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Flu Jab just booked !

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NanKate Wed 07-Jul-21 17:18:23

Just booked our flu jabs online at Boots for September 17. You may want to get yours sorted.

dragonfly46 Wed 07-Jul-21 17:20:28

I wonder if they will do the Covid booster jab at the same time.

Calendargirl Wed 07-Jul-21 17:45:17

Thanks for that NanKate

Just booked ours also.

muse Wed 07-Jul-21 18:20:10

Thank you. I get a text from the Doctor closer to the time.

maddyone Wed 07-Jul-21 18:21:08

Gosh, you’re all very organised. I won’t be booking my flu jab until I’m invited to do so by my GP Practice. And then I’ll have it at the later end of the time period. My son in law, a doctor, told me the best protection from the jab is during the first three months after it, and so to have it in November if possible, to give me the best possible protection over the flu period, namely November, December, January, February.

tanith Wed 07-Jul-21 19:25:09

I too wait for my GP text, I usually have it early December.

geekesse Wed 07-Jul-21 19:41:39

Thank you for the reminder, NanKate. I’ve just booked mine as well. dragonfly46, the website says you have to have seven days between the flu vaccination and the Covid vaccination.

Casdon Wed 07-Jul-21 19:46:12

You are only invited by your GP if you’re over 65, so this is very helpful for those of us who aren’t so have to pay, thanks for letting us know we can book NanKate.

FrenchGranny Wed 07-Jul-21 19:48:24

Best to have it late October or early November. September is a bit too early and I’m surprised they start so early!

geekesse Wed 07-Jul-21 19:55:58

I work in a residential school, so if there’s a bug doing the rounds, it will arrive on our doorstep early in the season. So there’s a good reason to have the flu vaccination early.

V3ra Wed 07-Jul-21 20:25:58

Casdon we had ours (for the first time) through the GP last autumn when we were 63. We didn't have to pay.
Maybe that was a "special" because of the coronavirus situation? 🤔

maddyone Wed 07-Jul-21 20:31:11

Everyone over 50 could have a free flu jab last winter because of Covid. Thank you geekesse for the information regarding the seven day gap. I’m hoping we’ll be offered a booster Covid jab.

Casdon Wed 07-Jul-21 20:43:30

V3ra that’s very interesting, we are only entitled to get them on the NHS from the age of 65 unless you have a chronic condition - maybe your GP had some spare and you fell lucky.

Pittcity Wed 07-Jul-21 20:54:58

It was free for all over 50s last year. I think it will be the same this year.
Boots aren't offering a free jab to under 65s yet as the government haven't announced the policy and they work downward in age as with the Covid jabs so we don't all rush at once.

Calendargirl Wed 07-Jul-21 20:58:47

I like to get mine early, as if they run short, which does happen, it might be well into winter before you eventually do get it.

TillyTrotter Thu 08-Jul-21 07:38:20

Our local Lloyd’s pharmacy are not releasing appointments yet, but I have been able to register for the Flu Jab service online and they will send me an e-mail when the booking of appointment opens.
I am between 60 and 65 so like others am not sure if the GP will offer one this winter (free).

WishIwasyounger Thu 08-Jul-21 08:11:25

I hadn’t realised we could book a booster: as it been advertised?

Calendargirl Thu 08-Jul-21 09:33:27

Not a booster WishIwas younger just the next winter’s annual flu jab.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Thu 08-Jul-21 10:50:43

Being under 65, earlier this year my husband and I were surprised to get a from NHS saying from that if our GP hadn't contacted us to have a flu jab, then we should contact the surgery to make an appointment for one, which we did. At the jab appt, we were told we would be contacted again to get another flu jab this autumn. Not sure if this will be an ongoing thing now, or it's just belt-and-braces to keep flu down while covid reigns supreme.

Theoddbird Thu 08-Jul-21 10:56:53

My surgery sends me a text when I am due smile

Keeper1 Thu 08-Jul-21 11:17:04

I got my flu jab free in January as I was the 65 I am also a cared for my husband but that didn’t count

Alishka Thu 08-Jul-21 11:20:44

I've had mine. I'm severely disabled now, so my GP phoned me up and came to my home to give it.
Nice man, my GP. He's a bell ringer for his local church and, tho the bells are silent now, one day they'll ring out again..can't wait.

Crenniemac Thu 08-Jul-21 11:52:52

I used to be a lecturer in a University and Freshers Flu was a peril every year. Since I stopped working I can avoid the Flu but now have access to the flu jab owing to ill health.

But, I often think how many staff hours could be saved if employers paid for staff to get the flu jab

Nannashirlz Thu 08-Jul-21 12:18:00

I get mine through my doctors. I wait for letter and text then attend when it’s my turn. My dr did say it could be early than normal this year. But I’m patient I will wait my turn🙂

Alioop Thu 08-Jul-21 12:29:54

My docs only contact the 50-60 year olds when they see what they have left at the end of the vaccination programme. I'll be in that queue.