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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 31-Dec-17 06:28:23

Good Morning Everyone,
Its wet outside here in Brackley bodes for a miserable New Years Eve.

kittylester Sun 31-Dec-17 06:53:38

Morning Mick, morning all.

I think it's dry and not too cold in North Leicestershire but it's still dark so I can't be sure.

We are going out for a posh breakfast before going to a matinee performance of Scrooge. Then home for fillet steak with (left over) Stilton sauce and maybe staying up to see in the New Year - or maybe not! tchgrin

Enjoy New Years Eve everyone. wine

ninathenana Sun 31-Dec-17 07:02:45

Morning Mick, kitty and everyone.

I can hear the wind howling but at the moment there isn't the rain that's forecast for Kent.
We will see in the NY with Jools Holland as we do every year but I'll be in bed by 12.15 am tchsmile
Happy New Year everyone.

aggie Sun 31-Dec-17 07:15:40

Morning all , the wind is howling round the corners here and the rain slapping against the windows , too dark to see if there are trees down . Lets hope it moves on before tonight

NanKate Sun 31-Dec-17 07:24:40

Morning MickKittyNinaAggie and all the rest of the crew.

My DS changed the Our GSs clock back an hour as they played up last night and wouldn’t go to sleep. 😉 I can hear them chatting and waiting till what they think is 7.00 before they come in to us.

We have had a few days of fun with them but tbh it will be good to have a bit of peace and quiet when they depart to a friend’s house for NYE.

Whatever you are doing tonight enjoy the last day of 2017. 🍸🥛🥤

NfkDumpling Sun 31-Dec-17 07:36:41

Morning All

After a wet and windy night the weather seems to have calmed down a lot here in the east.

Nothing planned for today. We had expected a DGS to stay but DS wanted to keep him home. He needed cheering up, decided to dismantle a shed and DGS (aged 4) is just the man for the job!

Gagagran Sun 31-Dec-17 07:42:22

Good morning everyone! It was a wild and wet night here on the south coast. Glad to be warm and cosy tucked up in bed and I did think of those poor souls trying to sleep outdoors in shop doorways and the like.

We have to pick up a food order from M&S this morning - easy catering for tomorrow's lunch with DD and family. She is an excellent cook but always appreciative of having a meal provided. My post-cold energy levels are still low so M&S will help out!

We shall be in bed before midnight - I really don't like all the New Year's Eve fuss and false bonhomie, but I do wish a happy evening for those celebrating and a very Happy New Year to all. sunshine

Marydoll Sun 31-Dec-17 07:52:03

Good morning all, wet and wild here in Glasgow. I hope it dies down, as we often lose roof tiles in a storm.
Across the road to friend's for New Year, but not a late one. Unlike the days when we partied all night.
Have a good Sunday everyone and best wishes for the New Year.

Pittcity Sun 31-Dec-17 08:15:56

Good morning from a grey, damp Colchester. A bit of shopping today for food and a new cover for the BBQ. Will raise a glass but probably asleep before midnight.
Happy New Year to all 🎉

cornergran Sun 31-Dec-17 08:38:29

Morning All. Grey and damp in our corner of Somerset. Rarely celebrate New Year other than via the tv which is fine by us. May do a bit of shopping today, finally need to replenish the food, may leave it until tomorrow, we won’t starve. Hope the weather is kind to everyone celebrating outdoors tonight and good wishes to all for 2018.

harrigran Sun 31-Dec-17 08:41:10

Good morning, grey and windy but temperature rising.
Won't be a late night tonight, family visiting tomorrow so will need all my energy.

ginny Sun 31-Dec-17 09:17:50

Good morning.
Damp in N. Bucks but the wind has dropped.
Meeting Dd3, SIL and DGS at local country park for a walk and lunch in the cafe .
Spending the evening with 4 friends , each of us proving a course for dinner.
Happy New Year’s Eve however you spend it.

jura2 Sun 31-Dec-17 09:35:47

Good morning - well not so good- clear, dry, not so cold- but just a bit nondescript. Birds gone back to the woods apart from our resident sparrows.

Been invited to young friends down the road tonight- but will stay tucked up at home- don't fancy driving.

Greyduster Sun 31-Dec-17 09:49:45

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Another broken night meant i have slept in. Grey but dry in South Yorkshire for the last day of the year. DD and her menfolk are coming to lunch today instead of tommorrow. We are unlikely to stay up to see in the New Year, but I wish you all a happy one!

Caledonai14 Sun 31-Dec-17 10:02:28

Good morning from rainy Scotland. Most of the snow has gone, but I can still see it in the hills. Am about to email my Scrabble friends in Australia and Canada whose Hogmanay celebrations begin ranging from a couple of hours (Aus) to between 19 and 21 hours (Can). Wherever you are at Midnight, have a happy Hogmanay and stay safe.

Nana3 Sun 31-Dec-17 10:30:16

Good morning. I heard the wind in the night but the sun is shining now in Lancashire, hope it lasts.
We are with a group of friends this evening, walking distance from home. Hot-pot supper and a few laughs, home soon after midnight.
A very happy new year to Mick and all the regulars in the cafe and everyone else on GN. wine Cheers.

Anniebach Sun 31-Dec-17 10:32:39

Good morning all

jura2 Sun 31-Dec-17 14:11:53

Sun came out so had a lovely walk in the mountains with the doglets- followed by hot chocolate at a mountain café. Blew cobwebs away.