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Good Morning Monday

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ninathenana Mon 05-Nov-18 07:15:16

Morning everyone.

I've been plucking up courage to start the thread. I thought Mick was back today.
Beautiful sunrise in Kent and not too chilly.
Not much planned except taking DS to GP this afternoon.
Have a good day everyone

kittylester Mon 05-Nov-18 07:19:36

Morning nina! I remembered that Mick was away today as well but I made such a mess yesterday that I daren't do anything!

It's misty in North Leicestershire but not too cold. We saw DD2 and family yesterday and today we are seeing Wolfie, his mummy and his big brother and sister!

Enjoy your days everyone!

Gagagran Mon 05-Nov-18 07:22:50

Morning nina - glad you opened up! I was waiting for someone to do the honours. Maybe we should as Mick to nominate one of us in his absence?

It's similar weather further west from you - mild and quite bright. I am going to hang the laundry out while it's still like this. All too soon it will be dark and wet and the dryer will come into use.

We await the arrival of the tarmac team to put the second and final layer on the pavement outside our house. It will another step towards completion of the road widening project, which has been going on for some weeks now.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Gagagran Mon 05-Nov-18 07:23:13

Morning kitty!

gillybob Mon 05-Nov-18 07:26:08

Good morning Nina, Kitty, Gaga and all to follow.

The weekend has flown over . Back to that place . School runs and fireworks later .
Have a good day everyone .

Greyduster Mon 05-Nov-18 07:36:19

Good morning all GNs and Michael in his absence (I thought he was back today too!). It is damp and misty in South Yorkshire. Sky and fields all blended together in one lump of grey. We’re not going far today, but first of three school runs later. We had a very happy day yesterday, but now I have post birthday blues. It will pass. Have a good day folks.

aggie Mon 05-Nov-18 07:36:45

Good Morning everyone , still and damp out , lots of rain in the night . Dentist this am , Solicitor later , not my fav day

NanKate Mon 05-Nov-18 07:36:52

Morning Nina and All.

Another grey day in the South.

You didn’t make a mess at all Kitty it’s tricky knowing when to start a thread with Mick away. You never know 3 of us could do one at the same time 😳

Coughing and spluttering today still 🤧

NanKate Mon 05-Nov-18 07:38:12

Mick definitely comes back tomorrow and we can all relax.

Brunette10 Mon 05-Nov-18 07:42:31

Morning everyone and to those who follow. Thanks for the thread Nina, well done! It's lovely here in Fife this morning, red sky and peaceful at the moment. Having coffee with my aunt today so looking forward to catch up. Have quite a travel but that doesn't matter. She is the only relative I have left now from my side so love our chats. Hope everyone is fine for those who aren't 100% keep your chin up and don't worry too much about anything. Have a good day.

cornergran Mon 05-Nov-18 07:43:00

Morning All. Grey and gloomy in our corner of Somerset. Catch up day ahead here, tedious in the process but positive when done. Hope Monday is kind to everyone.

Nana3 Mon 05-Nov-18 07:53:28

Good morning, the skies are grey in Lancashire. Going for a coffee with a friend this morning.
Have a good day everyone.

DoraMarr Mon 05-Nov-18 07:57:12

Good morning Nina, Annie and all, from a grey and drizzly Birmingham.
To the nurse this morning for a check up, then M&S for food to fill my empty and pristine freezer, then to my daughter no 3 for lunch, and to see my granddaughter. Tapas and the cinema in town later.
I hope it’s a good day for everyone.

kittylester Mon 05-Nov-18 08:08:28


PECS Mon 05-Nov-18 08:13:50

Hello & goodmorning all! Sunshine in Surrey atm! Am off to Brighton to have my hair done today!

Pittcity Mon 05-Nov-18 08:19:57

Good morning from a brightening Colchester. Another mild, dry day.
Walking Netball this morning and housework later.

kittylester Mon 05-Nov-18 08:22:00

Bump again!

NannyJan53 Mon 05-Nov-18 08:22:43

Good Morning from a damp and grey Black Country.

Had a good day yesterday, we were invited to DD's for Sunday lunch. The full roast!

Today will be my regular Monday walk this morning, then a potter around the house this afternoon.

Have a lovely Monday everyone.

Anniebach Mon 05-Nov-18 08:28:40

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Hope everyone has a good day x

Marydoll Mon 05-Nov-18 08:29:28

Good morning all and Mick in his absence.
It's damp here in Glasgow.
I have had a bad start to the day already.
I went out to the roadside, in my jammies to put some bottles in the recycling before the bin men came. I foolishly thought no-one would see me, as it was so early. I never looked, just threw the bottles in. Unfortunately the bin men had already been and I had thrown the bottles in my neighbour's bin. grin. I had to tip the bin upside down on the lawn and retrieve them, just as a number of my neighbours were going to work. blush.
I then decided to check the boiler pressure. The viewing panel won't open, as the joiner has boxed the boiler in and the hinge is stopping it. sad.
Back upstairs to get dressed, the light blew. Back downstairs in the dark to reset the fuse box.
I'm exhausted! grin.
I hope everyone has a better day than me!.

Nannytopsy Mon 05-Nov-18 08:40:02

Marydoll it surely can’t get any worse! All downhill from here! The house is tidy, the ironing is done and I don’t need to shop - amazing really! Time to start the list of things to make before Christmas perhaps?

NfkDumpling Mon 05-Nov-18 09:21:11

Morning All

Best Beloved got up early today so the household is running on British Summer Time! It also means I don’t get my early browsing‘puter time.

A lovely morning in the north of Norfolk, quite mild too so I’m going out in the garden to mulch.

I thought the end was in sight for you Marydoll when the kitchen started to be fitted. Obviously not quite!

Willow10 Mon 05-Nov-18 09:49:21

Aaahh - that's why I couldn't find you all - you're on Gransnet cafe! Come back Mick, all is forgiven! Thanks for your help Kitty. Woke up to a foggy day but it's cleared now and is quite bright in East Northants. Still trying to decide what to do with myself today, but I don't want to waste this good weather when those in the west country seem to be getting all the rain. Hope it's a good day for everyone.

Auntieflo Mon 05-Nov-18 09:59:56

Morning to all you earlybirds and well done for starting the thread in Mick’s absence.
Morning Annie.
Marydoll, I can’t believe your kitchen Saga, it just keeps going. I do sympathise, though surely there can’t be any more suprises for you?
Have a good day all

mabon1 Mon 05-Nov-18 13:13:47

Warm and sunny walking the dog on the beach this morning and had chat with three regular dog walkers, lovely start to the day but dreading the fireworks this evening as my bearded collie is terrified.