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Finding too much talking a strain - becoming reclusive

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Skydancer Sat 25-Sep-21 11:22:06

I've never been a chatterbox. But now I find talking a strain. Yesterday we visited relatives for 2 hours and I felt exhausted and just wanted to go outside in the fresh air. I've been under immense stress for a couple of years - though the cause of this has largely gone now - but I can't seem to quieten my mind. All I want to do is sit in bed with my book and for people to leave me alone. Is it stress or depression and what on earth can I do to help myself? Has anyone else felt like this?

Eloethan Tue 28-Sep-21 18:01:46

Do you feel like this with anybody? There are some people that I find it difficult to talk to and others that I can relax with an enjoy a good chat.

If this does not particularly bother you, I wouldn't be concerned about it.

Barmeyoldbat Tue 28-Sep-21 18:38:36

You are not alone in feeling like, you have been through a very stressful time and now you need time to recover and this is your way of doing it. You will know when you ready for mixing again, just take your time. Look after yourself.

Smurf52 Wed 29-Sep-21 19:19:16

Having got through lockdown on my own (my partner visits every second weekend) and feeling down, I broke my ankle in three places on holiday in July. Now it’s back to being in lockdown again for me. I’m fed up of binge watching box sets and reading. I haven’t even got my dog with me for company as I had in lockdown, as she’s staying with my brother until I’m able to walk again. I wonder once I’m recovered how I will react to being with people again. I belong to a friendship club in my town and we go out for dinner etc. and it’s a long time since I’ve been.

londalosis35 Thu 30-Sep-21 09:46:45

Sky dancer, I could have just written your post.

I had to deal with two members of my family in succession being dangerously ill. I loved lockdown, the quiet, still, days we almost never had before. I think we all find we tire quickly in company as we are not used to it, but maybe a word with your Doctor might be a good idea as we cannot tell you if you are suffering stress or depression,

Caleo Thu 30-Sep-21 10:43:27

My childhood chums were at most two at a time, and I have carried on all my life preferring company of like minded small numbers of other people. Three at most. Otherwise a chairman is usually needed for a decent conversation to happen

AuntieEleanorsCat Sun 03-Oct-21 21:29:03

I’m the same.

I have a late diagnosis if ASD which hasn’t really changed anything per se, but it does allow me to be more gentle with myself in terms of how often/how much socialising I can cope with. A day with friends sees me utterly exhausted because I have to work so hard to be “normal”.

I’m 59 now and frankly, I do less because I think “I just don’t want to do this/that”. I can and do make the effort but I’d far rather be at home with a good book and a cuppa. Even the kids/grandchildren are hard work at times. It’s definitely not just getting older and more tired. I still work hard; am very busy but I find myself needing to switch off from the noise/life/engagement more and more.

You are not along OP