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My grandson had an accident

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pinkprincess Fri 23-Dec-11 00:33:12

I know all you grandmothers on here will know why I am feeling happy today.
Two days ago my only grandson who is 10 was very ill indeed.He had been climbing on railings as boys do, and he must have slipped and the top of a railing pole went into his tummy. He ran into the house screaming and holding his stomach.Only my husband and fifteen year old grandaughter were in.They managed to sit him down and found there was blood puoring from a hole in his tummy.To cut a long story short my grandaughter phoned 999 wwhile my DH pressed a clean teatowel over the wound until the paramedic arrived which was within minutes.He was given emergency treatment with oxygen and strong painkiller(Diamorphine) and a drip was set up.My GD assisted the paramedic-very proud of her.He was then rushed to hospital where he had emergency surgery to repair the damage.Fortunatly the pole had not caused major damage to any organs, the doctors think he must have pulled himself off the pole before it went in further.
Both parents were out,his mother was at work and I was also out but raced to the hospital as soon as I got the call.I got there before the ambulance as they were still working on him at home.My son and his wife got there shortly afterwards.
He is now home with a bottle of antibiotics after a load of it was pumped into his veins during surgery.He is otherwise now recovered apart from the drssing on his tummy but I thank God that he is now well.
I must add I am very pleased how my GD his half sister reacted.She kept her cool in the emergency and helped to give lifesaving treatment.I say this as she is no angel in her behaviour and is more than just a stroppy teenager.
Sorry this is long but I just had to write this.I am so happy.

Carol Fri 23-Dec-11 00:57:41

What a lucky escape pinkprincess! You must be so thankful he survived that. I can see why you're happy - it could have turned out tragically different. I hope you manage to sleep tonight - I think if it had happened on my watch I would be half way down a bottle of scotch by now, and shaking from head to toe. He has an amazing family, and thank goodness they were able to deal with it so well. Please will you let us know how he is getting on over the next few days? thanks

Faye Fri 23-Dec-11 01:21:45

I must have missed your original post pinkprincess but reading your post now gave me goose bumps. How easy is it for a child to fatally injure themselves while playing. How thankful you must be feeling now. Good on his sister for keeping a level head. After the family have praised her and told her how responsible she is, she just might turn the corner. Have a peaceful Christmas. thanks

nanachrissy Fri 23-Dec-11 01:50:31

What a horrible thing to have happened, poor lad. It makes me shiver to think of it.
Thank goodness he is ok.

harrigran Fri 23-Dec-11 06:40:54

pinkprincess what a shock you must have had. Outcome could have been a lot worse. Well done to quick thinking familythanks

glassortwo Fri 23-Dec-11 07:44:54

pink thank goodness he is ok, give your GD a huge pat on the back, you must still be in shock thanks

JessM Fri 23-Dec-11 07:53:38

Phew. Hope you can have a gentle day today to get over this fright.

bikergran Fri 23-Dec-11 08:07:49

*pinkprincess) oh what a nasty thing to have to deal with , the shock alone and that first initial reaction sends you into another world! so gald that everything is turning out ok and I'm sure things will improve each day...take care thanks

Libradi Fri 23-Dec-11 08:15:56

So glad your grandson is ok now pinkprincess, what a nightmare! Well done to your granddaughter for not panicking and doing the right thing, you must be very proud of her.

em Fri 23-Dec-11 08:43:42

What a dreadful thing to happen. How reassuring that they could stay calm and deal with such a difficult situation. I'd be so proud if my 14 yr-old GD could cope so well but have to hope that she's never put to the test!

