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Can you remember your first kiss?

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sneetch Tue 26-Jul-11 15:06:19

My first proper one was in a school corridor with a boy called Tim who had long hair and was thought to be cool.

Not sure he was, really.

glassortwo Tue 26-Jul-11 15:13:25

My first kiss was with a boy called Malla (Malcom) he was cool, when I told my Friend I had been kissed she asked if I had I kissed with my mouth open or closed...... closed I said and she said only baby's kissed like that blush

Notsogrand Tue 26-Jul-11 15:14:57

Age 13, in the cinema, boy called John. Classic 'arm across the back of the seat' move. He wore glowingly white shirts that smelled of being boiled in Persil.

absentgrana Tue 26-Jul-11 15:45:44

Strangely, I've been thinking about old boyfriends recently – not with warm nostalgia but because I'm surprised to discover that I can't really remember most of them and most of the ones I can remember, I can't distinguish one from the other. And all that mattered so much then… First kiss – an Italian boy called Gilberto when I was on holiday. I think I was about nine or ten and it was very innocent, but I was really more interested in his older brother, a cool teenager called Carlo. However, he fancied my astonishingly beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed and rather more mature older sister. sad

grannyactivist Tue 26-Jul-11 16:12:48

Aged 13, outside the park gates. Felt like an electric shock. Honestly! Can't remember anything about the boy except he also tried to touch my breast and I whacked him one and ran off.

numberplease Tue 26-Jul-11 16:43:38

Aged 17,(I was a late developer!) on an evening coach trip to Blackpool illuminations, we were all teenagers on the bus, and on the way home I found myself next to a boy named Arnold, horrible name but not bad looking, he was a lovely kisser! The rat made a date to meet me in town a couple of days later but he never turned up. So, Arnold Taylor, of Rochdale, if you`re reading this, you`ll never know what you missed out on!!

greenmossgiel Tue 26-Jul-11 19:26:20

I think I was 13. His name was Bill and he was a year older than me. He was very shy and had terrible acne, bless him. I obviously wasn't as shy as him. I think he would've grown into a really nice man. Often wonder what happened to him. smile

pompa Tue 26-Jul-11 20:32:48

Yes, and I still see her most days, and even get the odd kiss now and then. Mrs P doesn't mind, she is very liberal about these things, we are a modern couple in that respect. grin

grannyactivist Wed 27-Jul-11 10:19:53

Aw pompa, that's really sweet. smile

Joan Wed 27-Jul-11 10:35:46

Age 15 at the Judo club. he was 15 too, and got me in a headlock and forcibly kissed me - with tongue. I bit him, and went off in a sulk. The next week at the judo club I tried a new throw on him and he fell on his head just off the mat. The ambulance came and they took him to hospital with concussion.

I was 17 before I got another kiss and it wasn't at the judo club. It was nice though - he was called David and was an architect with a red sports car.

MrsJamJam Wed 27-Jul-11 10:57:15

Aged almost 14 - a boy with red hair called Ricky who I had fancied for ages. He walked me home, pushing his bike, and kissed my under the tree outside our house, with the bike still between us. Such innocence!

glammanana Wed 27-Jul-11 11:26:32

I must have been about 14 and his name was John he was the catch of the year
at the time everyone wanted to be his girlfriend,after going out 2xweek for a
couple of weeks he chucked me for a new girl in school and I was heart broken
I thought the world would end.When we moved back here from Spain threeyears ago I saw him in our local town and what a shock,gone was the dark floppy hair
and nice teeth and there he was in all his glory,bald toothless and very badly
overweight,I married a John in the end and he is now bald but he blame's that
on me!

pompa Wed 27-Jul-11 19:48:43

BTY, met Mrs. P when she was 15 and I was 17. Heaven knows why she has put up with me for so many years. I can still remember exactly meeting her. I was at the Royal ballroom in Tottenham, she was with her mates, dancing round their handbags. She wore a black twinset (that dates her !) with a white skirt with buttons down the front. She made me walk her home, wouldn't get in my car !.
Now the downside, first date, I forgot her name blush. I put it down to concussion, I had had a fight earlier in the day, ended up with 6 stitches in my head, which was shaved by the hospital, I must have looked a sorry sight.

Grumpyoldwoman Wed 27-Jul-11 20:05:59

My very first kiss at 13 was with a boy called David under an umbrella outside my house.
Then I had 2 'boyfriends' from Youth Club ....but all the time I was CRAZY about another boy 3 yrs older than me (who I thought would never even look at me).........
At a Christmas party one month exactly before I turned 14 ..this wonderful boy kissed me ...I thought I had died and gone to heaven....

and on Tuesday we will have been married 42 yrs !!!

bunic Thu 28-Jul-11 14:36:05

my first kiss was with girl called Gill,was about six.To us boys it was uncool.

positiva Thu 28-Jul-11 18:58:19

My first kiss was in the passage by the coal shed when I was 13. Have been very naughty and met up with him 40+ years later and it was even better!!

skilegs Thu 28-Jul-11 20:58:41

Can remember my first but having a problem remembering my last!!!

nanarosie Mon 17-Oct-11 22:48:08

I am married to my first kiss - we met when I was 14 and I loved him from the start and after nearly fifty years -2 dc and 5dc still do love him lots and expect and receive lots of kisses every day. Yes i do know how lucky i am - he does have some annoying habits that I still have not quite managed to sort out - a few more year might do the trick!!

nanarosie Mon 17-Oct-11 22:49:35

oh that shout be dgc - sorry

harrigran Tue 18-Oct-11 00:39:29

Couldn't possibly say who he was, would blow my cover and then everybody would know grin

Notsogrand Tue 18-Oct-11 07:55:40

I remember by eldest daughter, then aged 10, coming in from play and telling me that the local 12 year old heart throb had kissed her. I was ready to go and deck him, but kept my composure and said 'Oh yes, and where did he kiss you' She replied 'On his doorstep'. grin She's 44 now and still remembers his name.

ninathenana Sat 26-Nov-11 12:33:51

yes, like it was yesterday !

His name was John, I was 13 and it was in an alley way on the way home from school grin

supernana Sat 26-Nov-11 13:37:26

Yes - his name was Lionel - he was about 13 and I was 12. He gave me a record - Mr Sandman [bring me a dream] and kissed me. When in my twenties and working p/t at the Saints rugby club in Northampton, he came up to the bar with his wife. He blushed...charmingly...and I did likewise.

gracesmum Sat 26-Nov-11 13:52:36

There were some great kissers at my Scottish High School, but not what you would consider for a longer relationship! I remember being put off a boy I fancied something rotten because he had bad breath.....

em Sat 26-Nov-11 15:10:03

The trainee fireman who lived a few doors away! I was 16 and he was 20. We went out a few times but it went nowhere - largely because my dad was his boss and he was more scared of dad then he was fond of me! Have to say that it was in the days before firemen became fashionable.