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Getting started - help appreciated

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Esspee Tue 20-Oct-20 14:08:05

I had always intended dipping my toe into ancestry research after I retired but had expected to attend classes to get me off to a knowledgable start.
Because of the pandemic I will soon have the time but no idea of how to go about it.
Can anyone suggest either a book, a class or any other method of getting me started?
I am used to scientific research so not fazed by heavy tomes.
Any and all suggestions appreciated.

Shrub Thu 22-Oct-20 13:38:39

Rootschat forum is a mine of information, very useful,

Esspee Thu 22-Oct-20 15:17:52

Thank you Shrub.

Mapleleaf Thu 22-Oct-20 15:24:45

Futurelearn are running a course on ancestry which might be of help to you. I've not looked at it myself, but they advertised it in an email that came today. I can recommend their courses which are very good. There's no charge if you just want to do them for the duration of the run of the course, but there is an option to purchase if you want to. (Sorry if I'm repeating what someone else might have already mentioned, but I've not read all the other posts).

Floradora9 Thu 22-Oct-20 21:52:52

I would go for Ancestry for research I have done it and Findmypast and the latter was not a patch on Ancestry. However Familysearch is free . I have has such joy finding people having had my DNA done by Ancestry . I am in touch with lots of long lost relations and we are sharing information like mad.

nanna8 Sun 25-Oct-20 11:57:19

Our local library gives free access to and Find my Past using your own computer at home. I only just found this and had been paying out myself for many years -so it is worth checking. I have been doing family research for many years and I use Tribal Pages which I think is brilliant for online records. You can buy CDs etc. of your tree containing all your pictures, research etc.I also have an tree as a 'working tree' but not as up to date as Tribal.

Chardy Sun 08-Nov-20 19:54:08

Esspee Sun 08-Nov-20 22:35:46

Thank you everyone, just back to give a quick update. I signed up to a free genealogy class with Futurelearn which Treebee gave a link to upthread.
I am enjoying it very much and I was motivated to make a start on my family tree.
The best discovery so far is that my great, great grandmother turns out to be called Frances in one census and Fanny in the next so I officially have a *Granny Fanny*😆

MrsThreadgoode Tue 10-Nov-20 07:52:51

This is what we all want

Pittcity Tue 10-Nov-20 08:30:36

My great great grandmother was Fanny Creasey!

Callistemon Tue 10-Nov-20 10:35:35

The best discovery so far is that my great, great grandmother turns out to be called Frances in one census and Fanny in the next so I officially have a *Granny Fanny* 😆
So is mine, well, she was my 3 x grandmother. Are we related Esspee?

Callistemon Tue 10-Nov-20 10:36:32

And Pittcity

We are probably all cousins somewhere along the line.

Esspee Mon 30-Nov-20 18:01:47

Hi everyone on the Genealogy forum.
Quick update.
I have just finished the Strathclyde University Genealogy course which is free from Future Learn. Thank you so much for putting me onto it Treebee it has been excellent.
I can thoroughly recommend it. The people on the course ranged from those who were just intending to make a start to members who were clearly highly experienced.
All of us learned a lot and everyone was friendly and helpful to each other.
It certainly helped pass the time during my recent exclusion from Gransnet and has become rather addictive as you warned me Oopsadaisy.

Callistemon Mon 30-Nov-20 18:11:36

There is life beyond the norty step, Esspee

Esspee Mon 30-Nov-20 19:00:27

Yes but what kind of life Callistemon? My first thread, in which I apologised to anyone who might have been offended (just 1 judging from the PMs in my inbox) lasted less than half an hour before GNHQ pulled it.