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How much does your Green Waste Collection cost?

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MRGUDER Thu 23-Jun-22 14:31:57

I just wondered what other people throughout United Kingdom pay for their Green Waste to be collected?
How often is it collected?
Do you require bags or a bin?

Thank you for your assistance in this.

monk08 Thu 23-Jun-22 14:35:12

We have 1 green garden waste collection every fortnight no charge. No collections during December, January &February.

Teacheranne Thu 23-Jun-22 14:37:10

I don’t pay a separate amount for green waste, it is provided as part of my council tax. I have a large green bin which I use for garden waste and food waste, the small green bags for food are also provided without additional cost. This bin is collected weekly throughout the year, my other three bins are collected either fortnightly or monthly.

I feel that my local council provide a very good service collecting household rubbish.

Jaxjacky Thu 23-Jun-22 14:39:25

£41 pa, (discounted for some), specific large bin is provided, collection fortnightly.

Audi10 Thu 23-Jun-22 14:40:06

Ours is collected every other week and is a free collection, provided as part of our council tax

tanith Thu 23-Jun-22 14:41:50

Fortnightly, green bags I pay £40 discounted for pensioners.

aggie Thu 23-Jun-22 14:41:57

Free , collected fortnightly, resulting compost sold back to us , but it killed all my plants last time I used it !

Kate1949 Thu 23-Jun-22 14:42:38

Green wheelie bin, every fortnight, no charge.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 23-Jun-22 14:43:15

£58.50 this year (£50 if you pay by DD, which I don’t). A bin is provided, garden waste only, and the collection is every other week.

Georgesgran Thu 23-Jun-22 14:49:17

Separate bin here - collected fortnightly from April to the end of October - £35.

Casdon Thu 23-Jun-22 14:51:05

£39 for 2022, includes the hire of a 240-litre wheeled bin and fortnightly collections of the garden waste between 28 February and the 2 December. My mission is to fill mine to the top every time, I haven’t failed yet.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 23-Jun-22 14:56:36

I’m exactly the same Casdon. Nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you’ve got your money’s worth!!! We ram it down with a spade if necessary!

ExDancer Thu 23-Jun-22 14:57:09

What do you mean by garden waste Mr Guder?
Our council provide a pretty comprehensive service on a fortnightly rota.
One week they take the household waste for landfill, and the other week they take plastic and cans; newspaper and cardboard; and bottles;, in three separate containers. They also take garden waste in green bins which hold enough waste such as grass cuttings and weeds for an average sized garden. Any extra garden waste such as hedge trimmings from a very large garden you have to take to the recycling tip yourself.
Does your council provide another collection that you pay for?

ElaineI Thu 23-Jun-22 15:02:28

Garden waste for us is in brown bins and is £35 annually for fortnightly collections till 18/11.

vegansrock Thu 23-Jun-22 15:12:14

Ours is £80 pa for weekly year round garden waste removal. Brown bin. Everyone gets Food waste and recycling collected every week. Other non recyclable waste every fortnight.

Ilovecheese Thu 23-Jun-22 15:15:45

No charge. Food and garden waste collected every week in the summer and every fortnight in the winter months.

MawtheMerrier Thu 23-Jun-22 15:16:03

Nothing at all - apart from what we pay monthly in Council Tax.
Weekly collection of garden and food waste in big green wheelie bin, paper, plastic and cans etc in clear recycling bags, bottles and glass in blue plastic crates and everything else in black bin bags.
Obviously you pay extra for large items (fridges, sofas etc ) to be collected, but the tip is also open 7 days a week and free to private residents although businesses are charged.

granny'sbuttons Thu 23-Jun-22 15:19:34

£42 and the bin is collected fortnightly all the year round.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 23-Jun-22 15:27:13

Our garden waste is a brown bin collection every fortnight all year round. No extra charge.

Shandy57 Thu 23-Jun-22 15:30:55

NE, £43 for fortnightly brown bin collection.

merlotgran Thu 23-Jun-22 15:32:12

I pay £50 per year for a fortnightly collection (separate bin) but it only covers March to October which is daft because most cutting back/pruning is done in the autumn.

DillytheGardener Thu 23-Jun-22 15:32:43

Mine is very expensive, £70.52. Very jealous of those with a ‘free’ service or one in the £30/40 range

silverlining48 Thu 23-Jun-22 15:36:35

Ours is about £40 pa. provided with a bin, think we paid fir that nut it was sine years ago, collected fortnightly ( mostly). It’s the bin we always fill up, second only to recycle. Fortnightly.
Our waste bin picked up weekly has barely anything in it.

Yammy Thu 23-Jun-22 15:37:39

Free from council green plastic bin bi-weekly garden waste only no household waste to be added.
We have a weekly collection for household waste but are only provided blue plastic bags. Living in the country you have to be out early to get them out and if put out the night before they're sabotaged by animals and birds.

Kim19 Thu 23-Jun-22 15:42:38

I have an on demand private company I call when my wheelie is full. £3:80 pensioner rate.