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Looking for inspiration for a 1st Birthday Present please.

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Julesey Wed 13-Sep-23 20:15:46

What have you given for a 1st birthday present that was well received? Children have so many toys now.
I have been looking at Montessori toys as my own mother was very interested in them but it’s so difficult when you don’t really have much contact with the family.
I know he is already walking, ‘chatters’ away to himself all the time, loves climbing and doesn’t sleep much!
Makes me wonder how I ever survived with four of my own!

Dorsetcupcake61 Wed 13-Sep-23 20:46:45

For my grandsons first birthday my daughter suggested we gave him a copy of our favourite childhood book with a short note about why it was so special to us.

lixy Wed 13-Sep-23 20:54:37

Montessori stacking pebbles were a hit with my GD - she plays with them for ages each time she is here. Given when she was about one, now fast heading towards her second birthday!

Chardy Wed 13-Sep-23 20:58:42

Last present I bought for a 1 yr old was a bath toy - lots of modules that parents ot older siblings could join for little to play with as a water slide, and enjoy breaking up and making into a different configuration as they get older. It was advertised on social media, but I bought it on Amazon and sent it direct.

Callistemon21 Wed 13-Sep-23 21:18:48

Stacking cups, shape sorters, something that makes 'music' like a xylophone, shakers etc (check first).

More expensive, a sit and ride on toy, various prices.

CanadianGran Wed 13-Sep-23 21:28:38

I have given a silver coin from the year of their birth.
If they were born in 2022 then you might find a Queen's Platinum Jubilee coin.

Theexwife Wed 13-Sep-23 21:32:56

If you don't have much contact with the family then you won't know what the baby already has, in this case, I would send a gift card.

Hetty58 Wed 13-Sep-23 21:42:55

I'd always ask the parents - as it depends on the child and their interests, as they're so different. My little grandson loved basketball so we got him the toddler version.

HappyZebra Thu 14-Sep-23 04:55:27

I don't know if you have the money but a climbing pikler with slide or a plastic slide could be a good idea. If you don't have a lot of money you can try having a look on Facebook market place for a second hand one. I picked a slide up for £5! But it will depend on whether they have the space. If you see something you could then ask the family... Or with the season changing you could get a puddle suit if he doesn't have one or teeny wellies? Or mini pots and pans which could be used in a mud kitchen. Lots of ideas!

silverlining48 Thu 14-Sep-23 08:42:10

I would look at something which can be kept and bought a Steiff Teddy for my gd.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 14-Sep-23 08:47:06

Open a bank account and add to it year on year.

I always give a book to my family members every birthday and Christmas as well as a gift big or small - at 1 it can be very small🙂

dogsmother Thu 14-Sep-23 08:47:46

Water / bath toys are best generic at this age completely agree with Chardy.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 14-Sep-23 08:51:01

I forgot to add that my eldest GS has recently received his at 21 from us and it is surprising how it has accumulated over the years. He has squirrel-ed it away towards what he hopes will eventually be his first property.

Susan56 Thu 14-Sep-23 21:29:00

We bought all the grandchildren a cosy coupe car for their first birthdays.Several different designs to choose from.The oldest car is nearly eight years old and still played with.

Callistemon21 Thu 14-Sep-23 21:36:42


We bought all the grandchildren a cosy coupe car for their first birthdays.Several different designs to choose from.The oldest car is nearly eight years old and still played with.

Yes, we bought those - they all had great fun with them and they were still good to be passed on to younger siblings or other children.

Nannashirlz Fri 15-Sep-23 12:14:00

It all depends how much you want to spend check out myfirstyears got mine from them and I got a peekaboo teddy check out the videos on YouTube. They went down well with little ones and families if could upload videos I’d show you it would melt your heart with laughter. I got them steiff year bears when born all my 4 have them. Or Etsy some lovely things on there.

Damdee Fri 15-Sep-23 12:20:25

Just don't get something suitable for a one year old - think a bit older so the child gets some use out of it during the year ahead.

Jodieb Fri 15-Sep-23 12:35:34

I am looking too. Everything seems so samey and plasticy. Have a look at Keel soft toys on Ebay. They are incredibly soft. I am getting the monkey plush as one gift

DollyP Fri 15-Sep-23 12:35:54

If there is space, maybe a playtent/house? My grandchildren loved theirs and it was big enough for an adult to get in to read a story and was very cosy. Amazon have them from about £15 - 35. There are many different designs.

Aven Fri 15-Sep-23 13:22:11

I gave my gd a silver bracelet with her name and dob on it. She's 14yo now and she still loves it. My grandson got a chute!

Cambsnan Fri 15-Sep-23 13:28:53

Put away the cost of a driving lesson each year. By the time they are 18 there should be enough for a full course

Dempie55 Fri 15-Sep-23 14:01:52

For my grandson's first birthday, I bought him a mini football with a panda's face on it. He absolutely loved it. If you search for 'mini football' on Amazon, you will see it - there are different animal faces, cost about £8.

Gundy Fri 15-Sep-23 14:39:22

After recently going through this 1st birthday exercise (twice) - lesson learned - NO TOYS. They already have so much.

When you are ONE yrs old you don’t really know what the heck is going on. This celebration seems to be more for the adults.

Here’s what I’d do for first b’day - book(s) AND start a college fund! Parents will appreciate that. There will be cake to get all gooey over and a few balloons. That stuff will excite them!
USA Gundy

Bellzy Fri 15-Sep-23 15:03:25

A money box in the shape of the baby’s initial? Not expensive but both useful and interesting, and should last for many years.

Dillonsgranma Fri 15-Sep-23 15:33:02

I bought mine a genuine stuffed Pooh bear From the Disney site as I remember