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How did you meet the love of your life.

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Midwifebi6 Sat 26-Jun-21 13:16:56

I had several boyfriends my first at sixteen who broke my heart then I had three more all ending after a short while. Then one night I was in a pub when a a young man came up to me introduce himself and said “ I’m going to marry you” I looked at him intently and replied “ do you know I think you will”
50 years later the spark between us from that first meeting has never dimmed. I am the only girlfriend my husband has ever had. So grateful we met.

Kim19 Sat 26-Jun-21 13:22:42

Across a very crowded room. Certainly no vital spark but a decidedly warm inner Mmmmmmm......

3nanny6 Sat 26-Jun-21 13:31:21

Our eyes locked across people in a queue waiting to buy drinks, I looked away and when served with my drink went and sat down. He cleverly watched what drink I bought and came over with another drink for me.

We went on to have three children together, when you get that strange feeling inside sometimes it is giving you the correct signals.

Hellogirl1 Sat 26-Jun-21 13:50:17

We met at a dance at the local Mecca. I wasn`t supposed to go that night, I took the place of another girl who was ill. Around 10pm there was a barn dance and he asked me to dance. Afterwards he asked me to the bar for a drink, and we chatted until time forb me to leave, but we arranged to meet the following night for the pictures. It was a Charlton Heston film, something about pigeons and Rome, can`t remember. About halfway into the film he whispered that he was going for a walk. I thought what a strange time to go for a walk, later found it was his way of saying he was going to the toilet!
We got married 7 and a half months later, and lasted just over 53 years until he died. He`d had 1 girlfriend before me, he was my 3rd boyfriend, but the first "proper" one.

kittylester Sat 26-Jun-21 15:49:07

Dh had wangled an invite to the christmas dance of the company that both his brother and I worked for.

I was just thinking I could catch the last bus home when he asked me to dance - it was the Gay Gordon's.

That was the night of 19th December 1969, we went out again just after Christmas and then we went to a New Year party at his principal's house. He proposed on 26th January 1970 and we got married on 10 October of that year.

sodapop Sat 26-Jun-21 15:52:11

We met via an ad in the local paper before the days of Internet dating

Sandycat Sat 26-Jun-21 16:10:45

Our eyes met over a stack of magazines Spring 67. We both worked in the head office of a National newsagent. Took him 2 months to ask me out. Have been together ever since.

PinkCakes Sat 26-Jun-21 16:14:24

I met my husband at work - I was 18, a clerk at British Telecom (it was G.P.O. in 1978), he worked in the mailroom upstairs. He came into my office, winked at me. I winked back and he dropped a pile of letters - that was my cue to chat him up! He had shoulder-length, wavy hair...........

Santana Sat 26-Jun-21 16:15:30

Blind date.

Witzend Sat 26-Jun-21 16:19:17

After lunch, in the ‘coffee lounge’ of a certain student union building. His friend (a very cocky type) came to try to chat me and a friend up, dh was with him. The others left - dh and I stayed there nattering all afternoon - missed all lectures! - and later went for a cheap Indian.
Although I remember the occasion very well, I had no idea of the day or date, until dh turned up one day a couple of years ago with a big bouquet of flowers.
Since it wasn’t my birthday or Valentine’s Day - and he doesn’t do flowers otherwise - I was nonplussed, until he said it was exactly 50 years ago to the day since we met.
I had no idea he’d made a note of it! He’s quite a nice old bugger really. 😍

Mishy Sat 26-Jun-21 16:28:28

In the days when employers put on buses to collect staff from outlaying villages, I got on and the only seat available was next to this guy who worked in the Chemical Labs. I worked in Shipping, eye locked, chatted away for the journey of about an hour, met for lunch and boom. Ya can't fight it. 30 years later, still together.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sat 26-Jun-21 16:47:43

He was a young graduate engineer and I was a secretary. I had to take him a copy of a telex (remember those?) and I think I told him off about something. He invited me to a party at the house he shared and that was that. We married just over a year later - 45 years ago.

Beechnut Sat 26-Jun-21 17:10:22

Blind date.
Not Cilla’s show 😂

Beechnut Sat 26-Jun-21 17:14:34

He’s quite a nice old bugger really

That’s lovely Witz and made me smile 😀

harrigran Sat 26-Jun-21 17:16:27

On a blind date on a car rally, he was the navigator and I had just turned 17, it was 1963.
We got engaged in 1965 and married in 1967 when I had completed my nursing training.

dragonfly46 Sat 26-Jun-21 18:00:55

We met at a party while at university. As you did in those days you asked where people were from and he said Africa. That was very intriguing.
We haven't looked back.

Greyduster Sat 26-Jun-21 18:18:35

Blind date. I was on the rebound from someone who had turned out to be a bit of a rotten apple and I had a lucky escape. I liked a chap who worked in the same department as me and we got along, but he was engaged to someone else. Then he said he had a friend - would I like to arrange to meet him. I didn’t like him at first; I don’t think he was that struck on me either and we had absolutely nothing in common, but to my surprise, he asked me out again and we got married a year later. 55 years next week. He’s definitely a keeper!

Blinko Sat 26-Jun-21 18:41:29

September 1966, a social evening at a friend's flat. He was with someone else that evening, but alone the next time we met at the same flat. He walked me home, I felt relaxed and comfortable chatting with him. 55+ years later, I still feel relaxed and comfortable with him.

muppett1 Sat 26-Jun-21 19:03:45

Met in an operating theatre. He asked me out ( not sure what he looked like as he’d been wearing a mask when we met!) and 3 hours into the date he asked me to marry him. We were together and very happy until his death over 30 years later.
Remarried 6 years later after meeting ‘ on the net’. Very happy again.

lemsip Sat 26-Jun-21 19:11:51

still waiting! thought I'd got 'the one' couple of times but didn't work out'

Hiraeth Sat 26-Jun-21 19:15:50

I met the love of my life on the island of Ibiza 1977. I was previously engaged to a welsh boy. Finished our relationship packed my bags and moved to Germany to be with the love of my life . He died 7 years ago after 38 years of marriage . Beautiful memories .

Shinamae Sat 26-Jun-21 19:16:15

Haven’t met him yet and don’t think I will now…

LauraNorder Sat 26-Jun-21 19:19:15

Orlin went to a different school, he was a paperboy after school in our road. We were both 15 years old. He noticed me walking home from school as we finished half an hour after his school. Orlin sent a younger boy with a note asking me out. We arranged to meet in the local swing park, went for a walk, wouldn’t hold his hand cos he had warts, yuk.
Five years later in 1970 we got married and emigrated to Australia.
We have been happily together ever since. 56 years. 51 years married next month.

varian Sat 26-Jun-21 19:31:24

When I was I was in my early teens I had a very pretty best friend. If we went to a dance we would sometimes see two chaps coming across to us. I always knew that hers was the good looking guy and mine was his friend with the thick specs.

Then I met my best friend's older cousin who was far better looking than any of these guys and amazingly he fancied me.

Auntieflo Sat 26-Jun-21 19:37:26

At a dance hall that was over The Odeon cinema, near to where we both lived.
I had gone with my school friend, we were both 16, and we both met our future husbands there.
He was a good dancer, and that was it.
We will have been married 60 years in September.