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Anniebach Mon 19-Aug-19 21:46:12

Hi, new thread x

Lessismore Wed 11-Sep-19 12:33:40

It is possible to reach out to people. You may have to take a few knock backs but it's worth it.

You can always ask people round to your home.

Anniebach Wed 11-Sep-19 12:39:43

Who ?

Lessismore Wed 11-Sep-19 13:11:37

Anybody? Just reflecting on my own self imposed isolation which thankfully I am leaving behind.
We need actual human contact.

nanny2507 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:56:37

salsa any news on the cat. I do hope she comes home. I certainly feel your pain on this one. I am feeling better today thank you

How is everyone today

annie how are you getting on with the splints...any show re gardener

Nonnie Thu 12-Sep-19 10:27:03

In tears. Sold something on Gumtree, nice guy came to collect and we had a chat. He asked me if I was related to DS and went on to say what a lovely guy he was and where he met him. We he had finished I told him that DS was dead, he was shaken. Sort of mixed feelings, brought it home to me just how many people liked DS.

SalsaQueen Thu 12-Sep-19 13:25:12

Nanny Not a word on the cat. We spent 3 hours yesterday, driving a bit further away (a mile or so away from son's house, all directions) putting up more posters. I'm offering a reward, so we expected perhaps a call, but nothing. We traipsed around in a nearby cemetery, as my son seems to be convinced the cat is alive but lost somewhere. I don't believe we'll ever find her. The not knowing is awful, isn't it. How's your new cat?

nanny2507 Thu 12-Sep-19 14:12:50

oh nonnie xxx

nanny2507 Thu 12-Sep-19 14:15:32

salsa little marshall is doing really well he had a little visit to the back garden today.literally 2 mins lol

humptydumpty Thu 12-Sep-19 14:18:07

salsa did you contact petsreunited? I think it's worth a try as emails will go out to people all over your local area, and to vet surgeries, rescue centres etc. I know of several owners who have been re-united with their pets that way. They also have pictures of cats that have been found, so might be worth looking through those?

SalsaQueen Thu 12-Sep-19 15:31:43

Nanny I'm glad Marshall is enjoying himself. Bless him x

humptydumpty Yes, I'm registered on that (and others) website. I was quite excited an hour ago, when I had an email saying they had a match that might be Millie. It turned out to be a cat with different markings, 255 miles away, not identichipped. Nothing like Millie then!

Joce345 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:32:06

I don’t think any one should just be inviting just anyone into there home, there is some not nice people out the please be careful..

Hi all hope every one is having a nice day..

Joce345 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:43:08
This is my home made rag doll reall pleased with her

Dawn22 Thu 12-Sep-19 17:44:44

Very sound advice about inviting people in Joce. Only people you know well and trust.

Love the doll. Very creative.

All the best to everyone. Dawn xx

Lessismore Thu 12-Sep-19 17:48:30

I guess you have to apply some basic common sense in regards to inviting people into your territory.

The alternative of being holed up inside, tapping a keyboard is equally frightening.

Dawn22 Thu 12-Sep-19 18:55:40

Your last paragraph above is unnecessary.
I can assure that the people who post on here have extremely rich inner lives; myself included, poets, philosopher's and prophets etc. You name it. We have talent here.

Anniebach Thu 12-Sep-19 21:31:14

Hi all x

nonnie hugs x

Salsa. not knowing is horrible , the what if’s. x

nanny great to learn Marshall has settled in x

Joce love the doll, want one, how clever are you , 🌻 x b

Dawn yes all here are blessed with talents x

Would like to share with you -

Elder granddaughter is settling into her new home back in
Wales, only moved on Monday and has found a job with a legal firm , first interview, she is so happy to continue with her studies.

Younger granddaughter heard yesterday she has the lease on a property she so wanted. An apartment the floor above the apartment her brother has bought , she moved in November,
the three will be together again, they are very close, with university they are not been together for ten years just occasional visits. I am so happy 😀

nanny2507 Thu 12-Sep-19 22:02:49

lessismore I prefer animals. Some people can be horrible

annie what wonderful news. I wish I lived near my family. I miss them so much

nanny2507 Thu 12-Sep-19 22:03:54

joce the ragdoll is beautiful! It really is. You are clever

Anniebach Thu 12-Sep-19 22:05:54

nanny they are 50 miles from me but what is important is they are close to each other. Gives me some peace of mind

Joce345 Fri 13-Sep-19 19:49:38

Evening all had a lovely day out in York with my daughter...
bit tired now but it’s been worth it..
Hope every one is doing ok
Thank you all for the comments on my rag doll..

Anniebach Sat 14-Sep-19 21:34:15

Hi all x

Hope you are all ok x

Dawn22 Sun 15-Sep-19 08:55:35

To Annie
Hope you are doing ok too. Thinking of you as you think of us.

Joce345 Sun 15-Sep-19 10:07:22

Morning all just sat thinking of you all, hoping today is a good day for all..

don’t know what to do dolls house or more rag dolls need to keep my mind occupied today.

Morning Dawn Annie it’s always a bit quiet hear on a weekend I think. hope you are doing ok.

Anniebach Sun 15-Sep-19 20:33:01

Hi all x

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend, x

Joce345 Sun 15-Sep-19 22:13:54

Night all hope you all sleep well 💤

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