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Euthanasia Referendum

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BradfordLass72 Mon 16-Dec-19 08:20:41

In 2020, New Zealand is to hold a referendum on whether to allow euthanasia for the terminally ill. It's been tried before, twice - 1995 and 2003 - and failed each time.

I hope we get it through because:

a) too many people are allowed, even forced, to die in appalling pain.

b) we should have a right to choose to die with dignity.
Having the choice does not mean you need to use it.

I know we've discussed this before but it's now current news here.

Hetty58 Mon 16-Dec-19 08:33:07

We have so much choice in our lives now. We can surely make our wishes clear beforehand and be allowed an opportunity to end it all. The thought of lingering on, helplessly, in agony (so pointless and cruel) worries me greatly. We should still have a choice.

Some people may have religious beliefs (e.g. God's will or pain cleansing) that prevent them allowing euthanasia. Many medical staff, too, have a strong belief in preserving life at all costs. The rest of us would prefer to go quickly!

Nico97 Mon 16-Dec-19 08:45:37

Gets my vote provided that it's carried out under scrupulous terms.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 16-Dec-19 10:26:33

Totally agree with nico97

Alexa Mon 16-Dec-19 11:50:57

I joined Exit and after three months got the booklet about how to do it painlessly at home without assistance.
Doctor assisted dying would be nicer.

For many years I have been subscribing to the charity 'Dignity' .

sodapop Mon 16-Dec-19 11:59:24

Agree with nico97

Charleygirl5 Mon 16-Dec-19 12:07:16

My cat Tara will not suffer- why should I? I also agree with nico97.

ayse Mon 16-Dec-19 12:11:59

Gets my vote too.

Sara65 Mon 16-Dec-19 12:17:02

Me too, agree with Nico.

We should have the right to choose.

notanan2 Mon 16-Dec-19 12:29:54

I think the point to remember is that British people every week either travel abroad to die assisted, or do it alone for illness related reasons.

So IT IS HAPPENING. whether its legal or not. Legalising just makes it safer. Same as abortion.

Riverwalk Mon 16-Dec-19 12:37:29

Be careful what you wish for in these times of austerity, talk of insurance for social care, and an ageing population.

Don’t forget we are seen as bed-blocking, boomers who get more than our fair share of the cake.

Hetty58 Mon 16-Dec-19 12:40:06

It's been happening for a long time. My dear aunt, 40 odd years ago, with a terminal cancer diagnosis, took all her painkillers and drowned herself in the bath. It's so sad that people die all alone.

Sara65 Mon 16-Dec-19 12:43:58

If I was asked I would help anyone in my family.

It would break my heart, but it would be worse to watch them suffer. So much better to be done with medical assistance.

notanan2 Mon 16-Dec-19 12:46:46

Thats the problem Sara, your family know they cant ask you under current laws.

Dee1012 Mon 16-Dec-19 12:50:13

For deeply personal reasons, this would have my full backing.

Smileless2012 Mon 16-Dec-19 13:09:16

I agree too many are travelling abroad and ending their lives earlier then they'd need too because we don't allow euthanasia in this country.

Does anyone think we'd ever have a referendum about it here?

Yehbutnobut Mon 16-Dec-19 13:12:27

Gets my vote too 👍🏽

GagaJo Mon 16-Dec-19 13:17:03

Mine too. I'd rather die sooner than risk suffering and wasting my DGS's inheritance in care fees.

Blondiescot Mon 16-Dec-19 13:20:23

It would have my vote too. I watched my mother die a long, slow, lingering death through dementia, and I know it was the last thing she would have wanted. We do not let our beloved pets suffer in such a way, so why should we not have the choice to end our lives with dignity if need be?

NonnaJazz Mon 16-Dec-19 16:27:54

Totally support it, though I think it would need carefully worded legislation.

A friend of mine recently died a long slow and very painful in my view the current system is inhumane.

cornergran Mon 16-Dec-19 19:19:56

My support, too. Yes, carefully worded legislation but so much more humane than the suffering I’ve seen others experience.

Grannybags Mon 16-Dec-19 21:04:46

It would get my vote too

BradfordLass72 Mon 16-Dec-19 21:14:51

It will be a pioneering move in this part of the world as Austraalian law currently forbids it in every State.

New Zealand may well find there are 'Death with Diginity' applicants from across the Pond as well as homegrown ones.

So for that reason, as well as not wanting anyone 'seen off' by avaricious relatives, it will undoubtedly be a hard task to form legislation but it will certainly be under the very strict guidance of experienced medical staff only.

On 18th December, the Ministry of Health will bring in details of cannabis use for medical purposes.

The 2nd part of the 2020 Referendum is about the legal, personal use of cannabis.

This is a political move as the Green Party threatened to stand against the use of cannabis for medical purposes, if personal use was not included in the Referendum.

'Weed' is widely used illegally here by all sectors of society. You can smell it on the street and recently, when I was in Court, the waiting room was fragrant with it ! smile That's an ironic smile btw.

jura2 Mon 16-Dec-19 21:17:35

Feel very privileged I live in a country which has made assisted dying legal a very long time ago.

I do wish we would never use the term 'euthanasia'- which is a totally different thing and both get wrongly confused.

Tangerine Mon 16-Dec-19 21:25:29

Yes, with carefully worded safeguards.

I would hate to think people were coerced into taking action by greedy relatives. Sadly, this could happen.