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sister's wedding

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sandye Sun 30-Sep-18 18:45:32

I hope this is the right place to post this. My sister is getting married next sat, and as usual I have left it to the last minuet to get a gift. The problem is she was a widow and consequently has everything,so this is marrying for the second time. Money is of no object to them so, what do I get as a present

Melanieeastanglia Sun 30-Sep-18 18:53:41

Is it possible to ask your sister what she would like?

Failing that, perhaps vouchers for the theatre. I know it is perhaps unusual to give vouchers for the theatre as a Wedding present but they might be appreciated.

People often say they like the theatre but don't get round to booking tickets.

paddyann Sun 30-Sep-18 19:02:50

buy them a picnic hamper,I've given a few people them and its something they would have liked but never got round to buying.Great for romantic picnics for 2

mcem Sun 30-Sep-18 19:08:52

My son and DiL had 3 picnic hampers while DD2 had 2!
Theatre tickets or, if not fans, then tickets/vouchers for an event you know they'd enjoy.

JudyJudy12 Sun 30-Sep-18 19:43:09

I tend to give vouchers for a restaurant .

Judthepud2 Sun 30-Sep-18 19:45:25

Are they having a honeymoon? Maybe a treat during this.

JoyBloggs Sun 30-Sep-18 19:54:44

A simple silver frame for one of their wedding pics? Most people could find a corner somewhere for it and it might be good to have a new frame specifically for one of their wedding photos.

wildswan16 Sun 30-Sep-18 20:07:16

Do they have a garden? Maybe a voucher for a garden centre. Or a joint subscription for National Trust or somewhere. Tickets for a big show at Christmas.

M0nica Sun 30-Sep-18 22:21:27

For our 50th wedding anniversary, my sister gave us theatre tokens. In our case for the Royal Opera House as DH in particular loves opera.

HootyMcOwlface Mon 01-Oct-18 09:39:42

What about the Buyagift website, you can get all sorts on there. I got my sister & bil a voucher for afternoon tea for their anniversary . They have other experienced or short breaks etc

labazs1964 Mon 01-Oct-18 09:41:28

if they have a garden you can get roses with appropriate wedding type names or a garden centre voucher so they can choose their own. that aside how about a red letter day voucher doesnt have to be experience days can be things like spa days afternoon teas or even yummy chocolates

vickya Mon 01-Oct-18 09:45:22

Would she appreciate an adventure, say a voucher for a flying lesson in a small plane?

GrammaH Mon 01-Oct-18 09:47:14

A voucher for afternoon tea somewhere really special is usually well received & my guide when gifting is usually " would I like it?" & I would so hopefully it's something that would suit your sister.

Fran0251 Mon 01-Oct-18 09:49:28

I gave friends in that position, as suggested above, a (handmade) voucher to a Michelin star restaurant. They would never have paid for that themselves. It was really really appreciated and gave them lots of 'boasting power' among friends!!

sazz1 Mon 01-Oct-18 10:01:41

I usually give a luxury bath towel set and a bottle of champagne when I'm stuck for ideas

HootyMcOwlface Mon 01-Oct-18 10:03:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jan51 Mon 01-Oct-18 10:04:30

When my SIL married for the second time they received a box of 11 bottles of wine and one of champagne. They were each individually labelled one for each month with the champagne labelled for the 1st anniversary.

vickya Mon 01-Oct-18 10:07:07

The afternoon tea voucher idea is a good one. There are unusual ones, You can have an Alice Mad Hatter's Tea Party tea and otehr nice ones, maybe Fortnums?

Telly Mon 01-Oct-18 10:25:51

I would ask your sister for a hint. Failing that, afternoon tea sounds good or a bottle of champagne.

Margs Mon 01-Oct-18 11:27:00

I wonder if she has one of those olde-fashioned Bentwood coat and hatstands?

You can never have too many places to put your coat, hats, wellies and umbrellas!

mabon1 Mon 01-Oct-18 12:37:10

Just ask

4allweknow Mon 01-Oct-18 13:08:54

Voucher for a meal at an up market hotel or restaurant. Garden voucher if they have a garden. I have a couple of trees now from garden gift vouchers. How about a food/wine hamper.

blue60 Mon 01-Oct-18 13:40:48

Book a table at their favourite restaurant.

Shizam Mon 01-Oct-18 13:41:01

How about a charity sponsorship of a child or animal their names? I’ve regularly done this, tailored to person’s interests. When people are older, they often don’t want or need any more material gifts, but appreciate the thought of helping out something they care about.

Hm999 Mon 01-Oct-18 14:00:00

I bought a fragrant rambling rose as a 'mature' wedding present.