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Good morning Wednesday

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ninathenana Wed 13-Dec-17 07:19:52

Morning everyone.

Dry, still and frosty in Kent. We are putting up a few decs today, we won't bother with the tree as we will be away.
Hope your having a good time Mick

NfkDumpling Wed 13-Dec-17 07:28:18

Morning Nina, morning All

Dry, and no sign of frost in the north of Norfolk.

Off to the Stately Pile today to do the teas for the volunteers panto. It's usually very good and I get to see the lights again. Pity really there's no snow!

Marydoll Wed 13-Dec-17 07:30:22

Good morning all, pouring down here in Glasgow.
Up early to get my glad rags on for my grand adventure to Edinburgh GN gathering. I'm so looking forward to it.
Hope you are enjoying your trip, Mick.
Enjoy your day, everyone.

NannyJan53 Wed 13-Dec-17 07:57:24

Good Morning all

Still lots of snow lying about, but detect a slight thaw.

I am driving over to Mums in Wolverhampton, then we are going to her Unisons Christmas meal for retired members, she is allowed to take guests, which will be me then smile.

Hope you have a good time Marydoll at the GN gathering, it sounds fun!

Enjoy the day everyone.

harrigran Wed 13-Dec-17 08:00:42

Good morning, snow gone and it is 5 degrees already.
This afternoon we are attending GD's carol service in Durham cathedral, it will really feel like Christmas.

Mapleleaf Wed 13-Dec-17 08:05:17

Good morning Nina and all,
A grey start to the day here. No frost today, and the temperature is up a bit but it feels damp and cold.
Hope your turkey and tinsel is going well, Mick.
DH and I are going to Grosmont for the Christmas special on the steam train soon. Have done it before, have a lovely Christmas dinner as the train slowly meanders to Pickering and back. Wonderful scenery. It will make the start of Christmas for us. Don't think there will be any snow though, but you never know!
Today, it's household chores, then a walk for a breath of air. SiL calling later for a cup of tea and catch up.
Enjoy your day today. 🙂

cornergran Wed 13-Dec-17 08:20:00

Morning All. Wet and windy in our corner of Somerset, a bit milder apparently, doesn’t feel like it. Love the sound of all the Christmas outings. Take care everyone.

Pittcity Wed 13-Dec-17 08:23:36

Good morning from a grey damp Colchester. The snow has mostly melted and it's relatively warm at 5 degrees.
I still have a bit of a cold so am giving Wednesday coffee morning a miss as I don't want to give the ladies an extra Christmas present.

Wish I could go to Edinburgh as Elegran does organise a good do....I have travelled up twice from Essex in the past!

Greyduster Wed 13-Dec-17 08:39:41

Good morning, Nina and all GNs. No Kitty this morning? Hope her eye is ok. It is damp, cold and gray in South Yorkshire. And I have a bad back. I caught it on a door handle last night, turned awkwardly with the pain and wrenched it. I have to try and keep my hairdressing appointment this morning as I am desperate to get it cut, so I will have to hit the painkillers. Hope you have a good day, one and all.

Gagagran Wed 13-Dec-17 08:40:24

Good Morning all!

Very wet but mild here on the south coast. I am just back from a GP appointment to have a little "thing" frozen off my face. The appointment was 8.25 and I was there at 8.10 - empty waiting room so I was in and out and home before my appointment time, face duly frozen! Hope the redness subsides for this evening's choir Christmas social.

Hope the Edinburgh gathering is excellent - they are good at arranging them. The rest of us - enjoy today whatever you are doing! sunshine

kittylester Wed 13-Dec-17 09:05:06

Morning all! Well done nina, it's a bit scary when there's no Mick!

It's just grey in North Leicestershire but not too cold. School run and bits and bobs today fir me.

I have conjunctivitis which the nurse put down to the virus I also have! I was determined not to be ill at all this year - huh!! I hate getting old!!!!

whitewave Wed 13-Dec-17 09:10:57

Good morning.

At last back to normal and walked the dog this morning. Get my stamina back, not too strenuous hills yet, just puffed up the smallest slope!

Mild out and damp and has started to drip with rain on our way back.

I think that I will put up some decorations today. Nothing too much as we are away for all Christmas , just something to cheer in the new year and evenings.
Meat delivery due and other shopping this morning, then if time the library as I’ve finished my book and need something else.

Smoky chicken with spiced rice for supper

Have a brilliant day everyone

Tippy22 Wed 13-Dec-17 09:27:22

Much milder today here in East Sussex although yesterday was a beautiful sunny if chilly day. DH out today to meet up with old work colleagues so I'll be able to catch up with all the things I can't do when he's around. Enjoy your day everyone.

Greyduster Wed 13-Dec-17 10:16:58

May I just say, whitewave that I have rather come to look forward to reading in the mornings what you are cooking for dinner!

newnanny Wed 13-Dec-17 10:25:38

Good morning all. Still icy in Midlands so staying in and making festive ginger cookies for grown up ds1 who loves them and demands them every Christmas. I shall watch Christmas movie this afternoon and put off by going out in cold shopping for another day.