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DNA help please

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Anniebach Sat 08-Dec-18 13:18:04

Younger daughter has bought me a DNA test, I have to register it with Ancestry then send it off and wait.

What can I expect ? I have not the foggiest how it all works

oldgaijin Wed 12-Dec-18 08:08:02

Anniebach, it is totally fascinating and you can break down brick walls...just last night I found two first cousins in the USA. I am sure you are 100% Welsh, just as I am 100% Scots, even though my ancestry is mainly S. England and N. Europe! I think there is a little bit of Viking in us all.

Anniebach Wed 12-Dec-18 08:36:15

oldgaijin. Thank you. Yes I am 100% Welsh regardless of the DNA results 😀. Hope I can breakdown some brick walls, my greatest wish is to find a descendant of William brn 1834, but very, very unlikely.
How exciting you have found two first cousins in the USA, I have nineteen first cousins, fifteen live in Wales and four in England so there will be no first cousins to be found

Clara6 Wed 12-Dec-18 15:29:14

I sent a sample to Ancestry last year, but they couldn't get enough DNA from it and I had to submit another sample. The second time I scraped the inside of my cheeks with a toothbrush and spit that into the sample, so it worked. Read the small print of the terms and conditions and be aware of how your dna results could be released to other companies. In America, for instance, the police are allowed to search the Ancestry DNA database to find relatives of murderers making it easier for them to catch a killer. I'm not suggesting you have a murderer in your family tree though!

BradfordLass72 Wed 12-Jun-19 06:00:28

I have traced my provable ancestry back, mostly on my mother's side, to the early 1500's and unprovably, but because the surname is unusual and most of us originated from one small Yorkshire village, back to 1300's via a Poll Tax record.

When I look at the huge scroll of my ancestors and know there are many more on Dad's side and beyond, it amazes me that there are only 3 of us left!

I have recently traced a first cousin still alive and I value her very much. She's just become a grandma so I suppose I have a 2nd cousin twice removed smile

I wish I could afford a DNA test because I'd like to know if I have more relatives anywhere - but please not aristocracy or royal, I couldn't bear that. hmm

Esspee Wed 12-Jun-19 06:11:18

I chose to do the "23 and me" DNA test which also provides medical information.
I was delighted to find that I don't carry the breast/prostate cancer gene nor the Alzheimer's gene.

Chestnut Mon 02-Sep-19 15:38:45

Luckygirl, just came onto the forum and saw your mention of Greg Davies being descended from Owain Glyndyr. But realised that he was in fact descended from Owain Gwynedd, a different person! Very confusing but if you check Wiki you'll find them. I had never heard of Owain Gwynedd so this was all new to me.

Anniebach Mon 02-Sep-19 16:11:47

Owain Gwynedd was the first Prince of Wales

luckyrose62 Mon 02-Sep-19 16:29:09

My husband has always tanned easily and was dark haired. I used to joke with him about where his DNA must be from. Where I am fairish with green eyes. So our present to each other was My Heritage DNA which was a swab
Well my husband is 100%English I originated Middle East tiny amount then Spanish then French then ?British. Which was a good result a 1st cousin twice removed was linked. He answered an important bit of history. My father always said we were from Hugeonot descent. Which I did not believe So this man told me this without me asking. If you have a bit of spare cash it’s a bit of fun with interest. So I am 57 varieties and he English. I am not allowed to forget this grin

Chestnut Mon 02-Sep-19 17:04:01

'Owain Gwynedd was the first Prince of Wales'
Agreed, and Owain Glyndwr was the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales some 200-300 years later (appears in Shakespeare's Henry 1V and V). It was 'Gwynedd' that Greg Davis was descended from and not 'Glyndwr' as stated.