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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 02-Oct-17 06:42:36

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dull but dry here in Brackley at the moment , could be a mixed day as well.

Marydoll Mon 02-Oct-17 06:53:02

Good morning Mick, and everyone.
I'm lying in bed reading through GN, something I never get a chance to do, it's bliss. We are on holiday in Portugal and DH has been blundering about since 5.45am, getting ready to play golf. I have given up trying to sleep.
I hope all those with partners and family who are Ill find the strength to get through today.

kittylester Mon 02-Oct-17 06:59:34

Morning Mick, Mary, all.

It's grey in North Leicestershire but the forecast is for quite a nice day.

We had no rain yesterday while the Memory Walk was on but the wind did start to threaten the gazebos housing the stalls.

I'd like to point out that I didn't actually do the walk - I just manned the information point!!

Shopping today at an enormous discount store not too far away.

Tea and cake Mon 02-Oct-17 07:17:29

Good morning everyone.

Wind was howling round like a Hammer Horror last night but just a slight breeze this morning. Cloud building up, will probably be murky again. Lucky you Marydoll, hope it's nice and warm.

Wishes to all for a peaceful and pleasant day

Nana3 Mon 02-Oct-17 07:26:24

Good morning from Lancashire, it's looking very grey and I can hear the wind in the chimney.
Visiting Mum this morning, she's not pretending to know me anymore. A WI event this afternoon if I feel up to it, I will make an effort.
Have a good day everyone.

Gagagran Mon 02-Oct-17 07:31:59

Morning all! It looks as if it might brighten up so I am risking doing the laundry and hanging it out.

Need to go to the library and get some "bobs and bits" (as my
youngest DGD used to call it) this morning too.

Hope there are happy days in store for all GNs. sunshine

Tea and cake Mon 02-Oct-17 07:32:09

Nana3 so difficult for you. How lucky your mum is to have you. flowers

ninathenana Mon 02-Oct-17 07:37:32

Morning all.

From a grey Kentish town. Strong winds here last night too, now it's just bleugh !
H and are both booked for a flu jab this morning.

Pittcity Mon 02-Oct-17 07:48:55

Good morning from a brightening Colchester. White fluffy clouds and looking better than yesterday.
House is quiet and clean now that DGSs have gone home.
Walking Netball this morning.

cornergran Mon 02-Oct-17 08:08:09

Morning All. An Eeyore morning in our corner of Somerset, gloomy, gloomy and just started to rain. I'm a bit gloomy too as sleep was elusive. Hope your visit isn't too difficult nana3 and you make it to the WI later. Need to be better organised than I have been lately, Granny detail later so need an early, cooked lunch. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

harrigran Mon 02-Oct-17 08:17:21

Good morning, it is a bright and windy morning here in the north east.
Didn't see the family yesterday but GD sent photograph of the cupcakes that she baked smile

JaneD3 Mon 02-Oct-17 08:35:47

Morning everyone. I am back from a visit to Barcelona- what an amazing place! So sad that their referendum wasn't peaceful - the demonstrations were such happy events in the few days earlier.

Sar53 Mon 02-Oct-17 08:37:07

A beautiful sunny morning here in Essex by the sea. OH who, as usual, has been up half the night has just gone back to bed. He is 2 1/2 weeks post hip revision and although still on crutches and no weight bearing is able to do a little more each day.
We stayed in yesterday waiting for an A...z....n delivery so will venture out, albeit, VERY slowly today.
Hope everyone has a good Monday.

Mapleleaf Mon 02-Oct-17 08:49:26

Good morning, everyone.
It's a lovely bright morning here in South Yorkshire, but very windy. The wind is making it feel quite cold.
Off to coffee group later this morning and Fellowship tonight, so a busy day.
🌺 Nana3 and try to go to the WI event this afternoon, if you can.
Take care, GN's.

Greyduster Mon 02-Oct-17 09:22:40

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. I have only just woken up having slept the sleep of the dead. Having seen Maple's weather for hereabouts, I think I'll stay put. But I have ironing to do, so that won't work will it? There are many things you can do lying down, but ironing is not one of them!
Nana3 💐💐. Make the WI if you can. Have a good day, folks.