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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 22-Dec-17 06:24:08

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and misty outside , I am now away until next Friday at my sisters in salop.

Greyduster Fri 22-Dec-17 06:29:11

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Cold any better, Mick? Hope so! I have been awake for an age and up for a couple of hours. It is still dark in South Yorkshire, but really unseasonably warm. No heating on this morning but I am comfortable without it. We are out early for a couple of hours this morning, but the I hope to have the day to myself pretty much. Have a good day folks.

Greyduster Fri 22-Dec-17 06:30:21

Mick I missed the last part of your post - enjoy your break and have a good Christmas with your family!

cornergran Fri 22-Dec-17 06:39:07

Morning mick and greyd. Morning All. Dark, dampish and relatively mild in our corner of Somerset. I’ve had an active night writing emails and moaning about not sleeping. Cake to ice today. Have a great time mick, all good wishes for Christmas. Stay well everyone.

kittylester Fri 22-Dec-17 06:45:06

Morning M I ck, morning all.

It's dark, quiet and warm in North Leicestershire. We are picking up the M&S order today and dropping off a couple of presents and thats all for today.

Enjoy your trip Mick. We'll miss you.

Greyduster Fri 22-Dec-17 06:45:52

Morning, corner, kitty.

NfkDumpling Fri 22-Dec-17 06:55:39

Morning All

Still too dark to see much outside but there's no stars and it's not raining so probably another murky day. I believe it continues to get dark earlier in the mornings for the next few days - but lighter a bit longer still in the evenings. Yippee! Soon be spring!

I have a treat this morning of a reflexology treatment so I'll be all relaxed for our lunch out with friends. A good day in store.

Nana3 Fri 22-Dec-17 07:11:40

Good morning Mick, Greyduster, corner, kitty, Nfk and all to follow, it's mild and foggy in Lancashire.
Safe trip and a Merry Christmas to all making journeys.
I've booked a massage for January, wish I'd done it for this week now Nfk.
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Fri 22-Dec-17 07:12:57

Good morning all.
Up early to get some supermarket shopping and then off to meet our children in Glasgow for our traditional pre- Christmas lunch.
The reflexology sounds a treat, NFK The first time I had a treatment , I was sceptical about it working. I was so wrong, it was bliss.
Have a good day everyone.

Gagagran Fri 22-Dec-17 07:27:11

Morning everyone! It' s mild and damp again here on the south coast but we are now heading back towards spring. Yeah!

My streaming cold has moved on to stage 2 and stopped imitating a dripping tap. Just hope it improves rapidly so that I can enjoy my family gatherings.

Hope all those travelling today have safe and troublefree journeys and that all GNs have a good day. sunshine

NanKate Fri 22-Dec-17 07:27:36

Morning Mick Kitty Greyduster and All you lovely Gransnetters.

Enjoy your time in Salop Mick we had a lovely holiday in Ironbridge in September it is a fabulous county,

Last day packing for our Xmas hols with the family then returning on Boxing Day in order to get everything ready in just one day for DS and GSs to come to stay till New Year. It will be full on and I will be in a heap by 2018 !

harrigran Fri 22-Dec-17 07:30:24

Good morning, thick fog and 7 degrees here on the north east coast.
Appointment with the surgeon this morning, will have to allow extra time for travel because I can barely walk with this blinking bad back.
I was in bed at 10.30 last night, can't believe I slept until 7am, must be the painkillers.

Greyduster Fri 22-Dec-17 07:42:18

Every sympathy with the back, harri - when mine goes it’s a nightmare. Throw pills at it and try and move as much as you can. {{hugs}}.

12Michael Fri 22-Dec-17 07:48:43

Will be back on Thursday not Friday.

NannyJan53 Fri 22-Dec-17 07:54:52

Good Morning Mick and everyone.

Finally a day at home today! Making Mince pies and housework! Partner will be home this afternoon, then the Christmas Holidays begin for him for a whole week and a day smile.

DD's boiler has gone kaput, and its a real struggle finding someone to come out, luckily they have a log burner for warmth,

Have a lovely Christmas in Shropshire Mick, I live just over the border and used to work in Bridgnorth, and still pop over to see friends.

Have a lovely day everyone.

ginny Fri 22-Dec-17 08:05:30

Good morning everyone. Dull , damp but mild in N. Bucks.
A day of doing all the jobs that didn’t get done yesterday and a few more!
Take care out there.

Pittcity Fri 22-Dec-17 08:36:13

Good morning from a grey damp Colchester. Another mild Christmas. Into town for bits and bobs and usual housework. We have no extra Christmas guests and so are not too frantic this year.
Have a lovely Christmas Mick, you will be missed.tchsmile

Nelliemoser Fri 22-Dec-17 08:57:23

Good Morning All. grey skies above in Cheshire . A very dismal looking day.
Our choir carol service tonight. We will be crammed into a small but wonderful 15thC timber roofed church. It has just been renovated to avoid a total roof collapse.

MawBroon Fri 22-Dec-17 08:58:05

Good morning everybody, dull and mild here in N Bucks.
Feeling every sympathy for those feeling poorly and sending you my warmest wishes for an improvement. If you are travelling, may you have safe journeys and if appropriate, happy landings!
Glad it is mild as even if that is not “traditional” it should make getting around easier. Snow is lovely in its place - on a Christmas card!

whitewave Fri 22-Dec-17 09:07:44

Good morning all

Merry Christmas to you then Mick! We holidayed in Shropshire near Bridgenorth in the autumn very nice it was too.

Dull, dank and very mild on South Downs

Mums today to do the usual.

Turkey due to be delivered today just waiting for an email from the farmer to tell me it’s approximate arrival time.

Chicken salad for supper.

jura2 Fri 22-Dec-17 16:00:24

Bonjour, a bit murky today, and sadly just too warm so snow is melting- such a shame as forecast if for sunshine and all the local ski resorts were getting ready to open for the first white Christmas in a few years. Fingers crossed.