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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 06-Jan-18 06:41:01

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark start but its dry with a bit of chill here in Brackley.

Nana3 Sat 06-Jan-18 06:54:03

Good morning, it isn't raining in Lancashire and yesterday was fine too, feel much better.
Two DGC here today and tomorrow, pancakes for breakfast then will take them out somewhere.
Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Sat 06-Jan-18 07:02:12

Good morning Mick, Nana3, everyone.

It's cold and dry in North Leicestershire. I WILL take the decorations down today! I will!!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes yesterday. I had a lovely day with lots of lovely presents, a nice lunch and a visit from DS2 with a voucher for a gf afternoon tea!

Enjoy your Saturdays everyone.

NfkDumpling Sat 06-Jan-18 07:37:56

Morning All

I peeped around the curtains and it looks as if it's going to be quite a nice day. Cold though.

The last few days have been hectic with DGS and I've been missing my early morning solitary browse on the web. Back to normal now!

Off to Yarmouth Hippodrome this afternoon with DGD2 and family for her Christmas treat. I love a good circus and haven't been for years.

Nelliemoser Sat 06-Jan-18 07:42:20

Good Morning All. Still dark, no idea about the weather.

I need to comfirm my booking for a short break.
Renew my bus pass. Book a "come and sing day" at one of the many local choral societies in our area.

Next thing will be to renew my driving licence for The Big Birthday. I still have a pink paper driving licence which was issued when we moved here 30 yrs ago..

Marydoll Sat 06-Jan-18 07:46:33

Good morning Mick and everyone.
We have a heavy frost here this morning here in Glasgow, I can here DH scraping the car.
A gentle day, I hope to day. I need a rest after DGD's unexpected visit yesterday.
Enjoy your Saturday.

Gagagran Sat 06-Jan-18 08:03:00

Morning all! It is definitely colder here on the south coast after a lovely winter's day developed yesterday. I think we are promised some showers and an east wind today. Brrr!

I am still looking after DH who is taking a long time to get over the lurgy - and he is never ill normally! It seems to be centred in his sinuses now, poor love.

Another "gentle day" for us too Mary (I like that description) with easy meals and nothing much on the agenda.

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs sunshine

cornergran Sat 06-Jan-18 08:13:37

Morning All. Calm and frosty in our corner of Somerset. That’s better. Off out for a little light shopping this morning. Hope Saturday is kind to everyone.

Pittcity Sat 06-Jan-18 08:16:03

Good morning from a brightening but frosty Colchester. Heard DH scraping the windscreen earlier. He is out for the day so it will be a quiet one here planning the redecoration of our bedroom.

ginny Sat 06-Jan-18 08:27:18

Good morning. Frosty earlier but better now.
Decoration boxes to go back in the loft.
DD1 and SIL visiting later so am making tiramisu and a lemon tart( their favourite puds) to go with roast lamb .
Happy weekend all.

Greyduster Sat 06-Jan-18 08:52:42

Good morning Michael and all GNs. A late one for us today. GS is here and we are all sitting in bed eating biscuits!! Tut tut!! A busy day of baking and making ahead. Have a good day folks.

Greyduster Sat 06-Jan-18 08:54:03

Oh, and it's raining in South Yorkshire.

jura2 Sat 06-Jan-18 09:54:09

' Morning - sunny at last in my mountains after the deluge and strong winds for several days ...

hildajenniJ Sat 06-Jan-18 10:31:24

Good morning all.
It's a sunny morning in Northumberland, but very cold. I'm sitting with a blanket over my knees 😃😃! Had DGS 2 yesterday for a few hours. He played happily with the little track, and cars. Nothing much happening today. DH has a Saturday off!!!
Have a good day everyone.

MawBroon Sat 06-Jan-18 10:36:16

Good morning from N Bucks. It was a lovely sunny start but the sky is growing increasingly black -surely not snow?
Even if there is only rain, a day for staying in I think.
I plan to make some more inroads on paw’s study - shredder at the ready.