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Doodle Wed 08-Apr-20 22:02:31

Well we have reached another 1000 posts so time for another thread. Welcome.

Doodle Sat 11-Apr-20 15:00:57

annie I was just reading on another thread how you would have planned to go to Church on Fred for the Easter service. It’s sad that you have waited So long for help then it arrives just at the same time as this virus. Are you able to watch a virtual service. I know it’s not the same. I miss the atmospheric of being in Church. The quiet, the old stone walls and high ceilings, the peace. I have been listening to our local Church readings which have been good. I have also been listening to J John on his YouTube daily broadcasts. He read one on forgiveness the other day which I found comforting.
Hope you are ok. x

Hope everyone else is ok too. Take care all x

Anniebach Sat 11-Apr-20 15:34:29

Doodle Fred and i will have to stay at home, poor Fred has been under cover for so long.

Yes I will listen to a service, but to share the joy of Easter ,
passing the Peace , singing hymns , taking communion .


Flutterby1 Sat 11-Apr-20 17:05:36

Hi all I send love and good wishes at this Easter time.
There are so many of us going through bad days. It’s like being on a rollercoaster and some days it just won’t stop.
Why I send you flowers and hope you get some rest from your troubles soon.
Annie, Doodle, Nonnie,Lavender, Bluesky,Joce and all (apologies if I have not mentioned you by name). I wish I could send you all a lovely big Easter Egg with flowers on the front and chocolates inside. So I am sending a virtual one so enjoy it.

I’ve not had the best of days with worrying thoughts and bit of churny tum. Did some housework, went in to the garden, did a little cooking but it was all with a heavy heart.
I am thankful that the sun has been out all day and I know I am lucky to have a comfortable home but the situation can just be so overwhelming.
Having an easy tea tonight burges,salad and fries. Lamb casserole for tomorrow (if my new recipe works out).
Thank you all for being there.
It’s so good knowing you lovely people share your ups and downs. It really helps to know I am not the only one.
Have a nice evening and enjoy your Easter egg tomorrow.

BlueSky Sat 11-Apr-20 17:36:18

Thank you for mentioning me Flutterby DH had to go to A&E with severe back pain, the last place I wanted him to go but there you are with the Easter holidays it's quite worrying not being able to access GPs. Anyway waste of time until he'll be able to see the consultant. How long is a piece of string? Anyway a peaceful Easter to you all x

lavenderzen Sat 11-Apr-20 19:39:50

Hello all
I have been thinking about you all today and wondered how things were witheverybody.

Annie hope you are alright, I know you had plans for going out on Fred and attending a service xx It will come, have hope. I am willing it for you xx
Whywhywhy keep your future plans in your mind, there is light for you at the end of this tunnel.
Flutterby I am sorry you're tummy is churning again, try hard to distract yourself. Your lamb casserole sounds lovely for tomorrow.
Bluesky I am so sorry about your DH and the fact you have to wait to see the consultant. These things seem all wrong to me.
Doodle I know what you mean about that quiet, calming atmosphere of the church, it is such a comfort - it will come again.
Joyce where are you? I hope you are ok, thinking of you.

I had a worrying time yesterday when my daughter rang saying she felt unwell with a sore throat and swollen glands. I worry about the situation she is in, although I know she is well cared for but I kept thinking about the staff coming and going on and off duty. Anyway the manager called the GP who gave a skype interview and antibiotics were ordered and given and things are improving today, thank heavens.

Thinking of you all and those I have forgotten, have a peaceful evening everyone and a good nights sleep. Take care, stay safe, love to all xx

Joce345 Sat 11-Apr-20 21:05:35

Evening all sorry I’ve not been in to see how everyone doing. I have been so busy, making wash bags for our lovely nurses... but hit a snag today my overlock has broke down errrr now I have to wait till a engineer can come out... only got 76 done lots more to go so frustrating..

Hope every one is doing alright not had time to catch up yet...
love to all 🌸

Joce345 Sat 11-Apr-20 21:19:19

Flutterbyl thank you for my Easter egg I will enjoy it very much..
hope everyone has a peaceful pleasant Easter Sunday...

Anniebach Sat 11-Apr-20 21:37:01

flutterby thank you for the Easter Egg, scrummy . You are
not alone my love, we all know the churning tummy x

BlueSky your poor husband, I hope they could ease the pain, must have troubled you going to A&E, x

lavender you must have been so stressed about your daughter, only a few days ago she was ok when she telephoned
you , thank heaven she has been prescribed medication, I can
understand your worries, I remember how I worried about my
darling daughter when she was in for treatment x

Joyce 76 bags? You are brilliant x

I tried to try my cross stitching today, did much until the
Arthritis twisted my hands , haven’t done any for a year,
decided today - I will not give up , stitched 39 stitches !

