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....the big tidy up

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farview Mon 11-Feb-19 17:07:15

Made a proper start today .. pulling out dead foliage,trimming back, general tidying and sweeping up leaves...still lots to do and aching all over..but so enjoyed it...Robin as per followed me around looking for grubs...sun was shining...perfect... although had one eye on the farmer haha he seems to be moving house s sheep and I'm hoping that...much as I love cows...he doesn't put them in this field as they have trashed my garden a few times.. actually leaning over stock fence and mine and not just eating but completely uprooting my shrubs(neighbours shrubs also)
...anyone else getting stuck in yet? 🌲🌷🌲

farview Mon 11-Feb-19 17:08:31

..don't know where'house' came from!!!! should read his!!

janeainsworth Mon 11-Feb-19 17:16:15

Yes, I had a lovely afternoon in my garden farview. Like you, clearing up leaves & pulling out weeds that had seeded over the winter. Suddenly there seem to be more hours in the day and the light is brighter too.
From mid-November to mid-January it always feels as though the only ‘window’ for gardening is between 11.30am to 1.30pm.

Iam64 Mon 11-Feb-19 19:21:06

I spent about four hours in the garden, tidying, taking leaves off borders, cutting back dead foliage. I used the hoe but didn’t do all the borders. It was bright and sunny, a lovely afternoon and an early night beckons

M0nica Mon 11-Feb-19 20:07:08

I am looking forward to getting started tomorrow, starting with raking the front garden after Storm Eric, twigs. and dead leaves everywhere

We did at least get the Christmas tree to the tip today!!

Fennel Mon 11-Feb-19 20:21:11

Our small front garden is a trap for all the dead leaves in our front square. Nearly waist deep!
And there are some pretty plants below that.
We've bought one of those vacuum machines and will try it out some time. I'm not convinced that winter is over yet.

BBbevan Tue 12-Feb-19 11:47:09

Just come in with an aching back. Planted broad beans. Dug over raised bed and found some marigolds clinging on, I have moved them to the front garden. Still leaves to sweep up. We have a large oak tree in the middle of the garden.
Supposed to be another nice day tomorrow so shall do a bit more tidying then

OurKid1 Tue 12-Feb-19 12:19:57

BBbevan likewise with the aching back. Just cut back a forsythia which was taking over. Hopefully I haven't shocked it too much and it will recover but control itself in future. Also a bit of dead heading and pulling any weeds which are pullable, while noticing those little ones which are impossible to get a grip on. I keep wondering about cutting the grass, but Himself says it's too wet and that the neighbours whose lawn mower we can hear are daft making a mistake.
Now flopping on the settee and wondering if my back will unbend by lunchtime!

MiniMoon Tue 12-Feb-19 14:27:51

DH was going to start in ours today, but it's raining here. He's put it off, and is now watching funny cat videos.

jusnoneed Tue 12-Feb-19 14:38:26

We had a hard frost here this morning so glad I resisted the temptation to take my secateurs out yesterday. It was lovely warm sunshine too. Need to pull some weeds but the ground is too wet.
The broad beans, which were standing about 10" tall, were doubled over. They recovered once the frost cleared but shows the damage still likely for a few weeks.

Jalima1108 Tue 12-Feb-19 15:00:52

Aren't you all good!

We went to the garden centre and had lunch smile
Well, it was a start, the thought was there.

tiredoldwoman Tue 12-Feb-19 15:07:46

I'm needing to go out into mine . I had old trees cut down last month so a big clean up and rethink is needed . A bit of digging to level things off , I think it's way too early to throw down some grass seed ?

M0nica Tue 12-Feb-19 15:59:41

Just come in after a pleasant couple of hours raking up the remains of Storm Eric, trimming a shrub, and muttering as I cut back next door's ivy which was encroaching over a wall and starting to grow up the house.

NanTheWiser Tue 12-Feb-19 16:06:31

I've also made the most of the weather today, cutting back some shrubs and plants that didn't get done in the autumn. I also raked over the "lawn", to gather up all the twiggy stuff from the birch tree that has fallen in the wind (the twiggy stuff, not the birch tree!), and lots of worm casts in preparation for the first mowing, which I hope to do soon. So nice to see all the snowdrops in flower, along with loads of cyclamen coum, and the first winter aconites!

Iam64 Tue 12-Feb-19 21:12:32

NanTheWiser you wouldn't have been making the most of the weather here today. I did that yesterday when it was cold but bright, dry and the sun was shining. Today we were back to the NW norm, grey with mizzle. So glad I grabbed the moment yesterday and let the washing sit in the corner (sulking)

bikergran Tue 12-Feb-19 21:16:33

Too wet here in Lancashire to get in garden yet, although I did have a little walk round my little garden only to find cat poo! starting again on my lawn tut!! I saw the culprit! but couldn't unlock door fast enough to shoooo...

BBbevan Tue 12-Feb-19 21:54:07

Came in just in time as it has rained since lunch time

Scooter58 Tue 12-Feb-19 22:32:37

Ventured into the greenhouse,shelving removed in preparation for jet wash ,and insulation bubble wrap,plug plants due week 9 so need to be spick and span by then

Jalima1108 Tue 12-Feb-19 22:42:59

I did have a walk round, put some meal worms in the bird feeder, had a glance at what needed doing hmm

Lisagran Wed 13-Feb-19 21:09:50

Cut the grass today smile and tidied one of the borders smile

Cold Wed 13-Feb-19 21:19:18

Can't even see my garden yet - still completely snow covered

PECS Wed 13-Feb-19 21:21:23

Feeling jealous! it was a lovely day here but unable to do anything due to being hors de combat! May try cleaning out the greenhouse tomorrow and sorting out the cutting taken in autumn that have likely died as I not get out to keep them alive sad

Iam64 Thu 14-Feb-19 07:47:47

PECS, hope you get into the greenhouse today. It's another frosty, bright day here with clear skies, which is always so welcome given our tendency to grey and damp.

It's our day for child care so I doubt gardening will be on the agenda. Although, maybe one three year old could be persuaded to wrap up and dig with grannie.

farview Thu 14-Feb-19 11:11:26

Did another couple of hours yesterday.. including sawing down a dead(ish) fir tree... weather wasn't great but happy with results 😊it's lovely today but baking/cooking for four of my grandchildren who come every Thursday

jeanie99 Mon 18-Feb-19 14:45:33

Just at the stage of making a list in my head of what needs to be done.
Can't wait to get started on the big tidy up.