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Diverticulitis problem

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cheneslieges132 Sun 02-Sep-18 10:47:35

Since being diagnosed with mild Diverticulitis 2 years ago, this has impacted my life in one way in particular ... and that is, I can now never go ANYWHERE before about 10.30 to 11.00 am, because of having frequent URGENT trips to the loo which just cannot be ignored!! So for instance, if we had tried to book a nice long day out previously, that now has to be completely forgotten about. This is such a nuisance - lovely, long days out (or travelling ANYWHERE before about 11 am) are totally out of the question now. Oh how life has changed!! Anyone else have similar problems?

Pollaidh Sun 09-Sep-18 18:03:53

I sometimes get bouts of what I think must be IBS and this happens to me.
Have you thought of trying any of the recommended therapies for IBS?

BlueBelle Sun 09-Sep-18 18:04:58


labazs Sun 09-Sep-18 18:06:30

try and see if any foods make it worse then if you want to go out try and avoid them i am sorry i am not trivialising what you have im sure its horrible i have bladder problems serious issues so i know what its like to have your life restricted

Pollaidh Sun 09-Sep-18 18:08:16

That's not a bad idea, BlueBelle. I have a friend who enters triathlons etc (mad!) and she has to be careful, so takes immodium the night before an event. It works for her, but her OH (retired GP) warns against overuse.

pollyperkins Sun 09-Sep-18 18:19:32

I have the same problem but the gp prescribed Fybogel drink which I take daily. It seems to help. I only occasionally have problems now. You can buy it over the counter.

pollyperkins Sun 09-Sep-18 18:20:15

Chocolate seems to make it work.

pollyperkins Sun 09-Sep-18 18:21:02

Sorry, chocolate makes it WORSE!

Sparklefizz Sun 09-Sep-18 18:24:42


BlueBelle Sun 09-Sep-18 19:50:58

I do sometimes have days when I m not reliable so if I m going out I take an Imodium before I go and it’s stops it happening seems to work for me and as I only usually take the one I m back to normal the next day
Worth a try Chenes

etheltbags1 Sun 09-Sep-18 21:26:53

I'm the same since my bowel op 4 years ago. I find that eating v small meals , I take tablets before meals and if I have to run I take Imodium. I'm doing school run tomorrow and won't eat at all in case I'm caught short in the school yard

Mamissimo Sun 09-Sep-18 23:12:40

I had really severe diverticulitis and eventually developed diverticulosis and had to have my bowel resectioned. I was lucky enough to be cared for by a really special team as I was so ill.

They suggested that if I ever had symptoms again I should rest my gut by only drinking clear liquids for 24 hrs, next day I could have soups and milk in my tea, and then on day three to reintroduce gentle low fibre foods. They were against Imodium because it slows the passage of stuff and you need the gut to work gently to clear the pocket that’s blocked.

Hope you find some relief.

cheneslieges132 Sun 09-Sep-18 23:30:03

Thank you everyone - but my doctor strongly advises against Immodium (Loperamide) - I do use Meberevine, which he prescribed - it does help a bit. But Immodium is definitely a No No!

minxie Mon 10-Sep-18 07:39:25

My partner had IBS badly, I organised for him to have colonics and he hasn’t suffered since and that’s about 10years ago.
I don’t know if it can help your complaint but it’s worth researching

Susan56 Mon 10-Sep-18 07:59:36

I too have diverticular disease and my consultant suggested I take Imodium if I am planning a day out,not to be taken regularly though.He also suggested a food diary to find the triggers which cause the flare ups.Another suggestion he gave was the FODMAP diet,too much to write on here but lots of info on google and also your consultant may have information sheets on it.Hope you find a solution to make life more comfortable and you can enjoy days out again💐

Harris27 Mon 10-Sep-18 08:13:35

My husband has this problem and all advice above good.nwe work around it but I carry Imodium in my bag always for him.

BlueBelle Mon 10-Sep-18 08:15:43

Susan that’s what i do only take it if I m going to be in a situation where I won’t be able to get to a loo and if I show signs of having a oppsydaisy day so only intermittently probably buy a packet about every four or five months so definitely not a regular thing
My doctor said most people over 50 have some signs of diverticulitis

midgey Mon 10-Sep-18 08:24:43

My daughter is an enthusiastic researcher and has given me Symprove to try and help my IBS. Much to my annoyance it appears to be beneficial! I gather it is expensive though.

HannahLoisLuke Mon 10-Sep-18 08:49:23

I suffer with both IBS and acid reflux and fluctuate between constipation and bloating and needing to go five or six times a day.
I try to follow a natural path and make kefir, fermented vegetables and also take ProBion Clinica which suits me better than other probiotics. I am experiencing a slow improvement but still get times when the need to visit the loo is just too inconvenient, then I take something called Silicolgel which again is naturally derived and very gentle. Not instant so you need to take it the night before. As I also get constipation I only take it occasionally but the OP could take it every night until things improve.
I've read about Symprove but a course costs around £80!

labazs Mon 10-Sep-18 09:01:21

buscopan is marvellous for ibs cramps and pain

TLVgran48 Mon 10-Sep-18 09:03:55

I had a first nasty attack of diverticulitis two years ago, caused by major stress. Totally agree with HannahLoisLuke about the fermented veggies - and drinking kombucha is also very helpful. There are two very helpful UK-based Facebook groups for diverticulosis support. Best of luck to all fellow-sufferers!

notgoneyet Mon 10-Sep-18 09:07:01

Sparklefizz mentioned Enterosgel. I suffer from IBS. However it's so intermittent you never know when it's going to happen. When it does though, you don't have any choice, you HAVE to go and God forbid you're nowhere near a toilet. I've recently read good things about Enterosgel so have just bought some from Amazon. Watch this space!!

starbird Mon 10-Sep-18 09:07:55

Using a pessary eg Senokot, the night before should help to empty the lower bowel more completely in one go -assuming you can get it in! You are supposed to moisten it first and it’s like holding a goldfish! If like me, you have piles just at the point of entry it becomes virtually impossible.

B9exchange Mon 10-Sep-18 09:15:02

You do have my sympathy. I had a gynae op that went wrong, nerves to do with evacuation were cut, and I had to rely on laxatives to achieve anything, which worked with only 30 seconds warning, so I could not go out until that was over, it does really limit what you can do. Fortunately they have regrown to an extent, so I feel I have control now.

Diverticulosis is the formation of the pockets in the colon, which is very common as you get older. Diverticulitis is the inflammation of one or more of these pockets, and can result in severe pain and needs treatment with antibiotics.

I also suffer with IBS, which can have days of having to rush four of five times an hour in the morning before it settles down, and for that Imodium is an absolute Godsend if I have to go out. Things have settled down on pre and probiotics, so do think about trying those as a preventative. Kolanticol gel is also worth a try for flare ups. Doctors are never keen on Imodium, but there is a very useful article here that explains the worry is that it can cause constipation, and the resultant straining can make the problem worse. But that should not stop you using it very occasionally when you have to get out of the house early, eg for a flight.

St Marks Hospital advised me to take a dessert spoon of lemon juice in a pint of hot water every morning, along with a tablespoonful of olive oil. I have to mix that with orange juice to get it down, but quite apart from 'greasing things along' beautifully, it has done wonders for my cholesterol ratio!

Hope you find something here that helps.

Sheilasue Mon 10-Sep-18 09:36:31

I have a weak bladder and wear a towel. Provided I know I can get to a loo ok I manage to get out and about.