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NHS and Removing ear wax

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lincolnimp Wed 17-Mar-21 18:43:17

Disregarding any reduction in services due to the pandemic.
Have any of you had ear wax removed, free of charge, by the NHS recently?

Jaxjacky Wed 17-Mar-21 18:46:37

No, our GP stopped a few years ago. Allegedly someone incurred a perforated ear drum and sued, how true that is I don’t know. I have to go privately, it’s expensive.

Kim19 Wed 17-Mar-21 18:48:00

Yes, about a month ago. No problem whatsoever.

JaneJudge Wed 17-Mar-21 18:50:38

they stopped here several years ago saying it was not safe and caused more damage, so they suggest you pay for that suction thing (sorry I have forgotten the medical terminology grin )

Charleygirl5 Wed 17-Mar-21 18:53:10

No, not in my surgery. I buy ear drops. I have a friend who has had it syringed privately and it cost close to £90.

Greyduster Wed 17-Mar-21 18:53:46

Yes, shortly before Christmas I had both ears cleared at my local surgery. No problems afterwards.

Aveline Wed 17-Mar-21 18:55:32

No syringing here either. The suction method is better all round.

Newatthis Wed 17-Mar-21 18:58:41

Warm olive oil does the trick.

Charleygirl5 Wed 17-Mar-21 18:59:49

I have just discovered by googling that some Specsavers do ear syringing. Mine does but no price mentioned.

suziewoozie Wed 17-Mar-21 19:02:37

We get referred to our local hospital - I had to wait 2 days (prepandemic)

Luckylegs Wed 17-Mar-21 19:10:38

My husband is no longer able to get his done by the NHS in any way, I’ve tried everywhere. He was summoned to a hearing test last week but told if he had wax in, he’d be sent away and have to get them cleared first but they would not do it! He had it done last year at a private clinic at a cost of £80 which was the micro suction and he found it uncomfortable.

So I rang round everywhere and found a private clinic 20 miles away who would do it with the water for £15 for one ear, £20 for two! We decided we had to do it so saw a very pleasant nurse who welcomed me into the surgery as well, looked in, checked and said he had no wax, charge! Unbelievable! I don’t understand how they can afford to do it but it does mean we’d go back to them another time.

Witzend Wed 17-Mar-21 19:18:40

I don’t think they do it at our GP any more.
Dh had his done (I think by suction) at Specsavers, about £50 IIRC. Not all branches do it though.

Farmor15 Wed 17-Mar-21 20:12:34

I do my own using icing syringe -probably not recommended but works for me!

Calendargirl Wed 17-Mar-21 20:19:17


I do my own using icing syringe -probably not recommended but works for me!

Just had a vision of a load of fondant icing being squirted into your ear!


Deedaa Wed 17-Mar-21 20:24:35

I had mine syringed at the GP's several years ago so they could check whether it was just the wax causing my hearing problems (It wasn't). It was quite painful and I gather they have stopped doing it because of the danger of damaging the ear drum.

Granarchist Wed 17-Mar-21 20:33:45

Farmor15 me too using a veterinary syringe. two days of olive oil then I did it myself - huge wodges of wax appeared and I could hear!!!!

Sago Wed 17-Mar-21 21:44:12

Amazon sell syringes, as other posters said a few days of olive oil and a syringe at home, easy!

Charleygirl5 Wed 17-Mar-21 22:09:34

Please be careful if you syringe your own ears you could end up perforating them.

I have found a Specsavers about a mile away from me who does it. My closer branch does not, unfortunately.

Katek Wed 17-Mar-21 22:10:34

Never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow!! Syringing can damage your ear and end up causing more problems than the wax. Stick to the oil

hallgreenmiss Wed 09-Jun-21 11:25:30


Warm olive oil does the trick.

Not always. I have had to book at Specsavers, it costs £55.
Please add your experiences to this RNID campaign:-

hallgreenmiss Wed 09-Jun-21 11:26:48


I have just discovered by googling that some Specsavers do ear syringing. Mine does but no price mentioned.

£55 where I live.

TerriBull Wed 09-Jun-21 11:32:50

Before we moved, my husband visited our old GP where he previously had this done, they no longer offer such a service. He went privately, a recommendation through our then pharmacist and paid £70, both ears. He said afterwards his hearing was fantastic, although rather a steep price he felt it was worth the money, I'm not sure what people who clean ears professionally are called, but apparently the equipment used was far superior to whatever the GP practice had.

I'd like to get mine done, I've had the Hopi ear candle treatment and the wax that came out then shock was quite a lot!

sodapop Wed 09-Jun-21 12:48:37

I had mine done at the Dr's last year. Took a while then when I sat up I vomited and I was very dizzy for several minutes. Vertigo is horrible so I would think twice about having it done again.

threexnanny Wed 09-Jun-21 12:58:35

My surgery did it for free recently, but I've seen a notice in the local Boots who will do it for £50.

AngieA463 Wed 09-Jun-21 13:12:21

Had mine irrigated at GP surgery last year and have been fine ever since, although the nurse recommended using eardrops regularly to prevent any future wax build up.