Doodle if you pop in , hugs x

BlueSky Sat 11-Apr-20 22:16:07

Thanks Annie good night all moon

Doodle Sat 11-Apr-20 23:17:37

annie well done with the cross stitch. It’s such a lovely pastime but must be very difficult with your hands. Hope you are ok and a big hug for you too x💕
flutterby something is obviously worrying you and that’s where the churning tummy is coming from. We all know that feeling. Take care. We are all with you. I hope you sleep well tonight and thank you for the lovely egg 😊
joce my goodness you have been productive with those bags. That’s a huge number. Well done you 😊
bluesky sorry about your DH’s back. Hope he can be made more comfortable.
lavender glad your daughter is improving. Hope she is on the mend now.
Good night all my friends. Sleep well. x

Joce345 Sun 12-Apr-20 07:45:59

Woken very sad this morning.. been awake since 4am no birds singing, it’s now 7.30 still no birds sing...

On a cheerier note..

Poem for Annie and everyone..

When I wake up
On Easter Day,
I shall see my egg
She’s promised to lay.
If I were Emperors,
If I were Kings,
It couldn’t be fuller
Of wonderful things..

Happy Easter everyone.. hope you all have a peaceful day.
God bless everyone 🙏🌸🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Dawn22 Sun 12-Apr-20 10:26:31

Hi Joce l really want to thank you sincerely for thinking of me when you enquired after me last week. Bless you. 🐣🐣

Hi everyone
I have not been posting much lately; just trying to adjust. Wishing you all the best on this Easter morning; a resurrection day in earnest.

Bon Courage to all of us.


Anniebach Sun 12-Apr-20 11:59:32

Hi all x.

Joyce love your poem x

Dawn I have read your thread, so positive , that is fantastic x

Doodle the cross stitching was difficult and painful but I will
keep working on it x

How is everyone, we have experienced that tummy churning
for so long, now there are thousands struggling with the same.

It’s good we post positives on this thread but this doesn’t mean
we don’t speak of our struggles with the Black Dog

whywhywhy Sun 12-Apr-20 17:59:05

Happy Easter to everyone. I cried in the shower this morning and have felt down all day long. I've started to knit some little jumpers to give to the charity shop. It helps with my sanity. Hugs to you all xx

lavenderzen Sun 12-Apr-20 18:24:29

Hello everyone.
These are such strange times, I woke up this morning and had forgotten what we are in the middle of, and then it hits and hangs like a black cloud.
I used to love Easter when I was little, there was always an Easter Monday show in the next village. It invariably rained but we always enjoyed ourselves.
I have busied myself today catching up with washing now I have my new washing machine and did some cleaning - it passed the time. Took my little four legged friend for a walk and watched the birds building their nests. There are some pheasants around now, and one was walking down the lane in front of us, it looked so funny waddling along as if it was having a stroll!
I'm sorry you struggled with your cross stitch Annie, it is frustrating when you want to do something you would enjoy but your hands will not let you do as much as you would like to xx
Joyce you are a star with your sewing for the nurses, hope the machine get mended soon for you. Love the poem.
Hope you are ok Doodle, Flutterby, Dawn, whywhywhy and anyone I have missed out.

We must keep going and be positive. Have a peaceful evening one and all and sleep well tonight. Sending love and prayers, take care, stay safe xx

BlueSky Sun 12-Apr-20 19:23:53

What I find weird is that we are all in the same boat. Usually it's just us or people we know but now it's just about everybody round the world. It's so surreal. Hope you all managed a peaceful Easter Sunday.

Joce345 Sun 12-Apr-20 21:12:15

Evening all, BlueSkyit is so surreal. I woke this morning no bird were singing I don’t why but that really worried me, mind working overtime I think. Every think is so strange

I will carry on with the wash bag I do have a sewing machine but the overlocker makes thinks so much easier and faster, I could do twice as many with overlocker.. but hay ho. I will get them done..
lavender I don’t feel like a star it’s a small thing I am doing but it’s is hopefully helping them to be able to put them into the washer in the bag. I am more pleased because of the idea and they want them.. the problem I have is there is no material-shop open so I am begging for cotton bedding to cut up wonder if anyone can thing of what else I could use, all ideas are welcome, I would buy the material if I could get it, I wish there was more I could do to help, I think We would all help if we could in any way we could... Done 30 to day so they will have them hopefully tomorrow.. I am pleased with my self..
hope everyone has a peaceful night stay safe and well all night, hugs to all 🌸🙏