HildaW Fri 23-Dec-11 09:40:38

pinkprincess..what a horrible scare for you and your family, am so glad hes on the mend. I just want to send you lots of Happy Christmas wishes, but I'm sure you will all have a lovley time counting your blessings. Children do have a tendency to scare us to death, yet somehow they amaze us too by how they cope and battle through.

gracesmum Fri 23-Dec-11 10:03:47

Oh it makes your blood run cold, but thank heavens for a happy outcome. I agree that children cope and battle through HW but at what cost to our shattered nerves!smile Have a lovely Christmas pinkprincess now that you can breathe again xx

Ariadne Fri 23-Dec-11 10:15:16

Oh how dreadful, pinkprincess! And how lovely that he's safe at home now. You must have been terrified. (((hugs)))

bagitha Fri 23-Dec-11 11:15:56

Well done, that girl! Please tell her from me! What a star!

And thank goodness he's OK now. xx

mrshat Fri 23-Dec-11 12:54:42

pinkprincess - the hairs on the back of my neck are upright! Thank goodness he is OK now and hopefully you can all relax and have a very happy Christmas. I echo bagitha in 'well done that girl'. You are right to be proud. smile

supernana Fri 23-Dec-11 13:40:59

pinkprincess shock How awful! Congratulations to your granddaughter. Her cool, calm and collected approach in dealing with such an emergency was admirable. Thank goodness all is well. Enjoy your festivities smile

pinkprincess Fri 23-Dec-11 16:49:43

Thankyou all for replies and good wishes.My grandson is now running around the house, he is not allowed to play out yet.He has a small wound covered in a dressing.DIL says all the stitches are inside. My grandaughter wants to be a paramedic now!.
Children are very resilient.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Carol Fri 23-Dec-11 16:57:57

Great to hear pinkprincess!

em Fri 23-Dec-11 18:40:30

I'm sure our pet paramedic Dizzyblonde will be delighted to hear of your brave GD's career choice!

Gally Fri 23-Dec-11 19:17:04

Ooooh, that sounds so horrible. So glad he is much better and on the move again. It could have been so much worse. It's amazing how incidents like this can bring the best out of a bystander; maybe your GD will become a paramedic!
There was a case in Dundee this week of a young lady slipping on the ice on her steps and being impaled on the railings shock It seems to happen more often than you would imagine.

Seventimesfive Fri 23-Dec-11 19:18:21

How awful for you all pinkprincess. These things can happen so quickly. Many congratulations to your GD. Sounds as if she will make a great paramedic. I think the Red Cross have a junior section. Perhaps she might like to join that? Hope you all have a happy and uneventful Xmas!

grannyactivist Fri 23-Dec-11 23:38:36

Yes, it does make one's blood run cold to think......., but well done to all concerned for averting what could have been a much worse situation and how lovely for your granddaughter to be in a position to have such positive feedback. She can relish being praised and enjoy the lovely feelings associated with that rather than getting attention in other less helpful ways. The Red Cross do indeed have a junior section as Seventimesfive points out and are always recruiting new members.

pinkprincess Fri 23-Dec-11 23:56:21

My grandaughter's older sister has just said the same thing to her about joining the Red Cross.It would certainly keep her out of mischief!.
I am a retired nurse and did not until recently realise the excellent work done by the paramedics.I think they are the unsung heroes of the NHS. My DH has heart disease and was given life saving treatment on two occasions by paramedics.
Thanks again all of you.

PoppaRob Sat 24-Dec-11 00:00:16

Well done GD! I had some stronger than usual angina pains last December and decided it was time for professional help so I rang for an ambulance. Who should turn up with his offsider but one of the kids I'd taught first aid to in nippers (junior surf life saving) 15 years earlier! His two loves in life had been cricket and surf life saving but he wasn't an especially fast or strong kid so he'd decided to become an ambo and then did further study and became a paramedic. Long story short they popped in a stent the next day and I'm good as gold now. The 13 year old kid I knew at the surf club is making good money and doing a much needed and appreciated job in his chosen field. If you call for help in years to come pinkprincess GD might just knock on your door!

Greatnan Sat 24-Dec-11 02:04:49

I am so glad this story ended well.
One of my grandsons is taking an NVQ in Public Services, with a view to trying to join either the ambulance or fire service, or the police force. He is loving it, after many years of being bored to death at school.