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Parenting, actually – the joys of

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bagitha Sat 11-Feb-12 14:38:52

To an eleven-year-old, apparently the dishcloth is the same as "any old rag" for wiping mud off shoes confused. Just as well she was already out with her dad to see the Muppets when I discovered this. She didn't know what/who the Muppets were so we felt an educational visit to the cinema was called for.

Just for the record, there's a whole box full of old rags under the kitchen sink. She does know this.

But the dishcloth was handy and already damp hmm.

Carol Sat 11-Feb-12 14:48:35

My 38 year old son had to borrow my car to take girlfriend home when his car got two flat tyres on the motorway. 'Fine' I said, 'but as I have had the dog in the car today, take this brand new throw I bought yesterday and put in on the seat so she doesn't get dog hairs on her lovely coat.' You can guess where two wheels went when he borrowed my car again next morning to get replacement tyres!!

greenmossgiel Sat 11-Feb-12 14:49:36

And nice and clean....confused!