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Anxious I may have Covid symptoms

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DillytheGardener Tue 13-Oct-20 22:26:14

Has anyone had covid - I have a wee hoarse throat, swollen glands and the occasional shiver - is that how it starts? I’m supposed to be leading a group activity for work and not sure if the ethical thing to do is cancel, but I don’t have the cough or fever.
My friends said don’t lose the extra away pay and do it, but I thought I’d come here for a more nuanced opinion. flowers

Callistemon Tue 13-Oct-20 22:30:10

You really need to go for a test, Dilly
I hope you get a quick result and it's not COVID.

Illte Tue 13-Oct-20 22:31:29

Please don't risk other people's health.

Please, please don't.

V3ra Tue 13-Oct-20 22:44:34

The main symptoms are a high temperature, a new dry continuous cough (or three coughing episodes in 24 hours) and a loss of the sense of taste or smell.
If you are unsure the NHS website says ring 111 and ask their advice.

Marydoll Tue 13-Oct-20 22:57:53

What a dilemma, Dilly.
If you have doubts at all, you cannot go to work unless you get a test.
How can you put other people's lives at risk?
That's a good idea to phone NHS for advice.
Hopefully it will be negative.

Juliet27 Tue 13-Oct-20 23:05:02

How can friends think it’s ok to possibly put lives at risk?

welbeck Tue 13-Oct-20 23:10:32

they are counselling you to put monetary advantage over possibly spreading a potentially deadly disease.
if you examine your conscience, i think you will find the answer as to what to do.
also, a good idea to call 111 to discuss.
whatever it is, don't circulate. good luck.

Hetty58 Tue 13-Oct-20 23:35:28

It's probably a cold but don't take any chances. Stay at home until you have a negative test result - stay at home for two weeks anyway, as tests aren't very accurate.

You'd never be able to forgive yourself if you had Covid and passed it on!

OceanMama Tue 13-Oct-20 23:45:04

I would cancel, go get tested, and stay home until the result comes through.

DillytheGardener Wed 14-Oct-20 07:14:20

Thank you all, I cancelled, I felt very guilty letting everyone down as I’m sure I’m just run down ( I often get signs of cold that go away when I’m over tired) but better safe than sorry. And hoping it isn’t covid, on a lighter note it gives me an excuse not to visit my husbands mother for two weeks wink

And my friends, well they are in the Covid has been over dramatised camp.....

craftyone Wed 14-Oct-20 07:18:12

people are infectious for about 2 days before they manage to get a test. Extended family of mine is going through this, five weeks on. I won`t say what, it will frighten people. Dilly well done, thoughtful and considerate action to cancel

Calendargirl Wed 14-Oct-20 07:22:15

It does sound like just a cold, but this must be one way it spreads so much, people assuming and going on to infect so many others.

Daisymae Wed 14-Oct-20 07:39:00

You did the right thing, covid or not. Hope you feel better soon

M0nica Wed 14-Oct-20 07:39:02

You have far more sense than that stupid SNP MP, who took the chance; travelled by train from Edinburgh to London, spoke in the House of Commons and travelled home again. How many people did she infect?

cornergran Wed 14-Oct-20 07:43:20

You’ve done the right thing dilly, do get a test if you can, good to know one way or the other. Hope you feel better soon.

loopyloo Wed 14-Oct-20 08:14:16

Dilly. Good choice. That could have been a real superspredder event.

sodapop Wed 14-Oct-20 08:46:36

That was the best thing to do Dilly people present differently with the symptoms so there is no hard and fast rule. As OceanMama said, stay at home until you get the test results. Good luck.

midgey Wed 14-Oct-20 08:49:45

Hope you have a lovely restful day and back to full health rapidly! Good decision.

Rosina Wed 14-Oct-20 09:40:07

If in doubt, don't - a good rule to remember. If you go ahead and then find you have infected people and there is a disastrous outcome for one or more, how on earth will you feel? Stay away, get tested please and I hope you feel much better soon.

Froglady Wed 14-Oct-20 09:44:16


If in doubt, don't - a good rule to remember. If you go ahead and then find you have infected people and there is a disastrous outcome for one or more, how on earth will you feel? Stay away, get tested please and I hope you feel much better soon.

I think that is an excellent maxim for us all to abide by - if in doubt, don't.
Could even go on t shirts as it could relate to many situations. I like it.

dogsmother Wed 14-Oct-20 09:45:21

Hope you feel better soon.

maddyone Wed 14-Oct-20 09:46:44

It actually sounds more like a normal common cold, but I don’t think you should risk passing it on. Get a test and then isolate until you get the result. Let work know what you’re doing and then sit back and wait. The group activity can be rescheduled for a later time.

NotSpaghetti Wed 14-Oct-20 09:48:58

Please don't go.
You may not have it but if you do I think you would feel terrible afterwards if you had passed it on.

Callistemon Wed 14-Oct-20 09:51:24

You made the right call, Dolly.
Better to let people down than infect them.

If you can get a test it might be a good idea to go, but take care and look after yourself. If you get worse phone 111.

Callistemon Wed 14-Oct-20 09:52:01

Sorry, autocorrect changed your name.Dilly