy the ensemble of presenters, especially dear old George from sunny Joppa.

Calendargirl Thu 08-Jul-21 17:51:26

It doesn’t seem the same since Nigel died.

25Avalon Thu 08-Jul-21 17:57:30

MoorlandMooner Beechgrove is our favourite. All the presenters are unpretentious and knowledgeable and they pack a lot in 30 minutes. Gardeners World for an hour seems padded out at times. Monty is ok. I think he has a farm as well so maybe it’s all a bit much although he does have a couple of full time gardeners.

Ngaio1 Thu 08-Jul-21 18:03:05

Almost anyone but Carol Klein - her pronounced dialect and weedy voice make listening hard work.

Gingster Thu 08-Jul-21 18:03:55

I love Monty. Can’t stand Adam Frost.
As someone else said his accent is very grating. Living in Essex , I’m used to this but don’t want to hear it on such a programme as GW.
Monty is lovely to listen to with his gentle, educated voice.

Oh dear I do sound such a snob. But it does grate on me.