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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 18-Jan-18 06:41:54

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but dry and cold here in Brackley this morning, also no wind.
Usual Thursday via Buckingham to Bicester , but on a Thursday I go for a Chinese meal at lunchtime.
The restaurant is popular with Chinese visitors to Bicester Village retail site, but its in the town.

Marydoll Thu 18-Jan-18 06:51:46

Good morning Mick and those to follow.

Very cold and icy here. More snow to follow.
Toddler GD still unwell, I have made fresh bread for breakfast in the hope she will eat something.
A day for the house I think.

Mick I hope you enjoy your day out.

kittylester Thu 18-Jan-18 07:00:05

Morning Mick, Marydoll, all.

It is very windy in North Leicestershire but dry. Usual Sainsbury's trip today.

Enjoy your day, Mick! I hope your Dgd is improving Marydoll

harrigran Thu 18-Jan-18 07:00:21

Good morning, we have a thick covering of snow but the wind has dropped.
A day for household tasks.

NfkDumpling Thu 18-Jan-18 07:06:15

Morning All

Blowing a gale and rain lashing the windows. The rivers will be over their banks again.

Enjoy your 'proper' Chinese meal Mick. I wish we had something similar here. The sweet and sour sauce at our local takeaway is fluorescent and anything in oyster sauce is in like a set brown blancmange!

I do hope your DGD picks up a bit today Marydoll

ninathenana Thu 18-Jan-18 07:28:54

Morning all.

Very windy in Kent but dry, we are on the North coast so it's blowing off shore thankfully.
No plans for today.
That sounds like my kind of day Mick enjoy your meal.

cornergran Thu 18-Jan-18 08:09:47

Morning All. Looks calm out there after a wild, windy night. Sorting out day today, some paper and some ‘stuff’. Sounds a good day mick, hope today is brighter all round marydoll. We have similar Chinese food woes nfk, often mourn the excellent Chinese food available close to our former home. Hope Thursday is kind to everyone.

Alygran Thu 18-Jan-18 08:16:47

Good morning everyone from snowy North Yorkshire.
Will have to clear the drive before I head out to a charity meeting this morning.
Stay safe everyone.

Gagagran Thu 18-Jan-18 08:21:34

Morning everyone. It's calm now, here on the south coast after a really noisy night with gales and rain. It feels milder too.

Just back from the supermarket run and I've stocked up as DH has found his appetite again thank goodness. He has not been eating very much since the lurgy got him on Christmas Eve.

I didn't go to choir last night as my asthma kicked in but I do feel better today so hopefully I too am on the up. Hope so.

Wishing a good day for all GNs sunshine

Tippy22 Thu 18-Jan-18 08:21:48

Good morning everyone. It's a very calm and according to my phone a balmy 8 degrees outside here in East Sussex. Waiting for the strong wind we've been forecast. Another day of detoxing the housr after Christmas but my back is telling me that I shouldn't. Enjoy your day everyone.

ginny Thu 18-Jan-18 08:24:21

Good morning. Dryhere in N. Bucks and the wind has dropped. A little bit of sun peeping through.

Play centre with DGS this morning. Meeting up with friends this evening

Anyone with snow, please don’t send it this way. Hope it’s not too bad for you.

mollie Thu 18-Jan-18 08:24:38

Good morning. What a night! I couldn’t sleep so sat listening to the wind. Power went off for a while and a road out of the village is blocked with a downed tree. Looks much calmer out now but I’m too tired to care. Maybe back to bed for a while...have a good day everyone.

Anniebach Thu 18-Jan-18 08:29:46

Good morning all. Not have gales here in Mid Wales, hope no snow.

NannyJan53 Thu 18-Jan-18 08:37:58

Good morning everyone.

The only bonus of wearing Hearing Aids, I don't hear the wind as I take them out when going to bed!

Off for a walk today with my U3A group, hope it doesn't rain!

Have a good day all

Greyduster Thu 18-Jan-18 08:40:22

Good morning, Michael, and all GNs. Your Chinese restaurant sounds good Mick - our favourite one has closed and we haven’t managed to find another as good yet! Sun is shining in South Yorkshire, and no snow. Good start. Bore da, Annie. Have a good day, folks!

Pittcity Thu 18-Jan-18 08:51:27

Good morning from sunny Colchester. The overnight gales have abated but I'll probably need an afternoon nap to make up the lost sleep.
Clear blue sky atm!
Walking into town for Thursday ladies coffee meetup. DH and friend are decorating our bedroom so I have moved into the spare for the duration. I need new bedding and lampshades with fresh paint, don't I?

Nelliemoser Thu 18-Jan-18 09:14:08

Good Morning All . It is raining here in Cheshire and only 3C . I have some Seville oranges to deal with today.
I think our Cheshire rain may get further west during the day.

Mapleleaf Thu 18-Jan-18 09:22:16

Good morning everyone.
Your day out sounds nice, Mick. Enjoy your Chinese meal.
I hope your GD feels a bit better today, your nice fresh bread and black currant jam might tempt her to eat, marydoll.
Alygran, what a beautiful picture. Be careful on those icy roads.
Here, it's a beautiful morning so far, with, dare I say, some sunshine and a bit of blue sky. Not sure how long it will last and wasn't really expecting it after the blustery wind and heavy rain through the night.
For all of you out and about, enjoy your day. Those of you indoors, keep warm, and Tippy22, listen to your back and don't overdo things. As my MiL used to say, "there's plenty of days not touched yet", so take care. 🙂