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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 02-May-18 06:27:54

Good Morning Everyone,
Its windy, grey and its wet here in Brackley this morning
And its my 70th today.
Off to my favourite Chinese in Bicester for my usual.

kittylester Wed 02-May-18 06:32:46

Many happy returns, Mick, I hope you gave a lovely day.

North Leicestershire is grey and wet this morning.

School run for me this afternoon.

Bellasnana Wed 02-May-18 06:44:40

Happy birthday, Mick. Hope you enjoy your Chinese meal.

ffinnochio Wed 02-May-18 06:47:32

Good morning to you all!
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Mick!

Breezy and greyish in Norwich, with a promise of rain. A day for making soup and reading.

NfkDumpling Wed 02-May-18 06:48:19

Happy Birthday Mick! flowers wine. Enjoy your Chinese.

Morning All

All grey here in the north of Norfolk but the rain hasn’t reached us yet. Sometimes it gets as far as Norwich and by-passes us so hopefully it will today. Mr and Mrs Nextdoor are having the fence man in today to re-erect our adjoining fence. It’s been really weird being so open over the last couple of weeks and, although we get on quite well, we all appreciate the privacy.

ninathenana Wed 02-May-18 06:53:22

Morning all and a special Good Morning and 🎶happy birthday to you🎶 Mick

Grey and breezy with rain forecast in Kent. I hope the weekend is as good as they say. No plans but I just want sunshinesunshine

ginny Wed 02-May-18 06:59:29

Good morning all and Happy Birthday Mick.
Very windy and dull here in N. Bucks and rain forecast.
Yoga later this morning and my turn to deliver the project at craft club this afternoon.
DD2 coming for dinner this evening.
Hope the sun returns soon.

MawBroon Wed 02-May-18 07:02:15

Happy Birthday Mick and good morning early risers!
(I wonder if we were on the same X5 in either direction yesterday, I suspect you were earlier than me (the 10.00 from MK and then the 16.00 back again.)
Really nice lunch n matter at the Ashmolean, did I improve the shining hour by a cultural look around? Nope blush
Wishing you all a pleasant day - looking a bit grey in N Bucks and I believe rain is on the way . Quelle surprise!

Gagagran Wed 02-May-18 07:05:28

Happy Birthday Mick and Good Morning everyone!

It's not raining yet here on the south coast but there is a brisk wind and a lot of rain clouds so I think we are in for a soaking.

Yesterday was glorious weather and we had a lovely trip out through the burgeoning countryside. To add to the pleasure, I found a new office chair which is the best one I have had for some time. The ones you buy on-line and then have to assemble never seem to fit my contours! This one does and it was already assembled.

Looking forward to the promised sunshine after today also nina Hope the day is a good one for all GNs.

NanKate Wed 02-May-18 07:05:42

Morning Mick and a very happy 70th birthday to you today. 🍰 🍺 Enjoy your Chinese.

Due to pour with rain today, typical as I am having my hair done.

Roll on the warm weekend.

brook2704 Wed 02-May-18 07:11:10

Good morning all GNs
Happy 70th Birthday to you Mick and enjoy your day everyone 😀

aggie Wed 02-May-18 07:21:36

Morning all , and a very Happy Birthday to Mick😀

Sun was out earlier but big black clouds have rolled in now 😨

Greyduster Wed 02-May-18 07:25:08

Good morning, Michael and all GNs, and a very happy birthday 🎂🍺on your 70th, Mick! Enjoy your lunch! Wet and windy in South Yorkshire this morning. We managed to get the lawn cut yesterday so that’s a plus. New mattress being delivered this morning - I may spend the afternoon testing it! Have a good day folks.

Mapleleaf Wed 02-May-18 07:31:33

Good morning, everyone.
Happy birthday mick 🎂🎉🥂
Hope you have a lovely day, and enjoy your outing to Bicester.
It’s back to the normal weather here again, wet and windy, though we are told it is going to dry up for this afternoon.

cornergran Wed 02-May-18 07:35:30

Morning All. Pouring and chilly in our corner of Somerset. A very happy birthday mick, enjoy your day. Busy with this and that today, inside if the rain keeps going. Hope Wednesday is kind to everyone.

Pittcity Wed 02-May-18 07:50:39

Good morning from a grey, damp, breezy Colchester.
🎂🎈Happy Birthday * Mick* 🎂🎈

Usual Wednesday coffee meetup in town.

annsixty Wed 02-May-18 08:08:57

Good morning all.
Just had to pop in to wish Mick a very Happy Birthday.
It is already raining here in Stockport, my H has been up and walking the house most of the night, I think he could have done the London Marathon last week.
My S and I are exhausted.

Marydoll Wed 02-May-18 08:16:17

Good morning all and happy birthday, 🎂 Mick. I hope you have a lovely day.
Anne, I'm sorry things are not so good for you. Take care.💐

Panache Wed 02-May-18 08:31:51

A good Morning to you all with a special one plus a Happy birthday for you Mick,with a glass or two of the best wine
After a miserable damp afternoon this morning is again dry but breezy,just the ticket as I have a rather long journey to a Hospital up the road for treatment.
Far from mundane however,because with a bit of luck on my side and not too much "hanging around" as is norm in these places we shall pay a visit to two decent Garden Centres in the vicinity,hopefully having better luck this time.
Our home is far too bare from greenery for my liking!
Have yourselves a pleasant day folks.

Anniebach Wed 02-May-18 08:34:57

Good morning all x

harrigran Wed 02-May-18 08:36:38

Good morning, grey and windy here in the north.
Happy birthday Mick enjoy your Chinese meal.

Newquay Wed 02-May-18 08:37:29

Happy birthday Mick! Many happy returns of the day-enjoy your Chinese.
Grey and raining here in Staffs

NannyJan53 Wed 02-May-18 09:00:07

Good Morning all, and a very happy Birthday Mick cupcake

Rainy and dull here this morning in The Black Country. It is supposed to be warming up from tomorrow and a warm Bank Holiday weekend...apparently!

Having a meal out later with Mum and my Niece.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Situpstraight Wed 02-May-18 09:16:05

Happy Birthday Mick! Have a great day.🎂🍾

Sorry about the weather though, it’s horrid here, but as it was forecast it’s no surprise.☔️

Have a good day everybody.

silverdarlings Wed 02-May-18 11:40:09

Special HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mick, enjoy a delish Chinese

meal--Beautiful here in South Lakes--(cupcake)