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Privacy rights

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Emmaline Sat 15-Dec-18 11:18:29

I have recently moved into a care home and the carers are on site 24/7 which is great although I only need a body wash first thing in the morning .. however one or two of them do NOT seem to be bothered about our right to privacy.
Yesterday one of the carers knocked on my door and as I was in the loo I shouted "I'l be with you in a minute" and repeated this a couple of times but she came in anyway!
I was so annoyed and told her so in no uncertain terms.
I pay 140 pounds a week for this flat and it's my home so why should anyone be allowed to just walk in whenever they like .. what say you?!

Luckygirl Sat 15-Dec-18 11:24:13

It is a difficult balance for carers who need to make sure people are OK when they get no response - it may be that she did not hear you.

But if she did, then she was out of order, and you are right to be upset. I hope that you were able to have a reasonable conversation with her about this as you do not want to get off on the wrong foot. It sounds as if the conversation was a bit heated, so maybe you need to talk with her about this when you are not feeling so understandably annoyed.

Emmaline Sat 15-Dec-18 11:26:46

This is not the first time either .. a couple of weeks ago one of the male carers came straight in even though the door was locked and proceeded to sort out my meds .. and that was without even a knock on my door! It gave me such a fright as I had just dropped off to sleep.. and neither of them offered any sort of apology!

Emmaline Sat 15-Dec-18 11:39:04

There is no way that she didn't hear me and she came in because she was bringing some new medication that the doctor had prescribed as if that was more important than my privacy.
There are numerous carers here as is only to be expected as this is quite a big place and I get on with the majority of them in fact I have been told they enjoy coming in to see me because they know I will have a nice chat with them.

Bathsheba Sat 15-Dec-18 12:22:22

I’d be rather put out by this, I agree, but to be honest if I had my own flat, with 24/7 careers in attendance to help me with all my needs, for only £140 a week, I don’t think I’d be rocking the boat 😳.

Bathsheba Sat 15-Dec-18 12:23:33

Carers, not careers - stupid autocorrect!

MissAdventure Sat 15-Dec-18 12:28:48

Respecting a persons privacy is a huge part of supporting someone appropriately.
I would make sure that the carers are aware of the procedures regarding this.

Telly Sat 15-Dec-18 12:44:28

I would bring it up with the management, a respect for clients privacy is essential. Perhaps there are regular meetings where such issues can be raised?

BlueBelle Sat 15-Dec-18 13:07:37

I m trying to understand your arrangement you call it a ‘care home’ which would normally be rooms overseen by carers who would certainly ( Hopefully) pop in and out to make sure you are ok Then you say it’s ‘my flat’ so are you meaning sheltered housing with a locked/ or unlocked
front door I think that makes a lot of difference If the carer was at a front door and you in the loo she may not have heard or may not have heard exactly what you said
Can you really get 24/7 care for £140 a week that sounds unbelievable you do have a bargain?
As you told them “in no uncertain terms” lets hope if you need someone in an emergency they are not to scared of invading your privacy

MissAdventure Sat 15-Dec-18 13:13:04

They should knock and wait for permission to enter in every situation apart from an emergency, and they will have had this drummed into them (hopefully) regardless of the set up.

ninathenana Sat 15-Dec-18 14:31:05

BlueBelle yes I'm confused too.

lemongrove Sat 15-Dec-18 15:55:36

I should ask them to stop wearing plimsolls or other soft shoes, in favour of strong leather shoes or boots, then you will hear them coming and they won’t be able to creep about.Just a thought, does anyone agree?

jenpax Sat 15-Dec-18 16:20:29

Whatever your living arrangements (and I too am confused!) you have a right to privacy, dignity and respect and I would have a word with the management of this setting about your concerns

Lynne59 Sat 15-Dec-18 16:47:57

You live in a care home for £140 per week?! No, you don't. You either live in your own flat or you are HUGELY subsidised.

Lock your door, that's the simple answer.

I was a Domiciliary Carer for 22 years, went to people in their own homes. I had specific times to visit my clients, and even when they knew what time to expect me, I knocked and shouted "Hello" loudly before entering.

lemongrove....carers usually wear "sensible" shoes for their work, not plimsolls.

I suspect this is may be a hoax post

Squiffy Sat 15-Dec-18 16:53:11

I agree with you lemon.

EllanVannin Sat 15-Dec-18 17:00:03

Could be a hoax. No locked doors in a care home for obvious reasons.

dragonfly46 Sat 15-Dec-18 17:01:52

If you are in a care home I would expect the Carers to knock and then come in. They don’t have time to hang around and also you could have been lying on the bathroom floor!
Privacy and respect are two different things. Every one deserves respect but you give up privacy to a certain extent in 24 hour care.

Care homes cost £250 a week so you are very lucky.

BlueBelle Sat 15-Dec-18 17:26:02

Lemongrove maybe cheap plimsols at that, I think we are in agreement

BlueBelle Sat 15-Dec-18 17:28:18

lynn59 Lemongrove could have said ugg boots

B9exchange Sat 15-Dec-18 17:33:09

Care homes round here cost £750 a week, and over £1000 if you have full nursing care, are you even in the UK? I think we all need to emigrate to where you are when we get a bit older!

Emmaline Sat 15-Dec-18 18:00:48

Thanks for the posts everyone ..and no this is NOT a hoax please be assured.
Now I have had time to cool down and think about things more rationally I do confess that I have a very unique position and there is the 24/7 care here plus a lot of other amenities as well .. there is a restaurant, café, small shop and a hairdressers all under the same roof. We have "activities" arranged for us such as games, indoor bowls, a quiz evening, an evening talking about the times past plus bingo and choirs or singers that come to entertain us and for just one pound entry.. and I nearly forgot .. trips out to shopping centres or visits to places of interest.
This is a new venture into a better way to help aged and/or disabled people. We all have our own flat with beautifully designed wet rooms, a kitchen set in a recess of the sitting room, bedroom with lots of space and very helpful is the extra wide doorways that lead into a large hallway so getting a mobility scooter in and out is no problem.. and every flat has its own balcony too.. and all for 140 pounds a week! Of course we pay for electricity and any other expenses but hey! ... who's complaining?!

There is a separate part of the building for alzheimer sufferers and those that need a lot of extra help and attention.

I would love to put some pictures on here to let you see what a lovely place this is!

dragonfly46 Sat 15-Dec-18 18:06:15

Emmaline where is this place - I want to put my name down.
I do not think this is a hoax I saw your post about being in hospital with heart failure in October.
Do you provide your own food because that will make a difference?

Emmaline Sat 15-Dec-18 18:06:43

.. and by-the-way .. I live in Norwich Norfolk UK and this is called The Meadows Care Home Bowthorpe Norwich just in case you want to Google it! smile

BlueBelle Sat 15-Dec-18 18:15:02

I know Norwich very well I think I ll have to put my name down I do apologise as I was sure you were joking us
Who subsidises it then ?

dragonfly46 Sat 15-Dec-18 18:15:03

It sounds wonderful and I wish you well there but do not get too hung up on the privacy issue. I am afraid it is hard to maintain dignity when you need help with personal care. I know from experience. If they are kind and caring that is all that matters.