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What was your childhood cuddly toy called? 😴

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ZadieGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 19-Mar-21 17:10:22

It’s our last Sleep Week thread, and so we wanted to end the week on a nostalgic note. Can you remember your favourite childhood cuddly toy and what was it called? Full disclosure, mine was a teddy called… Ted. Very inventive. wink

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Callistemon Fri 19-Mar-21 17:14:21

Can you remember your favourite childhood cuddly toy
Yes, he's living in the attic and he needs to go to The Repair Shop.
He's called Bobby (Bear)

keepingquiet Fri 19-Mar-21 17:16:59

Never had one, seemed to have got by.

J52 Fri 19-Mar-21 17:42:28

My bear was very old as it belonged to my Aunt before me. She is called Tomasina. I have no idea why, but I know it was me who named her.
Her arms and legs are all one with the body, which is worn mohair fur, but her face is shaped with a pointed nose. Her eyes are Victorian shoe buttons, which are replacements. She lives quietly in a bedroom cupboard.

Calendargirl Fri 19-Mar-21 17:44:07

My teddy was called Keith.

kittylester Fri 19-Mar-21 17:45:32

I had a corgi called woofer. My twin brother had corgi puppies. My very threadbare dog lived on my bed until our Basset hound ate it! sad

Redhead56 Fri 19-Mar-21 17:46:46

Did not have a cuddly toy as a child.

Callistemon Fri 19-Mar-21 17:48:57


My teddy was called Keith.

I don't know why I found that funny!

ps Was he a Teddy bear or a Teddy boy, Calendargirl?

grandmajet Fri 19-Mar-21 17:49:43

I had a big teddy called Big Teddy, a little teddy called Little Teddy and a brown dog called Brownie. I was never very imaginative!

ginny Fri 19-Mar-21 17:50:21

A monkey called Bono. He had a red waistcoat and fez hat. His long tail would be twirled around my wrist.

Allegretto Fri 19-Mar-21 17:54:34

I was clearly a very unimaginative child. My teddy was called Teddy.

grandmajet Fri 19-Mar-21 17:58:33

You and me both, Allegretto!

Jaffacake2 Fri 19-Mar-21 18:01:57

Bobalop, hand puppet bear who was strung up on the washing line by my brothers and his head fell off. Still very sad 😢!!

FarNorth Fri 19-Mar-21 18:03:37

I had a pink (eventually greyish) dog called Old Faithful - probably because of the film of that name.
Also a Big Teddy and Little Teddy - I still have the little one but it no longer squawks when its tummy is pressed.

Mollygo Fri 19-Mar-21 18:05:27

Selina. She was a knitted doll and I loved her to bits, literally!

TerriBull Fri 19-Mar-21 18:09:22

My bear, Teddith. He lost his head though My mother sewed it on, he was never the same again sad

Juno56 Fri 19-Mar-21 18:13:40

I had a toy dog called Willum.

BBbevan Fri 19-Mar-21 18:17:45

No I have never liked cuddly toys. I did once have a soap polar bear which I loved

Dragonella Fri 19-Mar-21 18:18:12

Two bears called Yellow Teddy and Lulu.

Blossoming Fri 19-Mar-21 18:22:17

Ming, he was a panda.

SuzC Fri 19-Mar-21 18:50:34

I had a monkey whom I named Albert, after my Grandad...

Puzzler61 Fri 19-Mar-21 18:55:48

Mine was also a teddy called Big Ted and he was big (!) and his fur was multiple pastel colours.

Gwyneth Fri 19-Mar-21 18:59:37

Panda and I lost him on a trip to town with my Mum. I cried and cried and even though Mum bought me another Panda 🐼 it was never the same. Strangely I often think about Panda and can picture him vividly even though it’s now 60 years or so since losing him.

Grany Fri 19-Mar-21 19:06:25

My favourite was a bear I called Teddy Bear

BlueBelle Fri 19-Mar-21 19:16:11

I had a soft bodied cuddly doll named Num Num