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Garden Fire pit- anyone knows of a good value one?

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Kali2 Wed 22-Dec-21 10:51:39

Please. Lots of cut wood at son's house that they can't use inside as it is pine, but would be nice to use outside in Spring. Anyone can advise re a good value firepit? Thanks.

vegansrock Wed 22-Dec-21 10:52:32

You can use an old washing machine drum.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 22-Dec-21 11:33:12

We have a cast iron one from the Company named after a large river , it was about £40.
we also bought the canvas cover to keep the rain out. It has handles on so it’s easy to move as it’s jolly heavy.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 22-Dec-21 11:36:38

Just checked that they still sell the one we bought in 2018, it’s now nearly £80.00!

MayBeMaw Wed 22-Dec-21 11:47:10


You can use an old washing machine drum.

Lowers the tone a bit though tchgrintchgrin

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 22-Dec-21 11:48:42

You could use a wheelbarrow……….
Tone raised slightly

vegansrock Wed 22-Dec-21 12:12:44

I wasn’t being flippant- an old washing machine drum makes a good fire pit and it’s recycling. Google it. Failing that, try eBay .

Lizzie72 Wed 22-Dec-21 13:45:09


You can use an old washing machine drum.

Ooh, standards, dear, standards! grin

This is not just any forum, this is a Gransnet forum….. many things we don’t (can’t) mention

muse Wed 22-Dec-21 15:30:37

Wayfair have a small cast iron one - £30. Currently in their sale.

Not my choice but there's money to be made from recycling washing machine drums! One similar to this on Etsy for £90.

Kali2 Wed 22-Dec-21 15:33:46


We have a cast iron one from the Company named after a large river , it was about £40.
we also bought the canvas cover to keep the rain out. It has handles on so it’s easy to move as it’s jolly heavy.

Thanks - but my mind has gone totally bland- A big river, did you say?!?

MerylStreep Wed 22-Dec-21 15:38:22

Oopsadaisy Why don’t you just say AMAZON.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 22-Dec-21 16:15:16

merylstreep didn’t want to lower the tone.

Georgesgran Fri 24-Dec-21 11:21:28

I would love one of those round outdoor fire balls. However, at the neck end of £1000, I can't see it happening!
There are lots of others on Amazon and at least you can read reviews before deciding.

MissAdventure Fri 24-Dec-21 11:27:29

It's good to check out youtube for reviews before you commit to buying one.

MissAdventure Fri 24-Dec-21 11:35:54

This is Amazon's recommended, with good reviews.
Long link, in case anyone is too afraid to click

Yaheetech Round Steel Fire Bowl, Outdoor Fire Pit, Charcoal Log Wood Burner, Patio Heater with Mesh Screen Cover & Poker for Camping Bonfire Picnic

MissAdventure Fri 24-Dec-21 11:38:11

Above is number 20 in their best sellers list.

This one is number 3 or 4.

Large Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit Basket Patio Heater Log Wood Charcoal Burner Brazier 50cm Diameter Fire Pit Fire Bowl

4allweknow Fri 24-Dec-21 11:59:46

I'd ban them, absolutely hate them. Trying to enjoy some time in a garden and some inconsiderate one starts up a fire as that's all they are a fire smoke going everywhere inside and out. Unless you live in a wilderness where no one will be affected avoid like the plague. Try a Mens Shed as they can often make use of scrap wood or take it to a recycling centre.

junie1 Fri 24-Dec-21 12:47:02

We got ours from Tesco in the sale.

Spinnaker Fri 24-Dec-21 13:52:52

Bought the large one from Costco and the smaller one from Amazon. The Costco one has a griddle inside too which is ideal for a couple of steaks smile

Hetty58 Fri 24-Dec-21 18:18:28

vegansrock I have a washing machine drum that I use as an incinerator - and, being stainless steel it's brilliant. I put a dustbin lid over it when it's cold.

I built my own fire pit with some slabs, rocks and bricks that were already here in the garden. If I can do it, anyone can!

Hetty58 Fri 24-Dec-21 18:32:39

You can even buy a kit!

tiredoldwoman Sat 25-Dec-21 05:49:10

Just had a good laugh out loud nicety . The big river ? I was thinking Thames or Nile or something ! Dopey after a big Christmas Eve dinner now got early morning heartburn , too ! Happy Christmas everyone .

Avril63myboys Sat 15-Jan-22 11:10:53

I tend to agree with you, they look lovely and cosy in pictures, we bought one during the first lockdown, we’ve used it twice because there’s so much smoke it’s unbelievable. You really need a big field. Thinking of using it as a planter this summer.

Sparklefizz Sat 15-Jan-22 11:15:39

because there’s so much smoke it’s unbelievable.

Yes, I was put off buying one for this reason. A friend said that with friends/family gathered round, someone is going to get a face full of smoke. My family decided on blankets for outdoor visits instead.

Kali2 Sat 15-Jan-22 11:19:18

Thanks all. We decided on another present for them as we could not find what we wanted on time.

We have one at home,, and there is very little smoke- you have to have the right wood which is dried and well seasoned though.