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Good morning tuesday

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stevierichards1954 Tue 05-Jun-18 05:47:02

Hello all. An overcast muggy day in west midlands
Garden landscaping today. Well sorting part of garden. Son and two of his mates doing it. I am supervisor and kettle putter onner. Lol

12Michael Tue 05-Jun-18 06:28:39

Good Morning Everyone,
Beaten again, any way its been raining here in Brackley , and looks like a another muggy day.

kittylester Tue 05-Jun-18 06:33:08

Good morning!

It's strange for it not to be you Mick.

It is misty in North Leicestershire but it looks as though it could be sunny later.

Volunteering day for me today.

silverlining48 Tue 05-Jun-18 06:34:23

Good morning Michael and Stevi. Its grey and dismal here in the south east. my oldest friend has a birthday today, she was 4 when we first met 65 years ago. Where do the years go.
Have a peaceful and happy day people.

NfkDumpling Tue 05-Jun-18 06:35:07

Morning All

Its still, grey and dim here in Norfolk. Depressing weather.

DH spent most of the day in bed yesterday suffering from man flu. Actually he really isn’t very well. I think its worrying about me has caught up with him. Now he’s worrying in case I catch it. So nothing planned again for today. We in quarantine.

Pittcity Tue 05-Jun-18 06:52:37

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Much cooler than of late.
Blood test and a bit of shopping since I'm out anyway.

Nana3 Tue 05-Jun-18 07:02:06

Good morning Mick and everyone, grey sky at the moment in Lancashire but hoping the sun will appear. I went to see the magnificent terra cotta warriors in the World Museum, Liverpool yesterday.
Hope your DH is better soon NfkD.
Have a good day everyone.

Gagagran Tue 05-Jun-18 07:04:05

Morning all! Did you have a lie in this morning Mick?

It's much cooler and overcast here on the south coast.

Library and some shopping this morning with a visit to the garden centre also on the cards. Now that the tulip and alliums leafage has died back and been removed there are bare gaps which need a bit of colour.

Enjoy your day folks! sunshine

gillybob Tue 05-Jun-18 07:17:56

Good morning everyone. We’ve had the fog horn sounding all night here on the NE coast . Another grey start.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone .

cornergran Tue 05-Jun-18 07:25:31

Morning All. Grey start in our corner of Somerset. Hope your husband recovers soon, nfk and you stay germ free. Making coffee for a group this morning, trying to get Mr C’s computer fixed this afternoon and Granny detail this evening. Good enough day ahead. Hope Tuesday is kind to everyone.

ninathenana Tue 05-Jun-18 07:28:46

Morning everyone.

Goodness some of you get up early ! I wouldn't call 6.28 a lie in gaga
Seems everywhere has a dull grey start today.
Food shopping to do today and H is working all day.
I hope the day turns out sunny in every way for you all.

travelsafar Tue 05-Jun-18 07:30:13

Another grey dull corner of the UK here today, but the sun will be shining on one house as i meet up with my oldest friend to talk about life, our families and the past.
We will drink copious amounts of tea, shed a few tears no doubt, but we will laugh a lot too. Can't wait to hit the road a bit later.

Marydoll Tue 05-Jun-18 07:55:42

Good morning all. Dull, breezy and a bit cool in Glasgow this morning.
A night of bizarre dreams, buying Christmas decorations with my sister in law, in a Christmas shop in the middle of nowhere. There was a Santa's grotto with a donkey disguised as a reindeer😆 Where on earth did all that come from???🤔
DH and I are off for a slap up lunch in the best Italian restaurant in Glasgow, courtesy of DD and her fiancé. No cooking for me today.😃 Hooray!
I hope everyone has a good day and all those feeling poorly get better soon.

Panache Tue 05-Jun-18 07:57:40

Good Morning to you all.

Commiserations to your husband NfkD........and hopefully you do not succumb to the same.
Chin up Nankate too.
Seems the warmer weather is bringing more than we wanted along with it!

Rather grey here this morning but after such warmth yesterday quite frankly this is a gentle relief.

Grass mowed and today those hedges get their short,back and sides!

Wishing you all a peaceful day.

LynneB59 Tue 05-Jun-18 07:58:05

Hello all. It's grey and dull here in Nottingham. Housework this morning, then work - I run a day centre for older people . Zumba again tonight.

12Michael Tue 05-Jun-18 08:04:07

I was taken by surprise it was not until I saw the low key t I responded obvious another early riser but beat me.

NanKate Tue 05-Jun-18 08:10:32

Morning Mick and All.

Pleased to see you are here safe and sound Mick on what I think of as is your thread.

Thanks Panachegoing to take your advice and get myself some Manuka honey as I am Still coughing.

ginny Tue 05-Jun-18 08:15:51

Good morning from a dull N. Bucks. Rain overnight so hope it clears.
Busy day, pile of ironing to do. Lunch with two friends and a quick visit to a nursery for a few annuals to fill in gaps in the garden. Flower club this evening.

Greyduster Tue 05-Jun-18 08:31:37

Good morning, Michael and all GNs, from a misty, grey, cool South Yorkshire. After much foot slogging yesterday killing time while the car was being serviced, we have a domestic day today but I must go out and try and find a bulb for my oven. It’s probably a good thing if I actually keep my culinary efforts in the dark, but it’s irritating! Hope your DH feel better soon, NfK. Mick I hope the status quo can be re-established soon. It feels oddly out of kilter if you don’t lead us into our morning!

harrigran Tue 05-Jun-18 08:33:53

Good morning, it is overcast again but I am going nowhere today as I am preparing for hospital and operation tomorrow.
I may be missing for some time.

Greyduster Tue 05-Jun-18 08:45:04

Good luck Harri. We will all be thinking of you, I’m sure. 💐💐. Come back to us soon.

Nana3 Tue 05-Jun-18 08:56:45

harrigran my very best wishes, hope all goes well for you, come back soon flowers

Anniebach Tue 05-Jun-18 08:58:36

Good morning all x

Marydoll Tue 05-Jun-18 09:03:39

Best wishes for tomorrow harrigran. flowers

granperry1 Tue 05-Jun-18 09:05:10

Grey day here in South Notts. Missing gorgeous weather last week and half term with my grandaughter.