Doodle Sun 12-Apr-20 21:31:54

Watched lots of church services today. Felt strange not to be in church. Bit of a wobble today. Wish my faith was stronger, today of all days it should be. dawn I haven’t read your thread. Don’t know which one it is but hope you are ok and getting stronger.
whywhywhy just think about your future plans and try to keep positive. Not easy I know.
Hope you are all ok. Take care all and sleep well x

Anniebach Sun 12-Apr-20 22:01:06

whywhy it’s good to have a craft, this is why I have started
cross stitching again, I did it for years and is relaxing x

lavender Easter has always been a happy time , not so this year . Your walk sounds relaxing and to see the pheasant waddling down the lane. My two little four legged friends can’t
have their walk now but the garden is large enough for them
to have some exercise x

BlueSky it is surreal, nothing is as usual , hope you are
coping x

Joyce you are great , hope you find more material soon x

We are all having wobbles my friends, let’s not try to be brave and not speak out , if it eases our minds then speak out

I was thinking today what it must have been like in WW2,
1939 to 1945, husbands, sons, fathers away from home and the fear of them not returning home, food rationing , bombing .,
children evacuated .

Doodle Sun 12-Apr-20 22:49:54

Yes it does make you think annie they went for months without seeing or hearing from their loved ones. At least we can phone or FaceTime our and see they’re ok.
I’ve just watched on YouTube the Easter Sunday compline readings from the garden of Canterbury Cathedral. So peaceful and calm. I’m off to bed soon. For some reason I’m really tired tonight so I think an early night is in order. Sleep well all x

sharon103 Sun 12-Apr-20 23:36:31

Just popping in to say hello and hope you have all had a pleasant day.

I've just been reading the couple of pages on the new thread and it touches my heart knowing there are such kind and thoughtful ladies in The Gang. Keep up the good work and keep busy if you can. Those that have troubles, I hope they will ease.
Glad to know that you had planned to go to church on Fred today Annie but sad it couldn't be. On hold for now but you will get there.
Ah, cross stitching, now that I used to love to do. We all did that in junior school. That's where my love of sewing began. I used to buy thread from a needlework shop in town and embroidered tablecloths and such like. My auntie bought me a set of six mats which had flowers and different pictures inked out which I embroidered for my mum. She had them laid out on her dressing table and drawers in her bedroom right up to when she died. I have them now. I must have been around 10 years old at the time. I'm 66 this year so they're quite old now.
I went into the sewing trade when I left school and made my own clothes at home with a sewing machine that my uncle bought me. My nan used to be a seamstress, my dads mum that is. I never met her as she died at a young age. I must take after her.
Any way Annie, thanks for bringing back the memories to me.
Just wondering why you're having meal replacements.
Since my brother came out of hospital, he came out on 15th March after being there for 8 weeks, he was prescribed 'Ensure' drinks which are a sort of vitamin, nutrients replacement. He has vanilla flavour which tastes like ice cream so going down well.
Although it's hard, keep looking forward, try to divert worrying thoughts and think of happy times. When we were worried my mum always used to say, think of something nice. That's what I'm doing. We are all in this together and we will all come out of this together bringing with it I hope, more kindness and consideration among people.
Sending much love and hugs to you all. xxxxx

Joce345 Sun 12-Apr-20 23:43:46

Annie Doodle i was only thinking this myself this afternoon, it really does make you think what it was like in the war.. how hard must it have been for the family’s back then, like you say Annie loved ones away for goodness know how long, not knowing if they would ever return..
night all 💤 sleep well. 🌸
Wonder if the birds will sing tomorrow... x

whywhywhy Mon 13-Apr-20 02:08:20

I just cannot sleep as I am so anxious and worried. I just wished I had moved out before all of this lock down had happened. To say that I cannot stand my husband is an understatement. This house is just too small for the both of us and his smug face is getting on my nerves. We spend all of our time in different parts of the house and even then he is just not far enough away. I could scream and just cannot get to sleep. Arrghhhhh I want to scream in the middle of the street but at 2am I dont think anyone would be happy. Love to all and I am sorry to burden you all with this. X

BlueSky Mon 13-Apr-20 07:51:22

Oh Why so sorry you have that problem as well as everything else. I can empathise as I used to be trapped in a unhappy marriage and I often felt I would have been much happier on my own which eventually happened. Like you we were separated at home till I managed to move out. Just look forward to end your personal misery as soon as possible, like we look forward to meet our loved ones again, go on holiday and so on. flowers

Joce345 Mon 13-Apr-20 09:29:56

Whywhy I agree with Bluesky I like you both was in the same position for 2 years, it is a nightmare then all this on virus on top. I did get out of my situation, well no I got him out eventually.. stay strong Why don’t let it make you feel like that. You will get every think sorted sadly with what’s going on in the world it’s going to be longer.. Wonder how he feel?
Wish there was something we could say to make you feel better.. sending you hugs 🌸

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