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Where have all the Grandads gone?

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lefthanded Fri 24-Jan-14 10:14:38

Surely I'm not the only one here.

Tegan Fri 24-Jan-14 10:27:13

Well, we did have Roderick here last week, but he seems to have disappeared.

Lona Fri 24-Jan-14 10:41:55

Pete is usually in the 'bar' grin ....."Pete's Sports Bar"

Roderick Fri 24-Jan-14 12:24:04

Just to let you know I am still alive but not walking very well

Roderick Fri 24-Jan-14 12:25:57

No ,I have not disappeared yet,only the good die young.I have not been out for a week,not walking very well

Roderick Fri 24-Jan-14 12:29:53

I am still alive but not walking very well

glammanana Fri 24-Jan-14 12:36:23

You just rest up then Roderick and stay tuned into GN you will be kept entertained on here for sure always interesting topic's to read and get involved with.

Goose Fri 24-Jan-14 12:53:54

Roderick - why don't you pop into Pete's Sports Bar? Most of the customer's in there don't walk too well either - especially as the night goes on grin

Galen Fri 24-Jan-14 13:38:54

Probably because of high methanol content of the beverages.

glammanana Fri 24-Jan-14 14:44:40

Or could be the height of the heels on the shoes that the boss likes his staff & customers to wear. grin ever tried walking on 5" heels after a couple hmm of brandy's ? grin

Roderick Fri 24-Jan-14 14:51:36

Thanks,I am taking it easy

Roderick Fri 24-Jan-14 14:53:54

Hello Galen,I hope you meant ethanol because methanol(methyl alcohol)is poisonous

Galen Fri 24-Jan-14 15:01:24

No! I have A level chemistry. It's a common problem with home made spirits!
I have my suspicions about what goes into the mixes that Pete serves. (That's not counting Gramps' long johns)

Roderick Fri 24-Jan-14 19:32:14

Yes Galen,I had not thought of contamination from methanol in home brewing

Nonu Fri 24-Jan-14 19:45:30

Lefthanded & Roderick ,
As the lovely Delia [well some think she is] , said lets"s be "avin you !

Soutra Fri 24-Jan-14 20:52:45

I was beginning to wonder where you had gone, Nonu as I have missed you. Now I see you've been in the shed with all the Grandads grin

Nonu Fri 24-Jan-14 21:31:58

Soustra ^ You are a sausage ^.
In the shed with Grandads would rather shoot myself in the left tit toe.
I have had a damn pill of it this week. Himself came down with a cold Sunday, so you might know who it was passed onto.
Put the old warrior to bed, but so on it goes, coughing and spluttering etc.
Flaming Norah fed up to the back teeth.
Anyway went to meet to DD and Angels for lunch and it seems to have done us the power of good
Feeling maginally better , hey ho x

Soutra Fri 24-Jan-14 21:47:39

Men with colds need puting in sheds at the bottom of the garden! Did you go to Bourneville? I saw in the paper today that chocolate production (some of the old favourites) will continue there after all.
Glamma - the picture of Roderick, Pete or even Grumppa in 5" heels is one to conjure with! grin

Ana Fri 24-Jan-14 21:48:20

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Nonu - I'd missed you as well! smile

Nonu Fri 24-Jan-14 22:11:13

No , not Bournville , half way Brampton Hut. so they should keep the old favourites on , Cadburys have been in business for the longest time , one could compare them to Hersheys [who apparently came over to G.B to find out the secrets of Cadburys ] but in actual fact the tastes of English & American are different.
Ana --smile

Charleygirl Fri 24-Jan-14 22:28:13

Nonu I also have a stinking cold. Did you pass it on to me virtually? I really could do without it.

Nonu Fri 24-Jan-14 22:33:26

Charley just tell me about it .
However, sweetie , "We will survive " !!

Lona Fri 24-Jan-14 22:59:18

It's been quiet without you Nonu, missed the giggles wink

grumppa Fri 24-Jan-14 23:16:54

Soutra, I have eschewed women's clothing, especially high heels, since I played the fat lady at the village fair in "Maria Marten" (and the Murder in the Red Barn) in 1960. Teetering is not for me.

Galen Fri 24-Jan-14 23:26:55

Tittering perhaps though?smile