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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 08-Jan-18 06:37:29

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another dark start but dry this morning in Brackley , looks as though a cold day as well.

NanKate Mon 08-Jan-18 06:56:59

Morning Mick and All.

Dark and cold here in the south.

First Keep Fit of the year, don't really feel like going but it will do me good.

Have a good day folks.

Marydoll Mon 08-Jan-18 06:58:23

Good Morning Mick and everyone who follows.
Bitterly cold here in Glasgow.
We have DGG today, as other grandparents have pulled out at the VERY last minute, (a stressful common occurrence, sadly) so our plans are on hold for today.
She is a joy to look after. A visit to the shops. a walk to the fire station to see Fireman Sam and perhaps some "baking"
Have a good day everyone and keep warm!

kittylester Mon 08-Jan-18 06:58:50

Morning Mick, morning all.

It is really, really cold in North Leicestershire. We have 2 dgc today for the last time before halfterm.

Enjoy your Mondays everyone!

Marydoll Mon 08-Jan-18 06:59:01

Good morning Nan, I knew I would be too slow typing. smile

Marydoll Mon 08-Jan-18 06:59:21

...and Kitty

kittylester Mon 08-Jan-18 07:00:01

Morning Kate, morning Mary!

Gagagran Mon 08-Jan-18 07:45:32

Good morning Mick Nan Kitty Mary and all who follow!

Still cold here on the south coast but it is due to get a bit warmer after tomorrow - fingers crossed.

It's still like a convalescent home here - DH is slowly improving but nowhere near back to being fighting fit. I am ahead of him but not there yet either. I think we need some warmth and sunshine.

Plan to do chores today if I can get up some revs otherwise yet another recovery day. Hope it's a good one for allGNs. sunshine

Pittcity Mon 08-Jan-18 07:47:11

Good morning from Colchester. A cold, grey day forecast.
Back to Walking Netball this morning.

Nelliemoser Mon 08-Jan-18 07:58:41

Good Morning All. Cold and frosty but looks as if it's not as cold as yesterday.

U3A renewal and outing booking day. It will be like the spring sales. All these pensioners fighting queuing outside the civic centre. wink

Have a good day.

Anniebach Mon 08-Jan-18 08:14:45

Good morning all

Greyduster Mon 08-Jan-18 08:16:35

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Bitterly cold in South Yorkshire this morning. We are not going far. The house is in need of a good clean - especially the kitchen; I’m ashamed of it! Then there is the ironing....... (sigh). Have a good one folks!

Greyduster Mon 08-Jan-18 08:18:29

Bore da, Annie!

NanKate Mon 08-Jan-18 08:26:21

Don’t apologise for the state of your kitchen Greyduster you were made for higher things than domestic chores 😃

Hi Kitty enjoy your time with your 2 doc.

cornergran Mon 08-Jan-18 08:34:01

Morning All. It’s a proper Eeyore day here today, seriously grey and gloomy sky. Our corner of Somerset is back in its default position. Need to tackle the cleaning too. Be good when it’s done. Making soup to share with a neighbour who is grieving and can’t face cooking. Other than that a quiet one. Stay warm everyone.

harrigran Mon 08-Jan-18 09:02:35

Good morning, -4 here and a very harsh frost. May stay in the study and get some paper work done.

ginny Mon 08-Jan-18 09:07:23

Good morning all.
Cold but dry here in N. Bucks.
Trip to the bank and post office first. Kits to make up for craft club later.

Nana3 Mon 08-Jan-18 09:10:17

Good morning all. Lovely day yesterday, I made use of my RSPB membership and went to Leighton Moss. The sun-light was beautiful on the reed beds and the birds were beautiful too. Cold and dry in Lancashire today.
Stay warm and get well soon everyone.

Mapleleaf Mon 08-Jan-18 09:11:41

Good morning all,
Freezing here with a keen frost. Bright for the moment but getting cloudy this afternoon according to the forecast.

NannyJan53 Mon 08-Jan-18 09:18:52

Good Morning all

Another freezing day, but I have noticed it is not getting dark now till just after 4.30pm, so lighter nights are slowly on the way smile

This afternoon I am going with DD and family to see my DG2 singing with her school choir at Young Voices in Birmingham. Probably need binoculars to see her !

Gagagran I hope you and your DH are feeling better soon, to you an anyone feeling under the weather flowers.

Have lovely day everyone.

jura2 Mon 08-Jan-18 09:27:57

Bonjour - at last- woke up to sunshine and it is a lovely day. Friends from Kent arriving for lunch in a mo - will take doggies for nice walk.