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Please help me TIPTREE JAM to stay in Tiptree

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pompa Fri 01-Jul-11 08:36:33

We must all have eaten or bought TIPTREE JAM at some time in our lives. Wilkin & Sons have made jam in Tiptree for over 125 years and are a cornerstone of the village. They need to expand their factory and would employ another 200 local people. However the Council are refusing them permission to build houses on their existing site to finance the expansion. This could mean they have to move out of Tiptree with a loss of a potential 500 local jobs.
Please help me by supporting their campaign and spread the campaign World Wide.
Details can be found on the News pages of their website and on their Facebook page at

I have no connection with Tiptree Jam, other than having lived in Tiptree most of my life. Neither I or any of my family have worked for them. I just passionately believe they should continue to make jam here for another 125 years.

pompa Thu 18-Aug-11 21:43:48

Just watched it. Yes we are familiar with most of the places, often pick samphire from the marshes, along with a local crab, perfect!. The Springstep Dairy & farm is new to us, will be visiting that asap. Mrs. P has picked Little Scarlet strawberries in past years.

ElseG Fri 19-Aug-11 17:22:42

On the strength of this Pompa I bought my first ever jar of Tiptree strawberry jam to take away on holiday smile

jangly Sat 20-Aug-11 09:46:34

The Divine jam (purchased from church fete) which I referred to a bit further up/down this thread, depending on whether you have flipped or not, went mouldy half way down the jar.

Yes, I know Pomps!

tiptree Fri 26-Aug-11 19:17:55

Thank goodness it wasn't Tiptree jam, just someone using a Tiptree jar.

Seriously though, jam goes mouldy for a number of reasons - low soluble solids is the main reason home-made jam spoils, the sugar content has to be above around 60% in the finished product (and that sugar content comes from both the sugar you add and the sugar in the fruit).

It's very difficult to hermetically seal home-made jam. We've heard of people heating it in a microwave oven just before screwing the lid on but can't vouch for that. DON"T try it with the lid on please!

Jam can get mould on it from mould spores floating around in the air, especially from bread - that's why you really shouldn't use the same knife to get jam out as you've used to spread it or butter on your bread or toast. And it's better not to keep opened jam and bread in the same cupboard.

Mould is something that us oldies were used to decades ago but is now a worry. Well it's not really, you could scrape off mould and what's underneath will be fine. That applies to cheese too as mould only forms on the surface, where the air can get to the food.

glammanana Sat 27-Aug-11 23:16:04

pompa If the planning is passed and the company can build the house's in question will those house's be of a price that local people will be able to afford ?

Oldgreymare Sun 28-Aug-11 18:47:43

Pompa, just caught up with your thread. Off to tell my lovely neighbour who used to live there AND picked fruit in season ( before you say anything, Jangly, I mean when the fruit was ripe......) Oh dear this gets worse ...
Note to self: Apply the Dennis Healey rule of holes:
'When you are in a hole,stop digging!'
Good luck with the campaign.

pompa Sun 28-Aug-11 19:29:02

Glammamanana the questionnaire asked what type of houses villageers would like. The result was a mix of starter, larger and sheltered housing. Whilst that is not binding on Tiptree jam, from past experience that is exactly what I would expect them to have wished for. They have always put the wishes/interest of Tiptree before financial concerns.

TIPTREE - good to see you back on the forum, a summary of the survey results would be appreciated, please don't promote the company, just facts (GNHQ have rules about commercial promotion).

glammanana Mon 29-Aug-11 15:26:19

That's nice pompa I was only interested as DH worked at Port Sunlight where the house's where let to employee's and then went on to be sold privatley and they where outpriced to the FTB market,the fact that they are looking at supported housing is fabulous as when people downsize they can stay in the same area,well done to the planner's if it all come's off

tiptree Mon 29-Aug-11 20:21:01

Difficult to answer questions on here without being commercial so in brief, with apologies if it's deemed to be an advert:

There are detailed notes about the new jam factory plans on Facebook 'Tiptree - where the jam comes from' page. We asked architects to change mix from 2-4 bedroom homes to 1-5 bedroom in response to local opinion.

Two weeks ago, Peter Wilkin handed over keys to eight new retirement bungalows in Tiptree, just completed off Cherry Chase. Bungalows are complete with fridge freezer, hobs, cookers, washing lines, garden sheds etc.

Thanks for your interest.

JO4 Sun 22-Jul-12 12:47:54

If you still read this Pomps, do you know you can buy Tiptree strawberries now? Grown on their own estate.

How many miles of them do they grow to make all that jam, and still have some left over to sell?!

(Got 'em in Waitrose btw) They are nice.