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Anyone got symptoms?

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GagaJo Thu 19-Mar-20 07:36:07

I've developed a dry cough. I'm worried.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 19-Mar-20 08:14:27

gaga keep everything crossed that it is nothing. Keep yourself totally isolated so if you have got it you don’t pass it on.

Keep posting🙂

GrannyGravy13 Thu 19-Mar-20 08:19:13

Gagajo try not to panic, hopefully it is just a cough and not the dreaded virus. Take care flowers

Lucca Thu 19-Mar-20 08:21:00

Have you taken your temperature?

MawB Thu 19-Mar-20 08:24:14

I take my temperature every morning and evening now as a matter of course.
Gagajo you have just flown into the country - what do you think?
I used to find any flight, even domestic, left me with a “throat” for a day or two, but if in doubt get tested.
I have posted this elsewhere, but you might like to read it here too

Dick and Jane BOTH 👥 show early 🤢symptoms. Jane STAYS HOME🏡, gets tested 🧫 and awaits her results 🛀🏻. Dick goes🤵🏻 to work 🚘, stops for a quick drink 🍻 at the local bar, pops by his parents🧓🏻👵🏼 house, hits the gym🏋🏻, begins to feel worse🤒 (eh, but even if he does 🤧 have it, he's healthy💪🏼, so he'll recover quickly⏰). Dick finally decides to get tested 🧪. Both Dick and Jane get 🦠 positive test results. Jane 😷 infects no one🚪 once she 🙌 started to show symptoms. Dick potentially 🏟infects dozens, if not hundreds 🧨, by his SELFISH 🗣 behaviour. Be like Jane👍. Don't be a Dick 🙄.

ArtySue Thu 19-Mar-20 08:39:24

That's funny MawB, droll and true. I think I've got the virus, have been in isolation for five days with my son buying a few bits and bobs like chocolate and leaving them outside my gate. I live alone but have Classic FM, birds, the telly, knitting and a sunny patio so it's not awful. Fortunately I like my own company but you can have too much of a good thing! wink I do miss the human contact. This can't go on forever though.

BlueSky Thu 19-Mar-20 08:52:47

I guess now every time we have a sore throat/cough we think the dreaded virus. Before all this kicked off I had 2 days of ticklish throat which then cleared while DH had a dry cough for two weeks. But as we get that every winter I assume it was just the usual stuff. If it happened now we would have self isolated.

Bathsheba Thu 19-Mar-20 09:07:13

GagaJo and ArtySue, I do hope, if it is the dreaded virus, that you're not too badly afflicted and recover speedily. Lots of good wishes and (((hugs))) to you both. Take care xxx

GagaJo Thu 19-Mar-20 09:20:24

My daughter had a cough last week. We were both worried she had it but she seems fine now. My grandson was hacking in my face (in his sleep) yesterday. So it could just be a cough. It is very dry and tickly though.

I have asthma and I’m immune compromised from chemo and radiotherapy so I’m anxious.

POGS Thu 19-Mar-20 10:35:57

You flew back on Monday was it?

Did you fly to the UK from a country with severe numbers of COVID 19 cases?

Do you think you may have been more exposed than your daughter and grandson?

If you have COVID 19 in which country are you more likely to have contracted the virus given the time line of the virus.

As you have travelled I would suggest if you have a high temperature you should call 111 and tell them where you have traveled from.

Greymar Thu 19-Mar-20 10:37:47

Sorry to hear that Gaga.

Davidhs Thu 19-Mar-20 10:59:38

I don’t know it is was Covid 19 or not I wasn’t tested, 3 weeks ago I had a dry cough, this developed into a very painful chest, it became agony to cough.
Gradually that has changed to mostly clear mucus coughing up, it’s now nearly gone, if it had got infected it would have been serious I was lucky.

GagaJo Thu 19-Mar-20 11:02:06

I came from Switzerland which isn't officially 'high rate', but my school was just over the border from Italy.

Good idea POGS.

Davidhs, I have a friend with exactly the same symptoms as you. She INSISTED it wasn't CV and continued to be out and about.

Missfoodlove Thu 19-Mar-20 12:11:24

Davidhs, Great that you told us another thread you had been to Waitrose and got some wine on offer.
I really cannot believe you he selfish attitude of some people.

grannyticktock Thu 19-Mar-20 12:28:07

If your cough produces mucus it's not the virus.

There is no testing available now for people with uncomplicated symptoms, so no way for them to be sure whether they've had cv and are now likely to be immune or not. Also no way to assess the prevalence and spread of the virus in the community - only the severe cases are tested and counted, which could make the percentage death-rate appear much higher. You'd think they'd at least have some method of self-diagnosing and keeping count, rather than completely ignoring cases who stay at home with mild symptoms.

ArtySue Thu 19-Mar-20 12:51:23

Bathsheba, thank you for the virtual hug. smile

Davidhs Thu 19-Mar-20 13:00:23

Missfood. That was Sunday, it’s got much worse since, no paracetamol anywhere in town now. Food won’t bother me I’ve got lots of homegrown veg in the freezer. Supermarkets have ramped up orders there should be no shortage next week.

GagaJo Thu 19-Mar-20 13:40:59

Just had email from my headmaster. He's tested positive. He was in school until Monday.

MawB Thu 19-Mar-20 13:47:56

Beginning to regret flying hone and (possibly) spreading it on the plane, in the airport, at home Gagajo ?

GagaJo Thu 19-Mar-20 14:05:50

Yes, of course. But my school is closed so I couldn't stay there.

MawB Thu 19-Mar-20 14:22:43

It would have been a tricky one.. hmm
Have you left all your stuff there?

Bathsheba Thu 19-Mar-20 14:23:06

Oh lord Gaga, that's not good news for you is it? And possibly for anyone else you have come into contact with since leaving Switzerland. This is exactly how this thing spreads, unsuspecting people out and about, travelling sad

GrannyGravy13 Thu 19-Mar-20 14:41:52

Gagajo Bugger!!!!

GagaJo Thu 19-Mar-20 14:45:06

I brought one case back. I will have to go back at some point to collect the rest of my stuff, but I don't think that will be anytime soon.

Other than the airport and the plane (which is a lot, I know) I've seen no one other than family.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 19-Mar-20 14:46:45

gaga it seems to develop very quickly once you have the cough and by day 5 you should be feeling better, but if you aren’t and your breathing is compromised then it’s time to dial 111