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smells that jog your memory

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nelliedeane Wed 18-Apr-12 18:50:30

thinking about pennies for the gas meter I could smell the different soaps etc immediately my mind went to yardleys lipstick that mum used to wear and spent a few minutes of nostalgia,wearing her high heels and playing mumsmile

glassortwo Wed 18-Apr-12 19:06:49

I know its not PC now...... but my Grandads pipe tobacco smoke, and the sound of him tapping his pipe on the range smile

nelliedeane Wed 18-Apr-12 19:09:07

oh yes and I love the smell of pipe tobacco,my dad always had a cigar at christmas,I only have to smell a cigar and dad is with me and its christmassmile

Carol Wed 18-Apr-12 19:27:41

Oh, yes! My grandad's pipe - I adored that smell because I adored him. I can remember the smell of my mum's Yardley's freesia talc - overpowering, but she loved freesias. The bonfire of raked up leaves in December at the end of grandad's garden. The smell of ginger biscuits when my grandmother opened her biscuit tin for us. smile

greenmossgiel Wed 18-Apr-12 19:30:49

Imperial Leather soap. It takes me back to when I was in hospital having my first child. I was really young, and still at home (another story), and my mum had put the soap in my washbag because I think she thought it was 'posh'. I always buy that soap for the bathroom, and every time I use it, the memory's there with me - all day long. smile

nelliedeane Wed 18-Apr-12 19:41:31

my dad used imperial leather in a shaving bowl and a brush and I always bought him one for christmas as a freesia talc for my first baby greenmossgielsmile

greenmossgiel Wed 18-Apr-12 19:45:32

I remember that, nelliedeane! smile I also used to like Yardley Freesia - wish it was still available!

Gally Wed 18-Apr-12 20:09:09

My Dad's Hamlet cigars and my Grandma's violet sweets (yuk). The polish used on the 'posh' stairs when I went back to boarding school and newly mown grass when Dad was out in the garden and I was supposed to be asleep.

Grannylin Wed 18-Apr-12 20:40:26

My Dad smoked Hamlet cigars too Gally when he 'gave up' smoking!My Mum used to send jumpers she had knitted to my kids when they were small and when they used to open the parcels the smell wafted out and they'd exclaim with joy 'Mmmm Grandad!'

baNANA Wed 18-Apr-12 20:45:53

Estee Lauder's Youth Dew reminds me of when I first went out dancing as a teenager, we all thought it terribly sophisticated. Also Gaulois and Gitanes cigarettes reminds me of going to Spain as a teenager and discovering how attractive the French boys we met seemed. Although I don't smoke, I still love the smell of French ciggies they evoke continental Europe for me to this day.

shysal Wed 18-Apr-12 21:41:12

My mother's Ponds vanishing cream had a very distinctive smell. I bought some recently and was disappointed to find that it has a different scent, a bit citrussy now.
A smell I still hate is cherry flavouring, which was used in the penicillin emulsion I took when I had pneumonia as a child.

nelliedeane Wed 18-Apr-12 21:52:36

oh yes shysal my mum used ponds vanishing cream and that combined with the yardley lipstick was my mums smell.I used to get so cross with the penicillin Ithink it was Icipen,fom dispensing days it looked so enticing and creamy,didnt smell too bad you would open your mouth in anticipation only to have that foul horrible jollop to swallow.

dorsetpennt Wed 18-Apr-12 22:48:31

Ambre Soliel - we used to lather it on and toast ourselves on the beach on the French Riviera - thinking we were 'just like the French' . I remember Youth Dew, but hated it, a friend of mine wore it and it must have been her skin as the pong was sickening. Chanel No 5 for me - wonderful smell. Do you remember Blue Grass by Eliz.Arden? My GM wore it do they still make it I wonder?

Anagram Wed 18-Apr-12 23:21:59

Anyone remember Tanfastic, the first widely available artificial tanning lotion in the 60s? It had that awful fake-tan smell, and even though the manufacturers have worked really hard to erase it, it's still there in some of the products these days - takes me back to the streaky orange 'tans' we used to have! grin

seasider Thu 19-Apr-12 00:03:48

I love the smell of Ambre Solaire it reminds me of my first holidays abroad. There was a grocery shop my mum used to take me in in the early sixties that was run by an Asian gentleman and had bananas and other fruits hanging from the ceiling. The whole place had a particular smell that when I smell it now takes me back to being a little girl. I have tried to identify it over the years but just realised while looking at candles today that is actually vanilla.

nelliedeane Thu 19-Apr-12 08:32:09

Dorsetpent think Blue grass is still made sure I have seen it the discount type stores. Also remember about Aqua Manda....and the old fashioned sainsbury stores with marble counters,the smell of the bacon being sliced and the cheese being cut .....and bliss the old fashioned bakers with the smell of baking bread wafting out ..bliss...or whatabout 4 pennorth of chips in newspaper after a dip in the local swimming baths...and they where a smell on their on a roll here grin

baNANA Thu 19-Apr-12 08:48:43

dorsetpennt I hasten to add that I now find Youth Dew totally overpowering and certainly wouldn't wear it, but aged 15 I thought it was great and like you now prefer the subtleties of Channel No. 5. My Grandma used to wear something called 4711 does anyone remember that? I think it may still be around. nelliedeane, yes I remember a wonderful old fashioned Sainsbury store in my home town with marble counters and the smell of sliced bacon and Macfisheries overpowering smell of fish when did they disappear from the high street? Aqua Manda that definitely rings a bell, I'm sure I bought it, was it some orangey smelling perfume?

shysal Thu 19-Apr-12 08:52:42

dorsetpennt I still wear Blue Grass every day! I have tried numerous others but don't like any of them. Of course I don't smell the Blue Grass any more, but family and friends like the fact that I always smell the same!

I hate the smell of coffee (weird I know). It always reminds me of the Cadena shop in Oxford that made the whole of Cornmarket smell.

nelliedeane Thu 19-Apr-12 09:11:38

4711 always me of reminds me of gin..or gin always reminds me of 4711,having worked in Boots it was something that was very popular..along with soir de paris in the little blue bottle....oh and I used to love the smell of the local private chemists when I was a child I think that started my love of everything to do with pharmacy.

glassortwo Thu 19-Apr-12 09:24:14

What was it that came in very small black bottle with a red stopper?

Carol Thu 19-Apr-12 09:46:06

glass was it Joy by Jean Patou? I remember having a bottle bought for me many years ago, in a commemorative box. The botle was black with a red stopper, but these days it's in a clear glass bottle.

Here's a picture, if that's the one you're thinking of.

vampirequeen Thu 19-Apr-12 09:51:19

Sunlight soap and frying sausages take me straight into my Grandma's kitchen on a Sunday morning.

GoldenGran Thu 19-Apr-12 10:00:20

Lavender puts me in the bedrooms at my Grandparents' house, there was dried lavender in every room. And stock on the stove takes me back to my mother's kitchen, their was always a home made soup on the go.

glassortwo Thu 19-Apr-12 10:04:40

Thats it carol thanks smile

glassortwo Thu 19-Apr-12 10:05:52

Can you remember the plastic flowers that came free with soap powder.