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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 12-Apr-18 06:49:23

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey and misty morning here in brackley this morning.

ninathenana Thu 12-Apr-18 06:55:18

Morning Mick and everyone.

Weather is the same in Kent Mick.
It's our 43rd anniversary today. Need to do a bit of packing as we're away to the New Forest tomorrow forca couple of days. Cream tea at Dobies garden centre this afternoon.
Enjoy what ever your doing.

NanKate Thu 12-Apr-18 07:01:17

Morning Mick and a very happy anniversary Nina.

Nina if you find yourself near Beaulieu in the wonderful New forest there is a great Garden Centre in the heart of the village and the food there is top class.

Another grey day in South Bucks and my cold is coming on apace 🤧

kittylester Thu 12-Apr-18 07:05:18

Morning Mick, morning nina, morning all.

It's wet and grey in North Leicestershire. Sainsbury's this morning and seeing a Gn friend this pm.

Happy Anniversary nina! Enjoy your cream tea and have a lovely break. It's years since we went to the New Forest and it's on our bucket list to go back.

kittylester Thu 12-Apr-18 07:07:06

Morning Kate. Sorry about your cold - hope you feel better soon.

MawBroon Thu 12-Apr-18 07:22:19

Good morning everybody ( from my own bed- love seeing my DGC but always sleep best in my own bed!)
Looking grey outside but checking the forecast for next week.......🌞🌞🌞I believe!
Arts Society - used to be NADFAS- this morning then pottering I fear. I have found some more boxes and files I need to go through. It could be a dusty job.
Wishing you all a pleasant Thursday and a happy anniversary to Nina.

Alygran Thu 12-Apr-18 07:38:02

Good morning everyone. Happy anniversary Nina
Dark and grey in my corner of North Yorks again. Should be last day for the decorator today. May curl up in the conservatory with my book until it’s all done!
Have a good day all.

ginny Thu 12-Apr-18 07:40:25

Good morning.
Another dreary day weather wise here in N. Bucks.
Spending the day wit DD1 and DGS so trying to think of something we can do outdoors but with somewhere to shelter from showers.
Hope you all stay dry.

Greyduster Thu 12-Apr-18 07:43:14

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Grey, cold and damp looking in South Yorkshire with a low lying mist. I am waiting for GS to arrive for the day. We may go swimming this morning but don’t know what the rest of the day will hold if it is wet. Happy anniversary Nina. Hope you get rid of that cold soon, Kate. Have a good day folks.

Nana3 Thu 12-Apr-18 07:45:14

Good morning. The weather is fine in Lancashire. Happy anniversary nina flowers.
I won't be posting for a week or so.
Have a good day everyone.

Situpstraight Thu 12-Apr-18 07:49:59

Grey, damp and misty here in the Vale of The White Horse,

Happy Anniversary Nina, hope you have a good break, I lived near Romsey and the New Forest was our place to go in the evenings and weekends, in those days you could park your car anywhere and have a wander.

GCs go home today so lots of housework to do later.

Have a good day everybody.

Pittcity Thu 12-Apr-18 07:57:05

Good morning from misty Colchester. Another grey day in prospect. Laundry and shopping....again!
Happy Anniversary Nina🍾🥂

Gagagran Thu 12-Apr-18 08:00:20

Good Morning all! It's a lovely morning here on the south coast - no wind and blue sky peeping through light clouds. Worth being a lark to enjoy such mornings.

We have done the weekly supermarket shop and enjoyed the usual banter and chuckles with the lovely check out ladies. Makes shopping a fun experience!

Last bit of the garage decluttering to tackle today then it's done. Hurrah! The car will need a good valet after the conversion into a mini bin lorry this week but don't mind that. I can use our new pressure washer!

Hope the day is a good one for all GNs and your cold improves soon Kate. sunshine

Marydoll Thu 12-Apr-18 08:09:44

Good morning everyone.
Damp and dreary in Glasgow.
Happy anniversary Nina, I'm envious of the cream tea.
Off to town to buy Euros for our trip on Monday. We will need to bring the compulsory umbrella, today.
At least the weather will be better on Monday today. (However, we are away and won't benefit!)
Have a good day all.

Anniebach Thu 12-Apr-18 08:31:33

Good morning all

lemongrove Thu 12-Apr-18 08:36:46

Good morning on another grey rainy day ( groan)
Spending most of the day with DGS here, he has various youtube things to show me.grin

silverlining48 Thu 12-Apr-18 08:49:01

Good morning from berlin. It’s cloudy with a slight breeze but the sun is peeping through and it should brighten up to be warm and sunny as it was yesterday when we arrived.
Tomorrow not so good but we will be in the hospital with our girl so it won’t matter, and saturday back to sunshine.

Panache Thu 12-Apr-18 09:05:11

A very warm good morning to all visiting Gransnet Cafe this day,I am a shy newbie but eager to fit in and become of your "gang"............ if you will have me.
Weather in Wales is rather grey but dry and hopefully we shall have a return to the very warm sunshine in the high 60`s this weekend,just like last week...............yes not scorching its true, but judging by the many full car parks and crowded beaches, it was more than enough to bring out the sun and sea worshippers!!
Have my hair do this day which is quite an event after the many months I have spent more in hospital than out.So looking forward to returning........... looking a semblance of myself!!!
Getting harder with the passing of every birthday!
Wishing you all the blessings of a good day.

silverlining48 Thu 12-Apr-18 09:09:50

Welcome panache. Well the sun is out here in Berlin now, will go to sit out on the balcony with my tea, i wish the same for us all. Summer is coming..... Enjoy the hairdresser and hope you like the results and that you are feeling a lot better now.

farview Thu 12-Apr-18 09:13:23

Morning all,grey and wet but warmish in Lancashire,welcome Panache enjoy GN and take careflowers

Mapleleaf Thu 12-Apr-18 09:52:30

Good morning everyone.
Greyduster has summed up the weather here perfectly. There’s supposed to be a big improvement next week. 🙂
Welcome, Panache. I think you will be very happy in our cafe.
Happy anniversary, Nina.
Hope your cold disappears quickly, Kate.

NanKate Thu 12-Apr-18 11:22:51

Thanks all for your good wishes for my quick recovery. I am determined to appear normal tomorrow as we are going to spend two nights with our wonderful grandchildren, who will be little devils, wear us out and give us a laugh.

Welcome Panache this particular thread resembles a hotel when you come down in the morning and everyone greets each other. It’s a tonic IMO. 😃

silverdarlings Thu 12-Apr-18 11:36:05

Good morning everyone (a bit late from South Lakes)
Warm and dry here. +

Auntieflo Thu 12-Apr-18 11:47:47

Another latecomer here. It's sort of overcast, but at least it's dry here in Berks.

Marydoll Thu 12-Apr-18 15:41:03

silverdarlings and Panache,welcome, good to see you joining the thread. smile