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Good Morning Monday

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ninathenana Mon 05-Nov-18 07:15:16

Morning everyone.

I've been plucking up courage to start the thread. I thought Mick was back today.
Beautiful sunrise in Kent and not too chilly.
Not much planned except taking DS to GP this afternoon.
Have a good day everyone

Marydoll Wed 07-Nov-18 10:26:34

Mick is the lovely Michael 12, who usually starts the "Good morning* thread. It's become a bit of a tradition to wait for Mick to start the day off.

blubber Wed 07-Nov-18 09:13:19

Who the hell is Mick? Have I missed something?

Llamedos13 Mon 05-Nov-18 23:36:40

Hey there Mapleleaf, thanks for clearing up the mystery of Mick. Are you a fellow Canadian with a user name like Mapleleaf?

hulahoop Mon 05-Nov-18 18:42:16

It's been a misty grey day in Yorkshire sorry you have to start looking for a new flat again hope you find one soon .

Nana3 Mon 05-Nov-18 18:39:16

susieq3 and Greciangirl, Mick begins our good morning thread every morning.
See Mapleleaf's post above.

susieq3 Mon 05-Nov-18 18:27:10

I’m a regular reader of gransnet columns, please tell mr who Mick is ,Can’t say ive heard his name before!

sandelf Mon 05-Nov-18 17:15:30

Well good late afternoon! Busy day - Pilates - we worked our 'glutes' - btms. Then off to my good friend Mr Sainsbury - why does my shopping fall a few pence short of getting the Nectar bonus? And then the monthly garden gang in local church yard. - Lots of gossip while weeding and pruning - stuff is still growing (Bexhill)... Will I be able to move tomorrow?

Coconut Mon 05-Nov-18 16:22:52

I’ve been travelling back home today on the train, from a long weekend with a life long friend in Sheffield. We’ve been out for too many meals, done far too much shopping and with copious amounts of Prosecco to help us on our way ! Back to the diet and normality tomorrow ....

nonnasusie Mon 05-Nov-18 15:43:34

Good afternoon from a still wet and dreary Italy. We are glad we picked our olives 2 weeks ago Cambia . We managed to get 25 litres of oil, we could have got more if it hadn't been so windy a week earlier!!

Greciangirl Mon 05-Nov-18 15:26:26

Who is Mick?

Hilmix Mon 05-Nov-18 15:15:32

Grey day here. I'm sitting and cross stitching an alphabet wall hanging for my grandson and trying not to think about the fact that we are shortly being given notice to quit our lovely apartment because the building had been sold.
We have only been here for just on 4 months, thought it was our forever home and furnished it with that in mind. All that money on fees etc wasted and we're flat-hunting once again.
On top of this my husband has a very serious illness and gets very tired so the search for a new home is so tiring for him.
Trying to keep positive, seeing my grandchildren and my sewing is keeping my chin up. All of them 😊

Mapleleaf Mon 05-Nov-18 14:56:57

Hi, Llamedos13. Welcome aboard.
Mick usually starts the good morning thread off, but he's away for a few days, back tomorrow, so it's been a case of who's around first starts the thread for the day.
Hope you will keep posting. We are usually on the "chat" forum, but yesterday and today it's been posted back on the "gransnet cafe" forum, where it used to be. 😁 ( So I would advise you check both forums tomorrow to see where we are, but I'm guessing it will be back on chat)!
The sun is trying to shine this afternoon, after quite a gloomy morning.

Llamedos13 Mon 05-Nov-18 14:13:03

Lovely fall day in S.Ontario, Canada but who the heck is Mick?

Cambia Mon 05-Nov-18 13:37:25

Warm and sunny in Crete. Been whacking the olive trees to collect the olives. Have done six trees and only got half a sack full! Don’t think it is going to provide our oil for the year but it is the first time we have done so we are learning. Bet they laugh their socks off at the oil cooperative when we turn up!

Blue45Sapphire Mon 05-Nov-18 13:27:24

Well it's good afternoon now, and mild and sunny in Northampton. I am going to take advantage of the fine weather to cut the grass.
Never did find yesterday's thread and gave up, glad for the tip today that it's on active.
Nice lunch out and shopping yesterday with DS and family, managed to get DGD's birthday present.
Went to yoga this morning then coffee and chat afterwards.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the day folks.

mabon1 Mon 05-Nov-18 13:13:47

Warm and sunny walking the dog on the beach this morning and had chat with three regular dog walkers, lovely start to the day but dreading the fireworks this evening as my bearded collie is terrified.

Auntieflo Mon 05-Nov-18 09:59:56

Morning to all you earlybirds and well done for starting the thread in Mick’s absence.
Morning Annie.
Marydoll, I can’t believe your kitchen Saga, it just keeps going. I do sympathise, though surely there can’t be any more suprises for you?
Have a good day all

Willow10 Mon 05-Nov-18 09:49:21

Aaahh - that's why I couldn't find you all - you're on Gransnet cafe! Come back Mick, all is forgiven! Thanks for your help Kitty. Woke up to a foggy day but it's cleared now and is quite bright in East Northants. Still trying to decide what to do with myself today, but I don't want to waste this good weather when those in the west country seem to be getting all the rain. Hope it's a good day for everyone.

NfkDumpling Mon 05-Nov-18 09:21:11

Morning All

Best Beloved got up early today so the household is running on British Summer Time! It also means I don’t get my early browsing‘puter time.

A lovely morning in the north of Norfolk, quite mild too so I’m going out in the garden to mulch.

I thought the end was in sight for you Marydoll when the kitchen started to be fitted. Obviously not quite!

Nannytopsy Mon 05-Nov-18 08:40:02

Marydoll it surely can’t get any worse! All downhill from here! The house is tidy, the ironing is done and I don’t need to shop - amazing really! Time to start the list of things to make before Christmas perhaps?

Marydoll Mon 05-Nov-18 08:29:28

Good morning all and Mick in his absence.
It's damp here in Glasgow.
I have had a bad start to the day already.
I went out to the roadside, in my jammies to put some bottles in the recycling before the bin men came. I foolishly thought no-one would see me, as it was so early. I never looked, just threw the bottles in. Unfortunately the bin men had already been and I had thrown the bottles in my neighbour's bin. grin. I had to tip the bin upside down on the lawn and retrieve them, just as a number of my neighbours were going to work. blush.
I then decided to check the boiler pressure. The viewing panel won't open, as the joiner has boxed the boiler in and the hinge is stopping it. sad.
Back upstairs to get dressed, the light blew. Back downstairs in the dark to reset the fuse box.
I'm exhausted! grin.
I hope everyone has a better day than me!.

Anniebach Mon 05-Nov-18 08:28:40

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

NannyJan53 Mon 05-Nov-18 08:22:43

Good Morning from a damp and grey Black Country.

Had a good day yesterday, we were invited to DD's for Sunday lunch. The full roast!

Today will be my regular Monday walk this morning, then a potter around the house this afternoon.

Have a lovely Monday everyone.

kittylester Mon 05-Nov-18 08:22:00

Bump again!

Pittcity Mon 05-Nov-18 08:19:57

Good morning from a brightening Colchester. Another mild, dry day.
Walking Netball this morning and housework later.